is a website and central hub designed for Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in the Medicare program. The site contains a member portal, tons of information, and many online tools. We’ll look at some of the most beneficial parts of this popular website below to ensure you completely understand how this site works. 

Guide to using 

The first time you log into the website, it’s common to feel overwhelmed. Talk about information overload! But fret not; we’re here to help you better understand this critical site and how to use it efficiently. You can find the most basic information available on the site, such as costs related to Medicare and the most common Medicare forms. The site even includes a 24/7 cheat option which allows for additional help should you need it.

You can sign up for your account through It’s here where you’ll gain access and manage your Medicare benefits. is used for the following:

  • Check to see how far you are from meeting your Part B deductible 
  • Checks the statuses of both Part A and Part B claims within the last 15 months
  • Review the information regarding your prescription drug coverage
  • Check eligibility 
  • Update any personal information regarding your health
  • Change any necessary documents to paperless

You can even download your personal information and claims directly from your Medicare account. You can save this data via TXT or PDF file and even share it with your healthcare providers. tools provides beneficiaries with many different tool options. They’re pretty easy to utilize and accommodating. 

Care compare tool

Medicare features a Care Compare tool. This specific tool helps beneficiaries find local healthcare facilities and providers who accept Medicare.

Find a Doctor

You’ll also be able to use the Find Care Providers tool on the site. This helps you locate hospitals, nursing homes, doctors, and clinicians. You can use this to search and compare all physicians within your specific zip code.

Procedure Price Lookup tool

The website includes a Procedure Price Lookup tool for beneficiaries. This toll indicates an average cost a patient can expect to pay for certain outpatient health services through Original Medicare. You’ll navigate to the Compare Procedure Costs on the website’s main menu, then search for your service. 

What’s Covered Official Medicare App 

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) provides users with a free What’s Covered app. Here, beneficiaries can look for specific health services to determine if Medicare will cover them. Of course, users can find this information on the page as well. 

Navigating the What’s Covered Medicare app

The What’s Covered app can be downloaded through the Apple Store or Google Play store. Both smartphones and tablets can be used to download this free application. After you install the app, you can use it at home, in the doctor’s office, or even in the hospital. 

What can I use for? helps manage your specific health information and data. You can complete the following functions through the site:

  • Download your health data to your computer file
  • Share health data online with your providers
  • Update and print a list of your current medications
  • Check the last time you had vaccines, screenings, or other preventative care
  • Add providers to your Favorite Providers list
  • View open Medicare claims
  • Update your emergency contacts
  • And much more

Another perk of this website is the ability to download all data within your portal. You can find any information your doctor may need regarding your list of medications, health records, and Medicare coverage limits here.


Where can I find the Medicare fee schedule lookup online?

You can look up the Medicare-approved costs online. Simply go to Medicare’s procedure price lookup tool and search for your procedure.

What’s the difference between,, and the What’s Covered Medicare app? is a part of, allowing Medicare beneficiaries to review their personal health information. is the primary website for Medicare resources

Can I enroll in Medicare on

You aren’t able to enroll in Medicare through However, you can use the Plan Finder tool within the site to enroll in Medicare Advantage and Part D plans. To enroll in Medicare, you’ll need to visit the Social Security Administration’s website. 

Can I check my Medicare status on the Medicare website?

You’ll be able to check the status of your Medicare claims on Medicare’s website. Typically claims are visible within your portal within 24 hours of filing. 

Is an official and secure site?

Yes, is a secure website. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is a government agency in charge of overseeing Medicare and Medicaid programs. is the official website of Medicare, and you can access your personal Medicare account. It is secure to access the site directly and input your personal information.

Does and do the same thing?

While both sites help patients find health insurance, they’re different. is for users looking at the Healthcare Marketplace, and is for those who need Medicare coverage.

Get assistance with Medicare plans and coverage

By now, you should have a better understanding of Medicare’s website and how accessible it is. We’re here to help expand your Medicare coverage and ensure adequate coverage. We can provide quotes for the best carriers within your zip code. When you choose to move forward with supplemental coverage through our team, you gain a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

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