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Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company was started back in 1948 by a group of funeral directors from Salt Lake City, Utah. They got together with an idea to design a final expense plan to help pay funeral costs at the time of need. A few of the founders are still members of the Board of Directors.

Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company is a Utah-based insurance company that has provided various insurance products for over 70 years. In addition to life insurance, they have offered Medicare Supplement plans to seniors who need additional healthcare coverage. 

However, like many insurance carriers, Sentinel Security has discontinued its Medigap plans. We’ll explore Sentinel Security and why they decided to stop offering Medicare Supplement coverage.

Sentinel Security: Discontinued Medicare Supplement coverage:

In recent years, Sentinel Security has discontinued its Medicare Supplement plans. This decision has left many of their current enrollees wondering about the future of their coverage.

When did Sentinel Security discontinue Medicare Supplement plans?

Sentinel Security discontinued its Medigap programs in 2020. The company decided due to changes in the healthcare industry and the desire to focus on other insurance products.

Grandfathered in: Can current Sentinel Security enrollees keep their plans?

You can keep your plan if enrolled in a Medicare Supplement plan with Sentinel Security before it stopped selling Medigap plans. 

As long as you continue to pay your monthly premium, your Medigap plan will remain active. 

However, if you switch to another Medicare plan, you won’t be allowed to return to your Sentinel Security Medicare Supplement.

What states did they offer Medicare plans in?

Sentinel Security offered Medicare Supplement plans in a handful of states:

Medicare insurance carrier options:

You have several options if you were previously enrolled in a Medigap plan with Sentinel Security and need to find a new insurance carrier

Some of the most well-known Medicare Supplement companies include Humana, Bankers Fidelity, The Capitol Life, and ACE Property and Casualty Insurance Company. Not all companies and plans are available in all areas.

Additional insurance companies no longer offer Medicare plans

In recent years, numerous insurance companies have discontinued their participation in the Medicare market. Of particular note, several leading organizations have similarly elected to withdraw from this sector.

Get help finding Medicare plans in your area:

Finding a new Medicare Supplement plan is easy. Simply fill out our online rate form, and we’ll help make the process quick and easy.  

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