There are 69,376 people enrolled in Original Medicare Parts A and B in Lakewood, Colorado. Among those beneficiaries, 48,783 are enrolled in Original Fee-for-Service Medicare, while 20,593 (29.68%) rely on Medicare Advantage.

Supplemental Medicare Plans in Lakewood, Colorado

Supplemental Medicare plans help beneficiaries reduce their Colorado Original Medicare costs by covering the expenses that Original Medicare Parts A and B do not. In Lakewood, there are 51.38% female and 48.62% male enrollees with an average age of 72.

The following quotes reflect the premiums of a 70-year-old female.

Average Medicare Advantage Plans in Lakewood, Colorado

Lakewood has a 29.68% Medicare Advantage participation rate, totaling 20,593 beneficiaries. The amount of available Colorado Medicare Advantage plans changes each year. In 2022, there are 34 different Medicare Advantage plans in Jefferson County.

Popular Medicare plans in Lakewood, Colorado includes Kaiser Permanente (HMO) with a perfect five-star rating and $4,200 maximum out-of-pocket costs.

Aetna offers a similar HMO plan to Kaiser Permanente, with a four-star rating and a maximum out-of-pocket (MOOP) of $6,800.

Those looking for a LOCAL PPO should explore both Humana and Anthem BCBS. They both carry high four-star ratings, with Anthem BCBS offering a MOOP of $6,700 and Humana with a $7,550 MOOP.

PLAN PREMIUM MOOP Plan Type Star Rating
Humana $0 $7,550 LOCAL PPO 4
Anthem BCBS $0 $6,700 LOCAL PPO 4
Kaiser Permanente $0 $4,200 HMO 5
Aetna $0 $6,800 HMO 4
Cigna $0 $5,900 LOCAL PPO 3

Your Medicare Supplement rates can vary on many different items — read more about the eight factors that can directly impact your Medicare Supplement rates.

Affordable Medicare Supplement Plans in Lakewood, Colorado

Because all Medigap plans are standardized across the country, benefits will not change by state. The only difference in these Colorado Medigap plans is the monthly premiums.

The top plan for Lakewood residents is Medigap Plan G. The lowest premium for this plan is $123.53, while the highest is $423.70.

Medigap Plans HDF and HDG offer the lowest premium of all plans, at $35. Plan HDF’s highest premium is $78.28. The highest premium that Plan HDG has is $76.35.

Medigap Plan N is another popular plan. The low premium is $100.23, with the highest premium reaching $384.88.

PLAN A $98.00 $307.56
PLAN B $132.40 $313.00
PLAN C $156.72 $432.62
PLAN D $133.88 $281.87
PLAN F $144.03 $433.75
PLAN HDF $35.00 $78.28
PLAN G $123.53 $423.70
PLAN HDG $35.00 $76.35
PLAN K $45.04 $110.69
PLAN L $87.12 $206.87
PLAN M $128.52 $180.92
PLAN N $100.23 $384.88

Because Medigap benefits don’t change each year, the most popular plans stay the same. Read more about the top three Medigap plans for 2022.

Cheapest Part D in Lakewood, Colorado

Medigap plans may help close the cost “gap” that Original Medicare does not cover, but they do not cover prescriptions. Instead, Colorado Part D plans help pay for those costs.

The cheapest plans include Wellcare, with only a $5.50 premium and an average three-star rating. Humana and UnitedHealthcare are tied for the best-rated plan with a four-star rating. Humana has a slightly lower premium at $22.70, with Unitedhealthcare not too far behind with a $29.30 premium.

All Part D plans require a $480 deductible, except for Unitedhealthcare with a $310 premium.

Wellcare $5.50 $480 3
Aetna $7.60 $480 3
Humana $22.70 $480 4
UnitedHealthcare $29.30 $310 4
Mutual of Omaha $33.80 $480 3

Medicare Special Needs Plans

If you have a chronic disability or special needs, Special Needs Plans (SNPs) are available to you. SNPs are a subset of Medicare Advantage plans, but they aren’t available in all areas.

All of these plans are HMO plans with a $0 premium. However, MOOPs and eligibility will vary.

Anthem BCBS requires dual eligibility and offers a $3,400 MOOP. Bright Health requires chronic or disabling conditions for eligibility and a $7,550 MOOP. Those searching for dual eligibility plans should look to Elevate Health and Aetna, both with $7,550 MOOP.

PLAN PREMIUM MOOP Plan Type Eligibility
UnitedHealthcare $0 $3,900 HMO Dual
Bright Health $0 $7,550 HMO Chronic or Disabling
Anthem BCBS $0 $3,400 HMO Dual
Elevate Health $0 $7,550 HMO Dual
Aetna $0 $7,550 HMO Dual


What parts of Medicare are free in Lakewood, CO?

Medicare Part A has a $0 premium. Some Medicare Advantage and MAPD plans are also available with a $0 monthly premium.

How much does a Medicare Advantage plan cost in Lakewood, CO?

Your Medicare Advantage plan will vary depending on your zip code. Be sure and factor in your plan rate with your Part B premium ($170.10/month). You will not have a Medicare Part A premium if you’ve paid into Medicare for 10 years.

Are Medigap premiums based on income in Lakewood, CO?

Medigap premiums depend on several different factors, such as your age, location, and carrier. Income is not a determining factor for Medigap plans, but beneficiaries who have a low qualifying income may be eligible for federal programs that offer financial assistance.

Where do I sign up for Medicare in Lakewood?

Most beneficiaries will be automatically enrolled in Medicare Part A when they turn 65. For Part B enrollment, you’ll need to fill out a form and submit it to Medicare.

How to Sign Up for Supplemental Medicare in Lakewood

Medigap is proud to offer free services and works with all carriers to help you find the best plan. To learn how to sign up for supplemental Medicare in Lakewood, Colorado, and get rates, contact our experts. Give us a call or complete our online rate form today.

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