Medicare Supplements guard you against high out-of-pocket and unpredictable expenses when receiving medical services. Medigap plans predict your medical costs and provide peace of mind when you’re vulnerable. Colorado has ten Medicare Supplement plan options for you to choose from.

Below, we’ll show the average cost for each letter plan available, the number of Colorado beneficiaries in each letter plan, the top Medigap companies, and the most popular plans in the state.

Colorado Medicare Supplement plans & enrollment

In Colorado, there are 207,779 Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Supplements. This number accounts for about 33.1% of Colorado’s beneficiaries enrolled in Medigap plans.

Plan A B C D F G K L M N
Enrollees 1,568 918 2,514 660 132,717 37,896 1,483 1,138 9 20,808

Medicare Supplement coverage chart in Colorado

Medigap plans have the same coverage no matter what state you live in. Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Massachusetts exceptions don’t follow federal guidelines, meaning their Medigap plans differ from the standardized model!

Colorado’s Medicare Supplement Plans F, G, and N are the most popular. Plan C and Plan F are only available for Medicare beneficiaries who were eligible for Medicare before January 1, 2020.

We also expect enrollments to continue to increase for Plan G and Plan N over the next few years because new beneficiaries can no longer enroll in Plans F or C.

medigap enrollees per plan in colorado

Medicare Supplement costs in Colorado

Medicare Supplement plans can have a wide range of prices due to the factors considered. One thing that impacts your price is health, age, and where in America we live.

Enrolling in your one-time six-month Medigap Open Enrollment Period allows you to select from any plan and carrier available to you.

Enrolling during your open enrollment allows you to enroll in any plan without requiring medical underwriting. Medigap open enrollment is not an annual timeframe but a one-time enrollment specific to you.

medigap plan costs in colorado

How much does Medigap cost in Colorado?
The cost of a Medigap policy in Colorado is based on the plan letter, age, and other factors. Premiums tend to range between $110 to $180 per month.

Lowest Medigap premiums in Colorado by letter plan

Plan A B C D F G K L M N
Premium $87 $118 $162 $130 $130 $112 $40 $77 $121 $91

Top Colorado Medicare Supplement plans in 2024

The rates below are for a 65-year-old female in Colorado. Medicare Supplement carriers in Colorado primarily use the attained age rating method. However, a few insurance companies use issue age or community age rating methods.

Carriers Plan F Plan G Plan N
Physicians Life Insurance Company $131 $112 N/A
Cigna National Health Insurance Company $143 $132 $91
AARP Medicare Supplement Plans, Insured By UnitedHealthcare $163 $120 $104
(Anthem) Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Colorado $171 $126 $115
United American Insurance Company $183 $141 $121

What Colorado Medicare Supplement plan is best for me?

With everyone’s needs being different, figuring out the correct Medicare Supplement for you can be challenging.

All Medigap plans have the same coverage, but that doesn’t mean that all companies are equal. Some Medigap providers excel in other areas, such as customer service claims payment. We pride ourselves in assisting you in finding a carrier that fits your individual needs.

Since our health may be good now, sometimes we consider a less comprehensive plan to save some money. Unfortunately, we don’t know what the future holds.

It’s wise to factor in your current and future health needs. Considering family history will help in trying to plan for what may come.

Price is important because you don’t want to overpay for the same coverage, but it’s wise to consider well-known and financially stable companies. Doing this will help ensure you have the intangibles, such as excellent customer service.

Cities in Colorado with Estimated Premiums for Supplemental Medicare Coverage

Each zip code in Colorado comes with its estimated premiums for Medigap coverage. We have the estimates at your fingertips for the following cities:


How much does Medigap cost in Colorado?

The cost of a Medigap policy in Colorado is based on the plan letter, age, and other factors. Premiums tend to range between $110 to $180 per month.

Do Medicare Supplement plans in Colorado increase with age?

In most cases, yes. Most carriers in Colorado use the attained age rating system.

Do any insurance companies in Colorado use the issue-age rating?

While most Colorado Medicare insurers use the attained-age rating method, two carriers use attained age. You can choose between Old Surety, Physicians Mutual, and Everence if you want to enroll in an issue-age plan.

The most popular Medicare Supplement in Colorado is Plan F.

Do I have to change Medicare Supplements every year in Colorado?

No, you’re never required to change Medigap plans. You can change at any time as long as you pass medical underwriting.

Compare Colorado Medicare Supplement plans in 2024

We’re happy to help, and whether you’re new to Medicare or want to review your options, our licensed agents are ready to assist. We specialize in Medicare and pride ourselves in making the process fast and efficient.

Our services are available at no cost to you. We look forward to educating you on Medicare, coverage options, and any questions. Complete our rate form, or give us a call for help.

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