There are tons of Medigap providers out there that you may not even know about. Likewise, there are plenty of regular health insurance companies that would be happy to offer you a Medicare Part C plan. But how do you know which company is right for you? There isn’t exactly an easy answer to this question. But here at, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of Medicare companies so that you don’t have to do a bunch of painstaking, tedious work in order to find one. You should be enjoying your retirement – not performing a major research project just to make sure your healthcare needs are met!

Comparing Medigap Companies – Top Factors to Search For

Choosing between different Medigap insurance companies can be a tricky process. It’s all about performing the right balancing act. On the one hand, you’re on a fixed income now and you need to find a premium that you can actually afford. On the other hand, your health care needs are going to get more expensive over the years, and you need to get a comprehensive plan in order to take care of yourself properly.

Unfortunately, finding the right Medicare insurance provider can get even more complicated than that. In addition to finding good coverage at an affordable rate, you should also consider the following factors, and whether or not they apply to your perspective Medigap insurance provider:

  • Is your Medigap insurance provider financially sound? When you need help paying for your medical expenses, you want your Medicare insurance company to be able to pay out on your claims. But if the company isn’t financially solvent, you may have trouble getting your care paid for. Thankfully, there are financial strength and credit ratings agencies, such as AM Best, who have this information. It is free to the public, and you can look it up by visiting their website and typing in the name of the company (or companies) you wish to evaluate.
  • How good is their customer service? What do you know about the ease of filing claims, just by looking up some basic information on them? can you find real, honest reviews about their customer service? Is there claims process simple and straightforward? You should make sure you can answer all these questions beyond a shadow of a doubt before you make your final decision.
  • What are your coverage and payment options? Do they offer a wide variety of plans for you to choose from? Most importantly, are the Medigap and Medicare Part C plans they offer adherent to the law? There are some scam companies out there that may try to provide you less coverage than they are legally mandated to by the federal government. You need to make sure you protect yourself from these scammers so that they don’t end up stealing your hard-earned money.
  • Do you have friends or family who have plans with this company? Word of mouth advertising is something every good company strives for. If they make their current customers happy, they know that they will go out and tell people, drawing in more business. If you know someone who uses that provider, feel free to ask questions about their personal experience with the company.
  • Can you find legitimate customer reviews for the company? There are many independent ratings agencies out there which evaluate things like affordable premiums, available options, and customer service excellence. There are also plenty of sources of planted or false reviews to mislead people into thinking a company is better than it actually is. Make sure you do your due diligence finding the good agencies, and avoiding. Reviews from bad websites.

The Importance of Comparing Rates Between Medigap Insurance Companies

Comparing quotes between different Medicare insurance providers before you make a final decision is more important then it is with most other types of insurance. This is because special enrollment periods make it difficult to change providers if you aren’t happy with your plan. Depending on whether you choose a Medigap supplement, Medicare Part C, or a plan that comes from your former employer, the rules for switching your insurance may be convoluted and limited. At best, with a few rare exceptions, you may only be able to change your plan once a year.

For the best plan your money can buy, it’s important to sit down and think about what your medical needs will be in the future. That way, it’ll be easier to find a Medigap supplement that best suits your health care needs for an affordable price. It’s likely that you will be with this company for a very long time, so you need to make sure it’ll be a good fit for now, and the foreseeable future.