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CNO Financial Group acquired Resource Life Insurance Company and its Medicare plans. CNO is the parent company of Bankers Life. An old company name you may recognize for Resource Life is American Combined Life Insurance Company.

Resource Life Insurance provides quality life insurance coverage and financial products designed to protect your family and your future. For over 35 years, Resource Life Insurance has been a trusted source of comprehensive life insurance solutions for individuals and families.

Resource Life: Discontinued Medicare Supplement

Resource Life, unfortunately, discontinued Medicare Supplement plans when the company was purchased by CNO Financial and merged into the company’s holdings. 

It provided additional benefits on top of the standard Medicare coverage, including coverage for some co-payments, coinsurance, and deductibles. 

When did they discontinue Medicare Supplement plans?

CNO Financial purchased Resource Life and consolidated the Resource Life Medigap book of business into its portfolio.

Grandfathered in: Can current enrollees keep their plans?

Current Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in a Resource Life Medigap plan are still services. CNO Financial and its subsidiaries handle customer service and support.

 Existing clients may retain their current coverage, benefits, and plan as desired. Those content with their plan need not make any alterations.

 Rest assured that CNO Financial and its affiliates will continue to offer superior customer service and assistance.

What states did Resource Life offer Medicare plans?

American National Life does business throughout the United States and has unique final expense and life insurance offerings. 

Medicare insurance carrier options

Several insurance providers offer Medicare Supplement or Medigap plans to augment Original Medicare coverage. Prominent among these are Accendo, ELIPS Life, Globe Life, Standard Life, and Medico.

Each Medigap insurance company may offer different plans, benefits, and pricing, so comparing options is vital to find the plan that best fits your needs and budget. 

Additionally, some companies may have a stronger presence or reputation in certain areas, so regional factors are worth considering. Ultimately, your right Medicare Supplement plan will depend on your healthcare needs and preferences.

Resource Life affiliations

Resource Life affiliates include the following:

Additional insurance companies no longer offer Medicare plans

Over the past few years, many insurance providers have discontinued their involvement in the Medicare sector. Notably, several prominent establishments have also made comparable decisions to withdraw.

Get help finding Medicare plans in your area

Now is the ideal time to consider your Medicare Supplement coverage and compare rates. Doing so can help you take advantage of lower costs and improved coverage. 

Our team can assist you in exploring the various options available and selecting the plan that best meets your healthcare needs and financial goals. Don’t miss the opportunity to maximize your Medicare coverage and save money.

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