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Medicare beneficiaries may wonder if they should enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan. Physicians Mutual offers several different plans, and deciding which one is best for you can be tough. We’ll take a closer look at the plans and help you decide if one of them is right for you.

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Medicare supplement plans are an excellent way to save money on your healthcare. They work with Original Medicare Parts A and B, helping you reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket costs by lowering copays coinsurance payments deductibles.

  • You deserve a second chance. That’s why they offer an option for you to switch plans after your first two years with no health questions asked.
  • Household discounts available
  • No maximum with preventative care.
physicians mutual medicare plan options

Physicians Mutual Medicare Supplement Letter Plans

Medicare is a great program for eligible beneficiaries who need assistance with their medical expenses. There are 10 different policies known as plans A-N.

The federal government standardizes benefits. This means the benefits per letter plan will remain the same regardless of the carrier you choose to enroll with.

The best time to enroll is during your Medigap Open Enrollment Period. However, you can enroll in a plan at any time of the year if you have Part B. If you enroll outside your OEP, you’ll have to answer some health questions.

Except for Plan F, you’ll be responsible to pay the Part B deductible, which is currently $240. All letter plans will cover all or most of the Part A deductible. Currently, the deductible for Part A is $1,632.

Physicians Mutual currently offers Plan A, Plan G, and Plan F. You can only enroll in Plan F if you were eligible for Medicare prior to 2020. Otherwise, the plan with the most benefits is Plan G, which has three different options.

With Plan A, you’ll get the core benefits only. This is the plan with the least amount of benefits. The only difference between Plan G and Plan F is with Plan G; you’re responsible for the Part B deductible.

As with every other state, premiums vary by multiple factors. If you go with Plan A, you’ll have an issue-age premium rate. With Plan G, you’ll have either an issue-age premium rate or an attained-age premium rate.

Physicians Mutual Medicare Supplement Plan Comparision

Letter Plan Part A deductible Part B deductible Excess charges Out-of-pocket maximum
Plan A $1,632/benefit period $240 All costs N/A
Plan G $0 $240 $0 N/A
Plan G Innovative Included in the plan’s deductible for the first 3 years, then $0 Included in the plan’s deductible for the first 3 years, then the full cost $0 $2,700 (plan’s deductible for the first 3 years)
Plan G High-deductible Included in the plan’s deductible Included in the plan’s deductible $0 $2,700

Physicians Mutual Medicare pros and cons


  • Innovative plans that start with a high deductible and convert to a full plan
  • Fair premium rates
  • Above average customer service


  • Liberal rate increases
  • Doesn’t provide access to Part D drug plans or Medicare Advantage

Physicians Mutual Medicare Supplement reviews and ratings

A.M. Best Rating A
BBB Rating A+
Consumer Affairs Rating No Reviews

Trusted ratings and reviews can help you decide when choosing a health insurance carrier. See how A.M Best, the Better Business Bureau, and Consumer Affairs rate Physicians Mutual.

Medicare Supplement plans YES
Medicare Advantage plans NO
Medicare Part D Drug plans NO
Physicians Mutual Medicare plan options


Does Physicians Mutual offer Medicare Advantage plans?

At this time, Physicians Mutual does not offer Medicare Advantage plans. There are many carriers that have great ratings that do offer these plans.

Does Physicians Mutual offer Medicare Part D plans?

No, Physicians Mutual currently does not offer Part D prescription drug plans. However, many other top carriers do in your area.

How to enroll in a Physicians Mutual Medicare Supplement plan

Physicians Mutual is a company that has been providing Medicare supplement plans to people for many years. They have a wide variety of plans, each designed to fit different people’s needs. If you are looking for a plan covering all your bases, then Physicians Mutual may be the right choice.

It’s always best to work with a licensed agent. They can search all the plans in your area to make sure you’re getting the most benefits at the lowest cost. Give us a call today at the number above. Or, complete our online rate form now to see rates in your area.

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