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Thrivent Financial was formed in 2002 when the Aid Association for Lutherans and the Lutheran Brotherhood merged into one company. The company no longer offers Medicare Supplement plans.

Both organizations have founding dates before 1920. This merger led to the largest fraternal benefit venture in the nation. Thrivent now serves all Christians and not just those of the Lutheran faith.

However, Thrivent Financial no longer offers this type of coverage. This article will examine Thrivent Financial and the rationale behind its decision to discontinue Medicare Supplement plans.

Thrivent Financial: Discontinued Medicare Supplement coverage:

Thrivent Financial has concluded not to extend their Medicare Supplement plans, provoking concern among their current users about their alternatives.

When did Thrivent Financial discontinue Medicare Supplement plans?

In 2020, Thrivent Financial elected to discontinue its Medicare Supplement plans. This choice was driven by shifts in the healthcare field and the need to prioritize other offerings of the insurance provider, such as life insurance.

Grandfathered in: Can current Thrivent Financial enrollees keep their plans?

 If you had a Medicare Supplement plan with Thrivent Financial before them ceasing coverage, you might be grandfathered in. Provided you continue making your payments, you can remain on this plan. However, if you shift to a different Medicare Supplement plan, you can’t return to the previous one.

What states did they offer Medicare plans in?

Thrivent Financial provides Medicare Supplement plans in a variety of states across the nation. These states include:

Medicare insurance carrier options:

Suppose you are seeking to transition from a Thrivent Financial Medicare Supplement plan. In that case, there are various providers that you can consider

USAA, US Fire Insurance, Medico, and UnitedHealthcare are some of the many insurers that provide supplemental Medicare coverage. It is essential to compare the different plan offerings to choose the one that suits your requirements.

Additional insurance companies no longer offer Medicare plans

Multiple insurance companies have decided to disengage from the Medicare market in recent years. Below are some additional insurance companies that are no longer offering Medicare plans.

Get help finding Medicare plans in your area:

 Suppose you are uncertain about the best place to begin your search for a Medicare Supplement plan. In that case, there are several available resources to assist you. 

Additionally, you can contact a licensed insurance agent who can guide you through your options and recommend the plan that best suits your needs.

Switching to a new insurance provider may seem disheartening, but many other companies offer Medicare Supplement plans. But we make it easy. Fill out our online request form and compare companies and rates in your area. 

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