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Medicare Coverage for COVID-19 Vaccines, Tests, & Treatments

Those on Medicare are the most vulnerable to COVID, coverage for this group of people is perhaps the most important. Whether it’s COVID testing, treatment, or vaccines we have the information on Medicare you need to get through this pandemic. Does Medicare Cover Testing for COVID-19? Medicare Part B will cover COVID-19 testing ordered by

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Income Related Monthly Adjusted Amount (IRMAA)

Most people on Medicare pay the standard Part B and Part D premiums. However, some pay more. An income-based sliding scale is used to determine your Medicare Part B and Part D adjustments. What is Income Related Monthly Adjusted Amount? IRMAA stands for Income Related Monthly Adjusted amount. A surcharge is added to your Medicare

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Guide to the Medicare Program

Medicare is a federal healthcare program designed to serve people over the age of 65, or those on SSDI. A Brief Look at Medicare Medicare has been around since the summer of 1965 when then President Lyndon B Johnson signed the bill into law. The original bill that is now the Medicare we know today