Central States Indemnity Insurance is a subsidiary member of the Berkshire Hathaway Inc. family of companies and offers a variety of supplemental Medicare plans. Central States covers over 1 million members nationwide.

Founded in 1932 under the name Central States Health & Life Insurance Co. of Omaha. They offer insurance policies in 48 states. CSI offers Medicare Supplement plans for people who are eligible to enroll in the Federal government’s program for seniors and disabled individuals.

Central States Medicare Supplement Plans

Central States specializes in Medicare Supplement plans designed to help enrollees pay for most of the costs left over from Original Medicare. These supplemental plans offer a variety of coverage levels. Speaking with a licensed agent can ensure Medicare beneficiaries find the one that best suits their needs.

Central States Medicare Supplement Plans

Central States offers 10 standardized Medigap plans. We’ll list each of the plans below, but keep in mind that availability may vary depending on your state.

Plans A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and N are available in most states. Each plan offers a different level of coverage, so it’s vital to review the specific benefits offered by each plan before making a decision.

It is good to know that Central States’ is licensed in 48 states, but they do not sell Medicare Supplement coverage everywhere. There are 12 states where Central States doesn’t offer Medigap plans. AK, CA, CT, DE, HI, MA, MN, MO, NY, RI, VT, and WA.

Central States Medicare Advantage Plans

Central States doesn’t offer Medicare Advantage plans. These plans provide all the benefits of Original Medicare, plus additional features like vision and dental coverage. If you want more information regarding Medicare Advantage plans, fill out our online request form. We’d be happy to help.

Central States Medicare Part D Plans

Medicare Part D is the prescription drug coverage component of Medicare. These plans aren’t offered by Central States.

Central States Indemnity Medicare Pros and Cons


  • Knowledgeable Customer Service
  • Provides access to the top Medigap plans
  • Fair premiums
  • Liberal underwriting


  • Limited availability
  • Not Medicare Advantage options
  • Average rate increases

Central States Financial Strength Ratings

All three of the rating agencies have Central States rated as financially stable. A.M. Best rates Central States with an “A-” rating, Standard and Poor’s has them at “A,” and Moody’s Investors Service has Central States with an “A2” rating.

All three agencies agree that Central States is in good financial health and has a stable outlook. When considering Central States as your Medicare Supplement provider, this is crucial information to know.

Central States Reviews

Most enrollees report a positive experience with Central States Indemnity. We’ve discovered that their customer care is helpful, and their plans are comprehensive.

They offer a variety of plans that cover most of the costs leftover from Original Medicare. Overall, we’d rate Central States a good choice for supplemental Medicare coverage.


Who is the primary company for Central States Indemnity?

Berkshire Hathaway is the parent company of Central States.

Are Central States’ Medigap plans available in my state?

Plans A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and N are available in most states. However, there are 12 states where Central States doesn’t offer Medigap plans. AK, CA, CT, DE, HI, MA, MN, MO, NY, RI, VT, and WA.

Can I enroll in a Central States Medicare Supplement plan if I’m already enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan?

Yes. If you have a qualifying event to leave the Medicare Advantage and can pass medical underwriting.

Will my Central States Medigap plan premium increase?

Yes, you can expect an annual increase on any Medicare Supplement plan. Premiums can go up for various reasons, such as inflation and rising health care costs.

Can I use my Central States Medigap plan in other states?

Yes. Medicare Supplements can be used nationwide at any healthcare provider that accepts Medicare.

How to Enroll in a Central States Medicare Plans

In order to enroll in Central States Medicare Supplement plans, you will need to be enrolled in Medicare and live in an area where Central States offers Medicare Plans. Then simply fill out our online request form or give us a call. We can guide you step by step, and let us take the confusion out of Medicare for you!

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