Recalling the discomfort of childhood chickenpox may provide a sense of the acuteness of shingles. This memory is a significant factor in the public’s interest in whether Medicare includes coverage for the shingles vaccine.

It’s important to note that Medicare does not provide coverage for shingles vaccinations under Original Medicare Parts A and B. However, the shingles vaccine coverage falls under Medicare Part D.

Medicare Coverage for the shingles vaccine

Approximately one million Americans are diagnosed with shingles yearly, with an increased risk among those aged 65 and over.

The availability of Part D coverage of shingles vaccines is an essential factor in helping to reduce the prevalence of this condition.

Many physicians recommend that patients with Medicare get the shingles vaccine.

It’s recommended that individuals aged 50 and above receive the shingles vaccine.

Those with Medigap insurance may pay little to nothing for their shingles treatment.

If you have a Part C policy, you’ll have coverage, but the costs will vary depending on your plan.

What part of Medicare covers shingles

Locations to get vaccinated for Shingles

It’s crucial for individuals on Part D plans to ensure that the pharmacy they are obtaining the shingles vaccine is within their plan’s network. Medicare mandates that all Part D plans must cover the cost of the shingles vaccine.

It’s not recommended to receive a shingles vaccine from your doctor’s office, as they can’t bill Part D plans. Receiving the vaccine at your doctor’s office could lead to you covering the entire cost and needing to file for reimbursement from your plan.

Shingles Vaccine Costs

Medicare Part D covers a variety of vaccines, such as the shingles vaccine. It’s important to remember that Medicare Part B doesn’t provide coverage for the shingles vaccine.

You may locate Zostavax and Shingrix on your Part D plan formulary. Check your Part D drug formulary to know which tier the vaccine is classified into. Generally, these vaccines fall in the Tier 3 category.

SingleCare reports that the Shingrix shingles vaccine costs between $187 and $250 per dose. Two doses are necessary for complete immunization.

As of January 2023, Medicare Part D will offer full coverage of the Shingles vaccine, regardless of whether or not the beneficiary meets their Part D deductible.

Suppose you don’t possess a Part D prescription coverage plan. In that case, you should investigate SingleCare for potential discounts on this vaccine. There, you can find coupons that could help reduce the cost of immunization.

Cost of the Shingles Vaccine with Medicare

Medicare Coverage for Shingrix

Obtaining coverage for Shingrix through all Medicare Part D plans, and Medicare Advantage plans that include Part D coverage is possible.

Additionally, providing a prescription for this drug might be optional if you pay for it out-of-pocket. Your pharmacist can inform you if you need one.

Shingles complications and pain

Elderly individuals who contract shingles are taken aback by the intensity of the pain. Comparatively, many note that it’s far more severe than the discomfort they experienced with the chickenpox virus in their youth.

Furthermore, the affected area may remain tender after the rash has cleared. An individual may experience stabbing, throbbing, or even weakness.

This condition, known by physicians as post-herpetic neuralgia, can persist for months or even years. The elderly population is particularly vulnerable to acquiring Shingles. The accompanying blisters can become infected, necessitating antibiotic and antiviral treatment to thwart the risk of long-term scarring.

The rash caused by Shingles can cause significant discomfort and make it difficult to achieve restful sleep. If recovery takes longer than the typical duration, beneficiaries may experience despondency or clinical depression. In rare circumstances, it may result in encephalitis.

Transmission of the virus can occur in other parts of the body, such as the eyes and lips, which may lead to outbreaks that can affect auditory and visual capabilities. Maintaining a good hygiene routine for the skin is essential, ensuring it’s kept clean and dry and avoiding contact with those who may be infected.


How much does the shingles vaccine cost Medicare?

As of 2023, Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage and Medicare Advantage plans have a $0 copay for the shingles vaccine. Medigap healthcare insurance doesn’t include Part D. You’ll need a separate policy for prescription coverage.

How much does the shingles vaccine cost without insurance?

Those who don’t have Medicare drug coverage could pay over $300 for two doses of Shingrix. A prescription might not be necessary if you’re paying for the vaccine.

How much does the shingles shot vaccine cost at CVS?

If CVS is in-network for your Medicare prescription drug coverage, the shingles vaccine will be a $0 copay.

Does Medicare cover the shingles vaccine?

Medicare prescription drug coverage includes the shingles vaccine. You can obtain coverage through a stand-alone Part D plan such as Wellcare PDP and SilverScript or a Medicare Advantage plan that includes Medicare drug coverage.

Where Do I Get the Shingles Shot?

The most common location to receive the shingles vaccine is your local pharmacy.

Does Medicare Part D cover Shingrix?

Private insurance companies offer Part D prescription drug plans covering the Shingrix vaccine. You must have a prescription and use an in-network pharmacy.

Does Part D Cover the Zoster Vaccine?

Yes, Part D plans cover the herpes zoster (shingles) vaccine. The Zostavax vaccine may have coverage. Consult your insurance company for information on your plan’s drug formulary.

Is Shingrix free for beneficiaries?

If you have Medicare drug coverage through Medicare Part D or a Medicare Advantage plan, the copay for Shingrex is $0. This is due to a recent change in the Medicare program that took effect in January of 2023.

If you only have Original Medicare, the shot would not be available at no cost. On the other hand, Medicaid will cover the total price if you live in a state that’s authorized it.

Do any Medicare Part D plans cover Shingrix?

Yes, many companies that offer Part D plans to their beneficiaries will cover at least some part of the out-of-pocket costs of the shot.

Can you get shingles if you already had the chickenpox vaccine?

Those who have had chickenpox may be at risk of shingles. The reactivation of the chickenpox virus may lead to sensations of tingling and numbness, as well as the development of blisters and potential flu-like symptoms.

Due to the successful administration of the chickenpox vaccine, those who have received it have a minimal chance of developing shingles.

Find Medicare coverage for your shingles vaccine

Many top Part D companies offer coverage for the shingles vaccine. Companies like Aetna, Cigna, Humana, SilverScript, and WellCare are all known to provide coverage for the shingles shot.

Plans vary across the nation, be sure to verify the policies in your area offer coverage for the shingles shot. An insurance agent is a great resource for finding the most suitable Part D or other Medicare insurance policies.

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