Medicare supplement insurance policies – known as “Medigap” policies – fill the coverage gaps that Medicare Parts A & B do not cover. Such type of coverage is very important, yet typically gets neglected by retirees. Without it, you could potentially end up with thousands in healthcare charges which you’ll be forced to pay with your own money. For many Medigap plans, the only condition to purchase one is that you first be enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B.

Federal Regulations for Medicare Supplements

The CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) is the governmental body in charge of regulating the 10 Medigap plans that are now available for sale. Because the plans are regulated, you can be sure that Plan F insurance coverage in Nebraska is equivalent to what it will be in any different state. All you should be concerned about is choosing the best company, and finding an easily affordable premium.

Medigap Enrollment In Nebraska

The overwhelming majority of seniors in Nebraska prefer Plan F above all the other 9 options available (Plans E, H, I, and J have been formally discontinued). G and C are the next most popular plans, largely due to the fact that they offer very similar coverage for a smaller rate.

Plan Type A B C D E F G H I J K L M N
Enrollment 687 1,046 4,707 918 112 107,574 6,281 134 366 6,344 107 850 28 2,041

Plan Coverage & Cost

The cost to you for any Medigap policy will depend on many different factors. Your overall health is a major factor, and your price may change according to such things as your tobacco habits, your age, and gender. Your rate can also be determined by where you live, right down to your county and zip code.

Like with other insurance products, you will pay less for your monthly premium if it costs the company less to insure you. Things like your age, your health habits, and your location can all either contribute towards a lower premium or count against you. You should also make sure you shop around, because not all companies will charge the same rate for the same insurance policy. For example:

Most Popular Medicare Supplement Plans in Nebraska

Nebraska, like several states in the nation, has more seniors signed up for Medigap plan F than any other accessible plan, making F the most popular hands down. It isn’t difficult to understand why; Plan F covers every one of the gaps which Medicare does not for one single, uncomplicated, and comparatively cost-effective monthly premium.

Naturally, your very own circumstances may show that Plan F isn’t the most suitable choice. For thousands of Nebraska golden-agers, plan G is the less expensive choice because choosing to pay the Medicare Part B deductible out of pocket is less expensive for some versus the higher premium they would pay under plan F (which pays the Part B deductible for you, but charges some older persons a larger monthly premium than Plan G).

How do Medicare Plan Ratings Work?

We use a five-star rating system, created by Medicare and updated annually, to help seniors like you evaluate Medicare Supplement (Medigap) insurance companies. The more stars, the better the company is at managing your health care, handling claims, and providing good customer service for a price you can afford. Also evaluated is a company’s financial stability which is included into the overall rating.

Helpful Medigap Tips & Tricks

Doctor/Provider Network Restrictions

Do you prefer to vacation? Do you migrate yearly as the seasons change? Do you live out in the country, or is there a general lack of variety in regards to medical service providers in the area? Then you may be better off with a Medigap policy. Sure, there are additional methods to supplement your Medicare coverage gaps, but very few of them provide the flexibility that Medicare supplemental insurance does. With Medigap insurance, you are free to receive care from any kind of facility and any health care provider which accepts Medicare.

Doctors List

Medicare Supplement plans give you many more options when it comes to selecting a doctor or visiting a medical facility. As long as the doctor or the facility you want to visit accepts Medicare, they will accept your Medigap insurance, too. Specifically, they have to accept “Medicare assignment”. Medicare assignment is what certain doctors in facilities accept when they agree to only charge you what Medicare tells them to. These facilities even handle the claims process for you to make it easier. You only have to worry about your co-payment, your coinsurance, and whatever deductible you might have.

Drug, Vision and Dental Coverage

As of 2010, insurance agencies ceased offering Medigap policies which supplied prescription drug coverage. That benefit is now available by applying for Medicare Part D. Also, if you want vision or dental coverage, you will regrettably not be capable of getting those via your Medicare supplement policy. With a bit of research, you might be able to get a low-cost solution from a private company near you.

Enrollment Options & Best Time To Enroll

The Medigap application process will vary depending on how old you are, your Medicare enrollment status, and the company issuing your Medicare supplement policy. A few organizations will instantly accept you, with no hassle, if you’re recently signed up for Medicare Parts A & B. But if you wait to enroll, or in case you have other health problems, the process may well be a tad bit more involved.

  • Initial Enrollment Period: Enrolling in a Medicare supplement policy within your IEP (within 6 months of registering for Medicare) assures your acceptance and coverage with no health surveys or medical exams.
  • Guaranteed Issue: Common among older persons who will be losing an employer or group health plan. The organization you are applying to must accept and cover you, regardless of your current health condition.
  • Annual Enrollment Period (AEP): Medigap enrollment isn’t restricted by Annual Enrollment Periods the way in which other insurance policies are, so go ahead and enroll anytime.
  • Underwritten: The underwriting process is when your chosen health insurance company records data about your health history and ascertains whether or not you can get insurance coverage under a Medicare supplement policy.

Free Look Period

If you sign up for a Medicare supplement plan but later realize that it isn’t the ideal fit, there’s no reason to be concerned – so long as you make that discovery within the first 30 days of coverage. The “Free Look Period” gives older persons the ability to terminate their coverage for a full refund inside the first 30 days if they aren’t totally content with their purchase.

What Medigap Plan Is Best For Me?

Choosing the best Medigap plan for you can be a little tricky. For starters, you have to make sure you find the right company. We hope you start your search here with us. We’ve done a lot of hard work and created a database of Medigap providers near you. Considering the reputation and quality of the company in addition to the premium cost is important.

Once you find the right company, you need to find the right plan. There are 10 plans in all, and each plan offers different coverage options. The more coverage options you choose, the higher your monthly premium might be; but years from now, that extra coverage could save you thousands in medical expenses. It’s all about sitting down and figuring out what your medical needs will most likely be.

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