There has been a lot of buzz over the past couple of years about Medi-Share 65. Medi-Share is a Christian community health-sharing program that assists in covering the medical needs of its members. Members of the program share costs of medical care for eligible bills. Below we’ll discuss how it works and how it compares to a Medicare Supplement plan.

What is Medi-Share Healthshare?

Medi-share isn’t health insurance but rather a healthcare-sharing ministry. This program relies on its members to help care for each other’s medical expenses through their financial contributions and prayer.

This program has similar costs to traditional insurance, but the terms differ. For example, traditional insurance could have a deductible you must meet before the insurance kicks in. Medi-share requires you to pay your Annual Household Portion (AHP) before submitting the bills for payment.

Each member has a monthly share payment instead of a premium, ensuring you’re eligible for assistance when needed. Medi-Share Christian Care Ministry has been operating since 1993.




What Does Medi-Share 65+ Cost?

Pricing costs are standardized for Medicare beneficiaries. For beneficiaries aged 65 to 74, the monthly share amount would be $99. Individuals aged 75 or older can expect to pay $150 monthly. In addition, Medicare 86 will add a few additional one-time fees at the time of your first premium. These additional fees include a $50 application fee and a $2 administration fee to set up the account.

The plan then has a $500 Annual household portion you must pay before submitting claims for payment. Once the AHP is satisfied, Medi-Share 65 will pay the remaining costs for eligible medical bills covered under Medicare Part A and Part B.

Eligibility Requirements for Medi-Share 65+

There are five requirements that beneficiaries must meet to qualify for Medi-Share membership.

  • Must have a biblical testimony that includes
    • Live by biblical standards
    • Believers are to help bear others’ burdens
    • Actively support and attend a fellowship of believers
  • Live a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t partake in tobacco or illicit drugs
  • Complete an application review interview
  • Be a US citizen
  • Be at least 65 years old

You must meet these requirements to be able to become a Medi-Share member.

Exclusions and Limitations of Medi-Share 65+

There are some limitations and exclusions that go along with the Medi-Share program.

  • Covered services must be approved and covered by Medicare.
  • Services not approved by Medicare while out of the country, except for Urgent care
    • (Insert Urgent Care out of the country details here)
  • Expenses not related to biblical lifestyle and choices, such as
    • Abortion of a live fetus (baby).
    • Alcohol and drug-related injuries and illnesses
    • Bill(s) originally received by CCM more than six months from the date of the Medicare EOB.
    • Charges that do ‘t follow proper coding guidelines.
  • Fertility/Infertility care
  • including but not limited to:
    • Birth control procedures like IUDs or related supplies
      • Infertility testing and treatment
      • Vasectomy and tubal ligation
    • Illegal acts
      • Any charges for any condition, disability, or expense resulting from being engaged in an unlawful occupation
      • Or in the commission of or attempted commission of a crime
    • Intentionally self-inflicted injuries
      • Suicide
      • Attempted suicide).
    • Pre-existing conditions are not eligible for sharing if a member joins Medi-Share 65 outside their 6-month Medigap Open Enrollment Period or a Guaranteed Issue Rights.
  • Related conditions
    • Members don’t share medical bills for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition or complications associated with or resulting from a diagnosis, treatment, or procedure that’s not eligible for sharing.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including HIV
    • Exceptions include innocent transmission via transfusion, rape, work-related needle stick, or sex within marriage
  • Skilled nursing facility care from the 101st day and beyond
  • Conflicts of interest
    • Medical bills will be ineligible for sharing if the provider or ordering provider is related to the member by blood, marriage, adoption, or if the member has a financial interest in the provider.

Difference between Medi-Share HealthShare and a Medicare Supplement

Medi-Share 65+ sharing program and Medicare Supplements have many similarities and stark differences.

Networks: Medicare Supplements allow you to see any healthcare provider nationwide. Your provider will then bill Medicare and then your insurance company. Medi-share uses its PHCS network. If a provider is not in their PPO network, you may have to file your claims or submit a bill for re-reimbursement.

Out-Of-Pocket Costs: Depending on your Medigap plan, you may have little to no out-of-pocket costs, and Medi-Share works the same way. Medi-Share is most similar to Plan G. You must meet the share amount of $500 out of pocket before the bill sharing begins.

Coverage: Medigap and Medi-Share 65 sharing accounts pay for healthcare costs approved and paid for by Medicare. However, these Christian healthcare programs have additional limitations they won’t cover.

Medi-Share Review

Medi-Share 65+ is a not-for-profit medical sharing program offered through Christian Care Ministry, inc. Their plan works similarly to a Medicare Supplement and covers the remaining medical costs from Original Medicare.

Medi-Share 65 covers coinsurance and copays associated with doctor’s visits, telehealth, emergency room, and more. They have an extra blessings program that they contribute any late fees to fund.

Medi-Share 65 includes a select savings card, dental and vision discounts, and a referral fee of $100 for recommending others to join.


Is there an age limit for Medi-Share?

Medi-Share has programs for all ages. Medi-Share 65+ requires individuals to be enrolled in Medicare and be at least 65.

Can Medi-Share 65+ be used with Medicare?

Yes! Medi-Share coverage is similar to a Medicare Supplement plan once you reach your Annual Household Portion.

What is not covered by Medi-Share 65+?

There is no guarantee that services and procedures to be covered. However, for items to be covered by Medi-Share 65, the procedures must be covered by Original Medicare. In addition, Medishare 65 can exclude anything not following a biblical lifestyle.

Is Medi-Share a good program?

Medi-Share, while not insurance, is a good program. Beneficiaries enrolled in the program have great things to say, and the price is affordable.

What is the monthly cost for Medi-Share65+?

The monthly share amount for Medicare beneficiaries 65 – 74 is $99, and $150 for those 75 and older.

Does Medi-Share have any limitations?

Yes. There are limitations and exclusions. Most restrictions are on items not covered by Medicare or that don’t align with living a biblical lifestyle.

Who is eligible to use Medi-Share 65+?

Medi-Share has plans for all ages. However, to qualify for Medi-Share 65, an individual must be 65, enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B, and live a biblical lifestyle.

Does Medi-Share have a maximum lifetime benefit limit?

There is no maximum lifetime benefit. The only lifetime maximum benefit is associated with urgent care abroad, with a $150,000 limit on this service.

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