Updated: January 19, 2022 | read
Medicare Coverage for COVID-19 Vaccines, Tests, & Treatments

Those on Medicare are the most vulnerable to COVID, coverage for this group of people is perhaps the most important. Whether it’s COVID testing, treatment, or vaccines we have the information on Medicare you need to get through this pandemic. Does Medicare Cover Testing for COVID-19? Medicare Part B will cover COVID-19 testing ordered by

Updated: January 17, 2022 | read
Will Medicare Pay for a Walk-in Tub

Medicare does cover Durable Medical Equipment (DME), but do walk-in tubs fall under the DME umbrella? In this article, we’ll talk about Medicare coverage and how to get help paying for your walk-in tub or bathtub conversion. Does Medicare Cover Walk-In Tubs? The short answer, Medicare won’t cover your walk-in tub or help with the

Updated: January 10, 2022 | read
Does Owning a Home Affect Medicare?

Many beneficiaries wonder if owning their home will affect their Medicare benefits. Medicare doesn’t limit enrollment based on resources or income. Unless the sale of your home is taxable income, your Medicare won’t be affected. If you sell your home for taxable income and make a hefty profit, there may be an increase in your