Your medical cards are vital pieces of information to keep on you at all times. This works the same with your Medicare card. These have important information about your coverage and the data the healthcare providers need to get paid from your insurance company for your visit or service.

Your Medicare Card

Your Medicare card will have your Medicare Beneficiary Number, name, and Part A and/or B effective dates. You will use it to get services from the healthcare provider and to enroll in additional coverage such as a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan.

If you are already enrolled in Social Security benefits, you should receive your card about three months before your 65th birthday.

At age 62, your eligibility to start your Social Security benefits begins. You should speak to a representative to see how starting it early can affect your income.

If you have not enrolled, typically, you will receive your card two to four weeks after you enroll in Medicare. To enroll, you use the social security administration’s website. You’ll need to create a My Social Security account if you do not already have one.

Another way to get your Medicare under 65 is due to a disability. If you are disabled, you should receive your card automatically. Your Medicare will begin on the 25th month of disability benefits.

Your Initial Enrollment Period for Medicare last three months after the month you are first eligible.

When to Use Your Medicare Card

Depending on how you elect to use your Medicare coverage will discern how you use your card.

If you elect to enroll in Medicare Part C, you’ll only use your card to complete the enrollment into your Medicare Advantage plan. Once your Medicare Advantage plan starts, you’ll only use your Medicare Advantage card for all your healthcare services.

If you choose to stay with Traditional Medicare or add a Medicare Supplement, you’ll need to show your card and if applicable, your Medicare Supplement policy card to your healthcare providers for services.

You probably have a Medicare Part D plan for those on a Medicare Supplement. Your prescription drug plan will issue you a prescription drug card for your drug plan. This is not the same as a prescription drug discount card.

Your Medicare Advantage Medicare Card

When seeing your doctor or any healthcare provider, you’d show them your Medicare Advantage plan before services are rendered.

You will typically pay your co-pay upfront before services. Since Part C plans are taking over your Medicare benefits, you’ll not need to show your card if enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan.

In most cases, you’ll also use the Medicare Advantage card to pick up your prescriptions at the pharmacy. The majority of Medicare Advantage plans include drug coverage.

If you need help with your plan, call the number on the back of your card for plan assistance.

Your Medicare Supplement Card

Medigap plans to go hand in hand with Original Medicare. Since these are additional coverage coupled with your Medicare health insurance, you’ll want to provide it to your doctor or healthcare facility before receiving services.

There is also a customer service number on your card if you need assistance with your supplement plan.

How to Get a Medicare Replacement Card

Over time you’ll inevitably need to get a replacement card; many people occasionally lose or misplace their cards.

Not to mention the card is a paper card, which makes it susceptible to damage. To help keep it from being damaged, store it in a safe place when not in use.

Getting a replacement card can be done in a few ways. Call Medicare directly and ask them to mail you a new card.

You can log into your MyMedicare account on Once logged in, you can print a copy of your card and even request a new one be sent to you.

For a Medicare Advantage, Medicare drug plan, or Medicare Supplement card replacement, you can contact the insurance company and request a new card be sent out to you.

The contact information will be located on the back of your insurance card. If the company you enrolled in has an online portal, you can usually print a temporary card or request a new one be sent out from the portal.


Can I print a copy of my Medicare card?

Yes! Simply log into your MyMedicare account on, and you can print a copy of your card. If you do not have an account set up, you can call simply go to and create an account. You’ll need your Medicare claim number to create the account.

Does Medicare send you a card?

Yes! If you are already enrolled in Social Security benefits, you’ll be sent a card about three months prior to turning 65. If you are currently receiving benefits, you’ll get your card two to four weeks after enrolling.

When should I receive my Medicare card?

Depending on if you are already receiving Social Security benefits or not will determine when you get your card. If you’re receiving benefits, you’ll get your card about three months before the month you turn 65. If not, once you apply for Medicare, you should expect your card in roughly two to four weeks.

Does my Medicare card expire?

No! Your card doesn’t have an expiration date. As long as you continue to pay your Part B premium, your Medicare will remain active.

What is the best way to contact Medicare?

You can call Medicare directly at 1-800-MEDICARE or request help online through your MyMedicare account.

What is the cost of a Medicare card?

There is no cost to receive your card. In addition, there is no charge for a replacement card.

Can I use my Medicare card for identification?

No! Your card isn’t a valid form of identification. The Medicare number is randomly generated. The old cards used your social security number as your MBI for most people. The new number was created to help combat identity theft.

What is the Medicare card number?

Your Medicare Beneficiary Identifier is a randomly generated number that is unique to you. It’s used to tie Medicare-covered benefits and procedures back to you so Medicare can pay your healthcare providers.

How can I get a new Medicare card?

You can call Medicare directly or log in to your account to receive a new card. If you don’t have an account go to and create one. To create the profile, you’ll need your Medicare information and Medicare Part A effective date.

How to get a new Medicare plan

If you are needing assistance getting a Medicare Supplement or maybe help with choosing a plan or comparing your current rates, we can help. Our agents specialize in Medicare and can help guide you through any Medicare needs.

We can assist with getting a new card, review your plan, or if you don’t have a plan, we can help you look through the options and find the right plan for your situation and needs.

Give us a call, or fill out our online request form, We’re here to help every step of the way.

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