The top 3 Medicare Supplement plans for 2023 are the same options from years before. Since Medigap benefits don’t change yearly, the best plans stay the same. Plus, it’s hard to have better coverage than Medigap Plan F, but we’ll get to that quickly.

Top 3 Medicare Supplement Plans

Medigap Plans G, Plan N, and the discontinued Plan F provide excellent coverage to beneficiaries.

  1. Plan G
  2. Plan N
  3. Plan F

These plan options are standardized by the federal government, meaning a Plan G with Humana is the same coverage as a Plan G with Mutual of Omaha. The cost of Medigap can vary depending on location, eligibility, and more. If you only want a low premium, consider how much you can save on healthcare services when you pay a little more each month.

Which is The Most Popular Medigap Plan?

Medicare Supplement Plan F has the most enrollees for now. Since you must be eligible for Medicare before 2020 to qualify for Plan F, fewer people can enroll in this option. Medigap Plan F has been a popular choice for a long time because it provides beneficiaries with the most comprehensive coverage. When you have a Plan F, you have little to no out-of-pocket expenses. If the Plan F premium is more than you want to spend and you have savings to cover a deductible in an emergency, consider High-Deductible Plan F. For those eligible for Medicare after 2020, Plan G has become the go-to plan option.

Which Medicare Supplement Plan is Best?

While the “best” plan is debatable, most Medicare insurance experts say Plan G is the best option because you can save some money in premiums by covering the Part B deductible yourself. Once you meet the annual deductible, your coverage works like Plan F. If you’re in the Medigap Open Enrollment Period, you can sign up for Plan G without underwriting. Of course, Plan G isn’t always the best plan. Some people will find a smaller premium in exchange for higher out-of-pocket costs make the most sense.

The Best Alternative to Plan G

Plan N is a lower costing option than Plan G. This policy could make the most sense for you if you want a lower premium and don’t mind paying a few copayments and coinsurances. With Plan N, you’re responsible for Part B excess charges. You can lower costs by double-checking that your doctors accept Medicare-approved payment amounts for your health care. Another alternative to Plan G is High-deductible Plan G. The lower cost option gives you the benefit of Plan G but a much lower premium in exchange for a high deductible. Before enrolling, consider that this could be a good option right now, but is it going to be a good long-term option for you?

Should I Switch from Plan F to Plan G?

When changing Medigap plans, remember that a quote is just a quote. Never disenroll from your policy until your new policy is officially approved and you’re happy with the final decision. Once you disenroll from your Medigap plan, you may not be able to enroll back into that policy. You may be able to save quite a bit of money by switching from Plan F to Plan G. Just be sure you’re eligible to enroll. Consider working with a Medicare expert when changing plans so you can apply with the company most likely to approve your application.


Which Medigap Plan is better: G or N?

It depends on exactly what someone on Medicare is looking for. If you want a lower premium, Plan N is superior. But if you want a more comprehensive coverage plan, then Plan G is the way to go.

Can I Switch from Plan N to Plan G?

When you have a Medigap plan, you can change your policy anytime. There is no Annual Enrollment Period like with Medicare Advantage & Part D. You can switch from Plan N to Plan G if you pass underwriting.

What is the most comprehensive Medicare Supplement plan?

Plan F, which is also why it’s the most popular. However, to take advantage of Plan F, you have to have been eligible to join Medicare before 2020.

How to Compare the Top Medicare Supplement Plans

Plenty of different Medigap plans are available, and homing in on the right one for you might not be a simple endeavor. The sweet spot is the most coverage you can get at a price you can afford. That’s where our licensed insurance agents come in. Whether it’s the right Medicare Supplemental plan or Medicare Advantage, their knowledge can help, and they desire to connect you with the optimal coverage for your personal situation. Our agents provide this service for free so that you can talk to them without fear of an immediate commitment required. Give us a call today, or simply complete our online rate form to receive price quotes for the best plans in your area.

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