When we think of Medicare Supplement providers, some names that come to mind are UnitedHealthcare, Mutual Of Omaha, Aetna, and Cigna. However, some great insurance carriers are lesser known. Below we’ll discuss some of the underdogs in the Medicare Supplement realm.

8 Under-Rated Medicare Supplement Providers

There are many insurance companies to choose from regarding Medicare Supplement insurance. Some have better rates, others have fantastic service, and with so many options, it’s easy to revert and go with a familiar name. Some smaller companies have lower rate increases and better service than their bigger counterparts.

Below we’re going to discuss some lesser-known and underrated Medicare Supplement providers. We’ll look at pricing for a few states on the top plans and give a little insight into each company.

For the pricing, we choose a single zip code in each area based on a 65-year-old male. Pricing will vary depending on age, state, and several other factors.

  1. Secure Horizons
  2. United Commercial Travelers
  3. Old Surety
  4. Catholic Life
  5. Manhattan Life
  6. Elips Life
  7. American Republic
  8. Allstate

#1 Secure Horizons

Secure Horizons was a subsidiary of UnitedHealthcare. They offered Medicare Supplement insurance plans nationwide with great rates and fantastic service.

In 2022 UnitedHealthcare rebranded all of their Secure Horizons Medicare Products as AARP UnitedHealthcare Medicare.

UHC no longer offers SilverSneakers. However, they do provide their wellness benefit, Renew and Active.

State Plan G Plan N Plan F
Washington $202 $166 $246
Maine $217 $172 $262
New York $278 $210 $318
New Jersey $163 $140 $198
Oregon $162 $130 $195

#2 United Commercial Travelers

UCT is a non-profit Medicare Supplement insurance provider serving senior communities and helping those in need for more than 100 years.

They offer perks and support, including not only by providing services such as food back and donating money to cancer funds but also with volunteer hours.

They offer Medigap plan options in more than 17 states and have a solid AM Best financial rating of B+.

State Plan G Plan N Plan F
Montana $216 $197 $286
Pennsylvania $146 $121 $174
Colorado $204 $162 $236
Oregon $280 $236 $344
Iowa $117 N/A $134

#3 Old Surety

Reviews regarding Old Surety are positive, with most circling the great customer service and friendly staff. They run their operations on family and faith-based principles. Medigap plans offered by Old Surety include Plan F, Plan G, Plan A, and Plan C.

State Plan G  Plan N Plan F
North Carolina $119 N/A $166
Missouri $169 N/A $278
Kansas $140 N/A $259
Oklahoma $118 N/A $201
Arkansas N/A N/A $245

#4 Catholic Life

With so many options to choose from regarding Medicare Supplement policies, Catholic Life is known for values such as faith, family, and financial security. Their “Excellent” AM Best rating is well deserved.

Catholic Life Insurance Company plans offer member benefits that enhance their standing in the community.

Services such as Life Line Screening provide health screenings for many diseases. Their ScriptSave Program offers savings on prescription drug purchases. Catholic Life also provides its members with its Perkspot Discount Program and quarterly magazine.

State Plan G Plan N Plan F
Arizona $176 $137 $228
Louisiana $161 $129 $209
New Mexico $110 $92 $159
Oaklohoma $152 $117 $196
Mississippi $136 $112 $174

#5 Manhattan Life

Manhattan Life has been in business for almost 170 years and maintains a financial strength rating of B+.

They offer the most popular Medicare Supplement plan options at affordable prices. Manhattan Life Insurance coverage provides its enrollees a 7% household discount on monthly premiums and affordable dental, vision, and hearing plans.

State Plan G  Plan N Plan F
Texas $113 $144 $174
Illinois $135 $104 $164
Tennessee $117 $89 $139
Nevada $159 $118 $183
Missouri $180 $148 $233

#6 Elips Life

Another great company that’s new to Medicare supplements is Elips Life. With the backing of Swiss Re, they have stormed into the Medigap scene with their Lumico and Elips Life branded plan options.

They are known already for their competitive rates, as well as their quick application and approval process. They offer a household discount in addition to their already low premiums.

State Plan G Plan N Plan F
Virginia $139 $105 $174
South Carolina $114 $86 $139
Tennessee $122 $90 $142
North Dakota $132 $98 $158
South Dakota $120 $93 $151

#7 American Republic

American Republic is a reliable Medicare Supplement insurance company with a financial strength rating from AM Best of A-. They have been operating in the insurance industry for more than 85 years.

American Republic Insurance Company is dedicated to providing quality insurance products for our seniors. They are a fantastic choice due to their market experience, competitive rates, and quick claims processing. Medico handles Medicare Supplement coverage options for American Republic.

State Plan G Plan N Plan F
Alabama $134 $103 $138
Nebraska $151 $117 $182
Utah $210 $167 $308
Louisiana $156 $122 $189
West Virginia $111 $142 $172

#8 Allstate

Allstate offers Medicare Supplement plans under their subsidiary, National General Insurance. Medicare beneficiaries are purchasing Medigap plans from Allstate because of their reputation. Some households choose Allstate for the household premium discounts.

With a name you’ve come to know and trust, Allstate helps folks focus on getting well while protecting their savings from unanticipated medical expenses. Allstate maintains an AM Best rating of A- (Superior).

State Plan G Plan N Plan F
Montana $141 $111 $171
Missouri $198 $154 $256
Idaho $197 $164 $240
Georgia $127 $97 $152
California $202 $160 $237


What is the Medicare Supplement provider with the best rates?

The rates will vary depending on where you live, your chosen plan, and other factors. However, Sbli USA Life Insurance Company has the lowest premiums in many states that offer plans.

What is the highest-rated Medicare Supplement provider?

The standard for financial strength ratings is A.M. Best. USAA has a rating of A++. There are several companies with A+ ratings, such as Mutual of Omaha, Combined Life, and Cigna’s Loyal American brand.

What are the top-rated Medicare Supplement plans?

When the term top-rated Medicare Supplement plans is used, the financial strength rating is typically referred to. Insurance companies with higher ratings usually have stable rates, conservative rates, and quicker claims processing. Some of the best Medicare Supplement insurance companies include USAA, Mutual Of Omaha, and UnitedHealthcare.

Is the coverage from Medicare Advantage plans the same as Medigap coverage?

No. Medicare Advantage coverage is NOT the same as Medigap coverage. Medicare Advantage plans must provide the same basic benefits as Original Medicare, can provide additional benefits, and can include prescription drug coverage. This type of Medicare coverage is also required to limit the amount of out-of-pocket medical costs annually. Medicare Supplement plans work hand in hand with Original Medicare and fill the cost gaps left over from Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.

Does Guarantee Trust Life offer Medicare Supplement plans?

GTL does provide Medigap plans. They offer plans in limited states and may not be available in your area.

How to shop rates for Medicare Supplement providers

Since all insurance carriers offer standardized Medigap plans, the Medigap coverage is the same, regardless of your chosen company. It’s important to consider the rates with stable insurance carriers when looking for the right plans.

The fastest way to get accurate pricing is to speak with a licensed insurance agent. Call us at the number above or fill out our online rate form.

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