Medicare Supplement Plan N is a great policy for those wanting the benefits of a Medicare Supplement with a lower premium than compared to other comprehensive plans.

No matter which company you select, Medigap Plan N’s coverage will be the same just as with other Medigap policies. Plan N is a practical Medigap option, it’s neither too much nor too little coverage.

How Medicare Supplement Plan N Works

In exchange for a smaller premium, you cover the Part B deductible and excess charges. While also being responsible for copayments at office visits or in the ER.

Plan N covers the Part A coinsurance up to an additional 365 days after the traditional Medicare benefit limits. Also, Part A Hospice care and the Part A deductible have coverage.

Plan N covers the first three pints of blood used in a medical procedure every year. Just like with many other plan options the skilled nursing facility care coinsurance has coverage.

Further, for those that like to travel, Plan N provides foreign travel emergency care which includes 80% coverage up to the limits of the plans.

Plan N does NOT cover Part B excess charges and does include copayments on certain services.

What are Plan N Excess Charges?

Excess charges are an amount that providers can charge more than what Medicare allows. for example, a doctor can charge up to 15% more than what Medicare allows.

A recent study shows the national percentage of doctors that implement excess charges is around 5%.

Some states don’t allow excess charges, and many doctors don’t charge this higher fee. If access charges or a concern for you, call your doctor and ask them if they bill extra charges on Part B to their Medicare patients.

The doctor’s office will be able to give you an answer, and in most cases, doctors that accept Medicare don’t subscribe to this extra fee. Also, when extra charges are implemented, the costs are manageable.

What’s the Medigap Plan N Copayment?

With the Medicare Supplement Plan N, there are copayments of up to $20 when you visit some doctor’s offices and up to $50 for emergency room visits that don’t result in you being admitted to the hospital.

It’s important to note that preventive care is covered by Medicare so you pay nothing for any of these standard Medicare preventive services.

Am I Eligible for Medicare Plan N?

If you have Medicare Part A and Part B, you’re eligible to enroll in Plan N. The Medigap Open Enrollment Period is the most beneficial time to enroll in plan N.

Outside of this, a Special Enrollment Period is suggested but not required. You can apply for a Medigap policy at any time, there are no annual enrollment windows like with Medicare Advantage plans.

How Much Does Medicare Supplement Plan N Cost?

While the coverage of Plan N is standardized the cost of Plan N is not. The cost of Plan N is between $90 to $250 a month. This is influenced by factors such as tobacco use, gender, age, and depending on where you live.

Medigap Plan N Reviews

Medicare Supplements have high ratings because Medicare is the entity that determines which claims are paid. So, if Medicare covers the service the Medigap policy covers its portion.

While Medicare Supplement Plan N has great reviews, there are policyholders that complain about copayments being a regular expense.

The best way to determine if this policy makes sense for you is to compare quotes from Plan N versus Plan G to see which best suits your lifestyle.

What Companies Offer Plan N?

Many top-rated companies offer Plan N such as UnitedHealthcare, Cigna, Mutual of Omaha, and Humana. Working with an insurance agent can make selecting the best company for you an easier process.

An agent can determine if you need underwriting and if you do need underwriting the insurance agent can help you find the company most likely to approve your application.

How Do I Enroll in Medicare Supplement Plan N

You can enroll in Plan N over the phone with a licensed insurance agent. Enrollment only takes a few minutes, and the agent can answer all your questions.

In most cases, this policy provides a balance of benefits. The only time a beneficiary should not consider a Plan N, would be if they are seeing their doctor so many times every month that the copay costs don’t outweigh the savings between Plan N and Plan G.

The best way to find the most suitable coverage is by talking to a licensed insurance agent for filling out an online rate form.

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