Hundreds of thousands of Ohio citizens utilize the benefits of private Medicare Advantage plans. And while every enrollee signed up for a program that serves the same primary purpose, not all Ohio Medicare Advantage plans are available in the same areas.

Review a few of Ohio’s most popular plans, their differences, and how Medicare in Ohio works.

Medicare Advantage plans in Ohio

The significant difference between Medicare Advantage plans and traditional Medicare is that they operate through private carriers rather than the federal government. Each Medicare Advantage plan you find in Ohio will have different benefits depending on the provider.

Thankfully, Ohio residents have plenty of options for Medicare Advantage providers. Ohio has 13 counties with 66 or more available plans, so you won’t have trouble finding a suitable Medicare option if you live near a major city.

Medicare Advantage plans offerings

Since the federal government doesn’t standardize Medicare Advantage plans and providers, they can offer unique selling points you won’t find with other healthcare systems. Those selling points include zero-dollar premiums, no drug deductibles, and more.

Medicare Advantage plans with a zero-dollar premium

Most Ohio Medicare Advantage plans, including the most popular, come with a zero-dollar premium. But even though these plans have no premium costs, the higher maximum out-of-pocket (MOOP) expenses offset the premium savings.

For example, Medical Mutual of Ohio won’t require monthly premium payments. However, you will need to pay as much as $5,900 out of pocket for many services.

Anthem BCBS is another Ohio Medicare Advantage provider without premiums. And while their MOOP rate is significantly lower at $4,200, those costs are still high relative to most plans with higher premiums.

Humana is another option for zero-dollar premium plans. And while they do have a relatively high MOOP rate of $7,550, they are one of the highest-rated Regional PPO providers.

Anthem BCBS $0 $4,200 HMO 4
Medical Mutual of Ohio $0 $5,900 LOCAL PPO 5
Aetna $0 $5,200 HMO-POS 3
Medigold $0 $4,500 HMO 4
Humana $0 $7,550 REGIONAL PPO 4

Medicare Advantage plans with a zero-dollar drug deductible

Several Ohio Medicare Advantage plans offer zero-dollar drug deductibles, and Medigold is among the most popular, with a four-star rating. Medigold plans have zero-dollar premiums as well.

There is a UnitedHealthcare option as well without drug deductibles. And while there is an $18 monthly premium, it’s still an affordable package with a $4,200 MOOP.

A similarly affordable plan comes from Aetna. This healthcare package has no premiums, no drug deductibles, and a $5,200 MOOP rate.

Medical Mutual of Ohio $0 $5,900 LOCAL PPO 5
Aetna $0 $5,200 HMOPOS 3
Medigold $0 $4,500 HMO 4
Anthem BCBS $0 $4,200 HMO 4
UnitedHealthcare $18 $4,200 HMO 5

Medicare Advantage plans with a 5-star rating

Five-star rated Medicare Advantage plans indicate their provider issues effective service. And luckily, many of those providers offer special enrollment periods that allow you to switch your current plan to theirs.

Ohio has two big-name Medicare Advantage plans with the sought-after five-star rating, the first being UnitedHealthcare’s HMO Plan. Again, there is an $18 monthly premium, but you can receive stellar care here.

Medical Mutual of Ohio is a five-star Local PPO with a zero-dollar premium and a $5,900 MOOP rate.

UnitedHealthcare $18 $4,200 HMO 5
Medical Mutual of Ohio $0 $5,900 LOCAL PPO 5

Medicare Advantage plans with a Part B reduction

Most Medicare plans include monthly Part B costs similar to premium payments. You could receive a discount on these fees if you choose the right plan.

The most significant Part B reduction in Ohio comes from Humana. This four-star package cuts your Part B costs by $50.

UnitedHealthcare also trims Part B costs considerably, offering a $40 reduction. In addition, their Part B reduction plan has a decently low $4,500 MOOP rate.

Health Plan also offers an affordable Part B reduction plan. Though the reduction is only $15, the MOOP rate is $3,900.

UnitedHealthcare $0 $4,500 $40.00 4
The Health Plan $0 $3,900 $15.00 4
Humana $0 $5,900 $50.00 4
Aetna $0 $5,900 $40.00 3
Wellcare $0 $7,550 $29.00 2


One perk of enrolling with Ohio Medicare Advantage plans over Original Medicare is the ancillary benefits. While private plans offer dental, vision, and hearing coverage on top of their primary coverages, Original Medicare does not.

Ohio cities with estimated premiums for Medigap coverage

For the following Ohio cities, charts exist with estimated premiums for Medigap coverage:


How to apply for Medicare in Ohio?

To apply for an Ohio Medicare Advantage plan, you can complete our online rate form in the sidebar, starting by entering your zip code.

What is the best Medicare Advantage plan in Ohio?

Determining the “best” plan in Ohio will come down to what you value between low MOOP, premium costs, and rating. However, UnitedHealthcare in Ohio is an ideal middle ground for all those elements.

Who qualifies for Medicare in Ohio?

The specific qualifications for Medicare in Ohio vary on the provider. However, if you’re older than 65 and have used Social Security Disability Insurance for two years, you will likely qualify with all Ohio providers.

What does Medicare cover in Ohio?

In addition to dental, vision, and hearing coverage, most plans will cover hospital and nursing fees and prescription drug costs. However, the specific coverages will vary based on the provider and plan.

How much do they take out of Medicare in Ohio?

Medicare costs will vary. Most beneficiaries will receive Medicare Part A without a premium and pay a standard Part B premium. These costs can vary annually if you pay an IRMAA.

How to get help enrolling in an Ohio Medicare Advantage plan

Our team will help you find your perfect Ohio Medicare Advantage Plan. Call us at the number above or fill out our online form to get rates today.

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