There’s a lot of information out there about Medicare and how to get the best plan for your needs. But how do you know who to trust? You need guidance from reliable sources. Most of all, you need to know that you’re working with experienced professionals who want what’s best for you. The good news is: you’ve found it.

Who We Are

Here at, our team of experienced Medicare professionals has over a decade of experience helping beneficiaries like you get their Medicare sorted out. We understand that Medicare can be a confusing and time-consuming process.

You shouldn’t have to deal with that hassle. You’ve worked hard all your life, and it’s time to enjoy retirement – not waste time worrying or stressing out about your healthcare plan.

What We Do

For starters, we make sure we stay on top of everything related to Medicare. That means keeping pace with the ever-changing laws, rules, and regulations that determine the benefits you get and what you are entitled to.

We also keep track of trends in the private sector of Medicare, from Medicare Advantage to private prescription drug plans to Medigap plans and more. Armed with all of this knowledge, our next steps involve finding beneficiaries who need our help and expertise.

How We Can Help Beneficiaries Like You

Think of us as the bridge that connects you to the Medicare health plan that you need most at the best possible price. But unlike a broker, we never charge you a fee. We mainly focus on:

  • Listening to YOUR concerns, challenges, and questions
  • Finding you the ANSWERS you need to solve your Medicare problems
  • Making Medicare SIMPLE, the way it should be
  • Connecting with the BEST providers out there so that you don’t have to go searching for a needle in a haystack
  • Comparing premiums and presenting you with the most AFFORDABLE option
  • Unlike other entities who do what we do, we CARE about you and your healthcare needs

Best of all, we will never, ever charge you a fee for what we do. That’s right – our information and assistance are 100% free. It will always be free, too. We know that Medicare is complicated enough as it is; we won’t compound the problem by charging you more on top of what you’re already paying for your healthcare.

Here are some of the most common challenges beneficiaries come to us with:

Medicare Advantage, or Medigap? It’s a simple question that can be complicated for many. It all depends on your personal needs, where you live, and what you can afford. But our experts can help you find a simple answer.

When do I enroll? Again, there are many different answers depending on when you turn 65, what plan you want to enroll in, and complications like working through retirement or avoiding medical underwriting. But we can help you figure it out.

What plan provider should I pick? You want a company that’s trustworthy and reliable. But you also want the best price to protect your retirement savings. We do all the comparison shopping for you so that you can choose the best option in your zip code.

We hope you feel confident choosing us to assist you with your healthcare needs. And if you need anything at all, never hesitate to ask! We have people standing by right now who are eager to help you out.