Utah Medicare Supplement policies provide extra expense solutions for those with Original Medicare. Supplemental Medigap plans have nationwide standardization from the federal government, so their benefits remain the same in every location and carrier.

However, plan costs will vary depending on various factors.

Utah Medicare Supplement enrollment per letter plan

There are a total of 82,505 residents in Utah with a Supplemental Medicare plan. Of this number, several have benefits via an FFS plan. They comprise around 30.9% of the state’s total enrollees, typical for beneficiaries across several other locations.

  640 307 2,096 731 49,230 16,579 632 308 1 8,726

What are the best Medigap plans in Utah?

Some of the best Utah Medicare Supplement plans include Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N. Plan C is another excellent option for those wanting near-full coverage.

Beneficiaries choose Medigap Plan F for its full-coverage benefits. Its enrollment count of 49,230 makes it a popular selection among Utahns.

Residents also pick Medigap Plan G, which covers all expenses other than the Part B premium. Its 16,579 enrollees indicate high satisfaction with the plan.

Medigap Plan N is another suitable option for Utah residents. The plan currently has 8,726 participants.

medicare supplement enrollees per plan in utah

Medigap plan coverage chart for Utah

Medigap plan benefits include coverage for blood transfusions, inpatient facility stays, and outpatient doctor’s appointments. The following benefits remain the same across all plans and states.

Medicare Supplement plans costs in Utah

Many factors determine your final Medigap cost in Utah. Depending on your location, you may have higher or lower rates if you’ve had previous rate increases, your gender, or your age.

Carriers may also use your enrollment date, payment method, rate locks, and household discounts.

medicare supplement costs in utah

What’s the average cost for a Medicare Supplement plan in Utah?

Medicare Supplement plan premiums in Utah vary due to several reasons. The average monthly premium ranges from $75 to $150.

Inexpensive premium per Medigap letter plan in Utah

The following quotes represent how much a woman who’s 65 years old will likely pay for Medigap.

Premium $79 $119 $146 $101 $110 $101 $41 $63 $77 $74

Most expensive premium per Medigap letter plan in Utah

Higher premiums are also available for those who incur such prices due to age, location, previous rate locks, or other factors. The following chart indicates how much a typical male beneficiary that’s 70 could pay for Medigap.

Premium $345 $344 $409 $274 $430 $404 $128 $258 $303 $304

Top Medicare Supplement plan carriers in Utah

The top Utah Medicare Supplement plan carriers include SLBI, American Financial, and Nassau Life. The following quotes are for their leading Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N policies for a woman that’s 65 and living in Utah.

SBLI $110 $101 $74
American Financial $119 $102 $78
United States Fire $123 $103 $78
Nassau Life $123 $118 $86
Cigna $124 $116 $80

Estimation of Medicare Supplement premiums for Utah Cities

Reviewing the accompanying charts can obtain premium estimates for each type of Medicare Supplement plans for the following cities.:


Who pays for Medigap in Utah?

If you have Original Medicare and Medigap, Original Medicare pays first, then Medigap covers the remaining costs. Beneficiaries pay to receive Medigap benefits in Utah that cover copayments, deductibles, and coinsurance.

Unlike traditional Medicare, beneficiaries pay their Medigap Supplement plan premiums directly to carriers.

When can I apply for Medigap in Utah?

You can apply for a Utah Medicare Supplement plan during your Open Enrollment Period when you turn 65. You’re eligible for Medigap if you already have Medicare Part A and B benefits.

While it’s possible to apply later in the year for Medigap, carriers can deny you coverage or increase your rates if you don’t use it during your first six-month eligibility window. It’s essential to apply when you’re eligible; otherwise, you can file an appeal for coverage denials.

The most popular Medigap plan in Utah is Medigap Plan F, while the next most in-demand plan is Plan G. Plan F offers Utahns full-coverage benefits, including skilled nursing facility care, extra Part B charges, and foreign travel benefits.

Due to its many benefits, Plan F comes with some of the highest premiums, but high-deductible options are available to cut monthly costs. Plan G also has a high-deductible letter plan version for those looking to save money on the second top option.

Can Medigap premiums be deducted from Social Security in Utah?

Social Security doesn’t deduct Utah Medicare Supplement and Medigap premiums from your monthly benefit checks. Since these plans are through private carriers, Utahns must pay their Medigap premium directly to the carrier.

You’ll still pay for Part B’s premium out of your Social Security benefits if you have Medicare Part B and a Medigap plan.

How are Medicare Supplement plan premiums calculated in Utah?

Carriers calculate Medicare Supplement plan premiums based on different factors than Original Medicare. For example, you may have a community-rated premium that doesn’t increase with age or an issue-age-rated plan based on your age at enrollment.

Attained-age-rated plans increase prices as you get older.

How to sign up for Medicare Supplement plan in Utah

Don’t enroll in a Medicare Supplement without understanding your plan. Medigap.com can find a suitable policy, whether you want a plan offering excellent benefits or one that helps you stay under budget.

We understand that it’s not always simple to determine a solution with so many Medigap policies to consider. Our team helps you get the plan you need by comparing top carriers and their plan offerings in Utah.

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