Medicare doesn’t cover incontinence supplies since they are disposable, over-the-counter items. However, some Part C plans cover these supplies. While Medicare won’t cover adult absorbent diapers, you have some options to get the supplies you need. Plus, some benefits Medicare covers can help you along the way.

In the content below, let’s review everything you need about Medicare coverage for incontinence supplies.

Does Medicare cover incontinence supplies

Medicare Part A nor Part B covers incontinence supplies. Products such as adult briefs, pull-on diapers, bladder control pads, and other incontinence supplies are considered over-the-counter items that Medicare doesn’t cover.

Although, Medicare will cover non-absorbent urological options such as external catheters and ostomy supplies. Coverage is available for these items because they’re not disposable and are considered Durable Medical Equipment (DME) supplies.

Medicare can provide coverage to determine where the incontinence stems from. Depending on your medical condition, your healthcare provider may find treatment options with Medicare coverage.

Your doctor may be able to provide you with medications to help with your incontinence. A Part D prescription drug plan can help with some of your costs. Depending on your plan, there may be a deductible, coinsurance, or copayment when you fill out the prescription.

Why doesn’t Medicare pay for incontinence supplies?

The Medicare Program doesn’t cover incontinence products because they’re not medically necessary. Also, these supplies are disposable and not durable. Part B covers Durable Medical Equipment, but no part of Medicare covers disposable medical equipment.

Medicare coverage for adult diapers

Medicare won’t cover disposable supplies such as adult diapers. You’ll pay for at-home medical supplies out of pocket, just like bandaids. No matter your health insurance coverage, you should expect to cover the cost of adult diapers yourself.

Medicare Advantage coverage for adult diapers

Yes, Medicare Advantage plans may cover adult diapers. Some plans will include coverage through an over-the-counter benefit. However, there may be limitations to how much you can get, the brand, and where you can buy it. Before enrollment, talk with an insurance agent about the plans available and the benefits that best suit your lifestyle.

Medicare Supplement coverage for incontinence supplies

No, Medigap insurance only covers benefits Medicare will cover. So, if Medicare chooses not to cover underpads and panty liners, Medigap won’t either. However, Medicare Supplement insurance plans can lower your out-of-pocket costs on doctor visits to treat or diagnose urinary incontinence.


Are there free incontinence supplies covered by Medicare?

Medicare doesn’t cover incontinence supplies. However, some Medicare Advantage plans include an over-the-counter benefit that beneficiaries can use to purchase these supplies so it doesn’t come out of their income.

Does Original Medicare cover Depends on undergarments?

Original Medicare doesn’t cover any absorbent incontinence pads. If you need brand-name adult diapers, finding coverage will be a challenge. Even Medicaid may have brand limitations for adult diapers.

Are Depends adult diapers covered by Medicare Advantage plans?

Since Medicare Advantage plans offer over-the-counter benefits differently, it’s not impossible to get brand-name diapers with this benefit. That doesn’t mean it will be easy, either. In some areas, Part C plans don’t include this coverage. Compare plans before enrolling.

Does Medicare cover pee pads or incontinence pads?

Medicare nor Medigap cover adult pee pads or any disposable absorbent product. You’ll cover all these products out of pocket or with a Medicare Advantage plan over-the-counter benefit.

Get help with Medicare coverage for urinary incontinence supplies

Adult diapers can get expensive, especially if you need the name Depends. While Medicare doesn’t offer coverage, some plans can help lower your doctor visits, medical supplies, and more costs.

An adequate Medicare plan is simple, and enrollment can be done over the phone. Call us at the number above to be connected with a licensed insurance agent who can answer all your questions. Or fill out a plan comparison form to see your quotes online!

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