Universal American used to offer highly-rated Medicare Advantage, Medicare supplement, and long-term care insurance plans. Their mission was to provide a personal involvement between their members and health care providers, intending to keep the costs down for their members.

In 2016 Universal American started to reduce its Medicare footprint and then Wellcare bought it in 2017. In 2019, Wellcare oversaw the rebranding of all remaining Universal American plans.

Looking at Universal American Supplemental Medicare Plans

American Pioneer, American Progressive, and Pyramid Life are all former subsidiaries of Universal American.

Medicare Supplements offset the costs left over by Medicare. These Medigap plans fill in the holes in Original Medicare.

Universal American offered a variety of Medicare Supplement plans. The offerings included Plans F, G, and N. In 2016, Universal American decided to sell its Medicare Supplement and Long-term care business assets.

Universal American Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage plans are sometimes referred to as Medicare Part C. They provide Medicare beneficiaries with another way to receive their Medicare benefits.

Universal American had a plethora of 4-Star rated plans, and in 2017 Wellcare acquired it. Centene Health is the parent of Wellcare and is one of the largest and most well-known Medicare Advantage and Part D plan sponsors.

Wellcare rebranded all Universal American Medicare Advantage plans in 2019. Wellcare plans have a variety of additional benefits, such as a flex card, over-the-counter allowances, and gym memberships.

Many of their plans also include dental, vision, and hearing coverage that Original Medicare would not pick up.

Universal American Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D plans are stand-alone prescription drug coverage. These plans help you cover your prescription costs when you pick them up from the pharmacy.

Universal American did not offer Part D plans, but Wellcare does. They have the second-lowest-cost Part D plan nationwide, with a monthly premium of around $12.

Universal American Medicare Pros and Cons


  • Low premium Part D plans through Wellcare
  • High-rated Medicare Advantage plans


  • No longer offering Medigap plans

Universal American Financial Strength Ratings

Since Wellcare bought and absorbed Universal American, we’ll provide the financial strength ratings of Centene, Wellcare instead.

AM Best ranks Centene at a B+ Good rating, and Wellcare has a Moodys ranking of Ba1 Outlook Stable.

Universal American Reviews

Wellcare is becoming one of the most trusted Medicare Advantage insurance companies. They have no shortage of Medicare Part C and D plans and boost some of the most robust benefits.

They have mixed reviews on their customer service, but they’re working hard to improve the customer experience.


Does Universal American still offer Medicare Supplement Plans?

No, in 2016, they sold their Medigap Book of business.

Does Universal American have Medicare Giveback Plans?

Yes! All Universal American plans have been absorbed into Wellcare. Wellcare offers a giveback plan that reduces the amount you pay for Medicare Part B in some areas.

When did Wellcare buy Universal American?

Wellcare purchased Universal American in 2017, and then rebranded all Universal American products to Wellcare in 2019.

How to Enroll in a Universal American Medicare Plan

We can help you enroll in a Wellcare Medicare Plan. All Universal American plans are now under Wellcare. Our licensed experts can assist you in reviewing your options while determining your needs and what’s most important.

Our agents can then educate you on matching options and even help in the enrollment process. So give us a call today. Or simply fill out our easy online rate form to be connected to the best rates in your area.

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