Wyoming has 68,851 total Medicare Part D beneficiaries, with that amount growing each year. Among the nearly 69,000 people with a Wyoming Medicare Part D plan, 67,758 have a stand-alone medication plan, while 3,145 receive prescription drug coverage from a Medicare Advantage plan.

Wyoming Medicare Part D plans for 2024

Medicare Part D plans are a supplemental option for Original Medicare with insurance coverage for prescription medications.

Wyoming Medicare enrollees have several ways to boost their Original Medicare coverage. Still, Part D plans are one of the most popular because no Medigap plans and only a handful of Medicare Advantage options include drug coverage.

Most local and national insurance providers offer Part D coverage, with Aetna and Humana among the most prominent names.

However, you’ll have several providers to choose from when shopping for a quality Part D plan in Wyoming, each with unique advantages, including low premiums, no deductible payments, and low-income subsidies.

Part D plans with the lowest premium

Aetna’s Wyoming Medicare Part D plan has the lowest premium rates in the state at $6.80 per month. However, the deductible for this three-star plan is $480, and it does not include gap coverage. UnitedHealthcare’s Part D plan has a more expensive premium than Aetna’s at $29.30 per month but includes a far cheaper $310 deductible.

Additionally, the UnitedHealthcare policy has a four-star coverage rating. This rating indicates a Medicare Part D plan’s effectiveness on a one to five scale, with five stars being the best possible score. Humana also offers a four-star Part D option. It has a $22.70 monthly premium and a $480 deductible.

Aetna $6.80 $480 3 No
Wellcare $10.60 $480 3 No
Clear Spring $16.60 $480 2 No
Humana $22.70 $480 4 No
UnitedHealthcare $29.30 $310 4 Yes

Part D plans with a zero-dollar deductible

There is four zero-dollar deductibles in Wyoming Medicare Part D plans. Most have coverage ratings of three stars or higher, including gap coverage. Wellcare’s zero-dollar deductible Part D plan has the lowest monthly premium of the four at $68.90. However, it’s Wyoming’s only no-cost deductible option without gap coverage.

Aetna’s zero-dollar deductible Part D plan has a higher-priced premium than Wellcare’s at $79.90 monthly but includes gap coverage. Both options have three-star coverage ratings. MedicareBlue Rx’s zero-dollar deductible plan has the highest rating of Wyoming’s four zero-dollar deductible options, with four stars. However, its $116.10 monthly premium is the highest in the area.

Wellcare $68.90 $0 3 No
Aetna $79.90 $0 3 Yes
UnitedHealthcare $97.00 $0 3 Yes
MedicareBlue Rx $116.10 $0 4 Yes

Part D plans with gap coverage

Wyoming offers Medicare enrollees several options for Part D with gap coverage, and one of the highest-regarded is UnitedHealthcare’s $29.30 monthly premium and $310 deductible plan. This plan has a high four-star coverage rating, making it one of the state’s most comprehensive Part D options.

MedicareBlue Rx’s zero-dollar deductible, $116.10 premium Part D plan is another four-star option with gap coverage. One of the most affordable Part D plans with gap coverage comes from Aetna. It has a zero-dollar deductible, a $79.90 monthly premium, and a solid three-star coverage rating.

UnitedHealthcare $29.30 $310 4 Yes
Cigna $52.00 $100 3 Yes
Aetna $79.90 $0 3 Yes
UnitedHealthcare $97.00 $0 3 Yes
MedicareBlue Rx $116.10 $0 4 Yes

Part D plans with a Low-Income Subsidy

Of the 68,851 Wyoming Medicare Part D beneficiaries, 12,151 are eligible for a low-income subsidy plan, and Wyoming has several subsidized prescription coverage options. Clear Spring has the most affordable low-income subsidy Part D plan. It has a $29.30 monthly premium and a $480 deductible but a lower two-star coverage rating.

Aetna’s low-income subsidy plan has a higher three-star coverage rating but costs a bit more, with a $480 deductible and a $34.80 premium. UnitedHealthcare’s four-star plan is the highest-rated of Wyoming’s low-income subsidy options. It has a $36.20 premium and a $480 deductible.

Clear Spring $29.30 $480 2 No
Wellcare $32.90 $480 3 No
Aetna $34.80 $480 3 No
UnitedHealthcare $36.20 $480 4 No
Cigna $39.10 $480 3 No

Amount of beneficiaries that fall into each Part D coverage phase in Wyoming

Wyoming Medicare Part D plans have four phases: the deductible phase, the initial coverage phase, the coverage gap phase, and the catastrophic phase. During the coverage gap phase (commonly called the “donut hole” phase), you’ll receive the least amount of insurance and owe the most out-of-pocket expenses.

As you can see in the chart, most Part D beneficiaries in Wyoming are in the deductible and initial coverage phases.

Deductible Phase Initial Coverage Phase Coverage Gap Phase Catastrophic Phase
20,836 29,068 7,710 5,087

Estimated Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage Premiums in Wyoming Cities

The accompanying charts linked below provide estimated premiums for the various types of Medicare Part D coverage for the cities listed:


Is Medicare Part D automatically deducted from Social Security in Wyoming?

You can sign up for automatic Social Security deductions when you enroll in a Wyoming Part D plan. Automatic premium deductions occur at the end of every month.

Do I need Medicare Part D if I have no prescriptions in Wyoming?

Medicare Part D is optional in Wyoming, so you might be better off without the extra costs if you don’t have any medications. However, some Original Medicare beneficiaries sign up for Part D even without drugs if they anticipate having a prescription.

However, it’s essential to know that enrolling in a Part D plan after your Initial Enrollment Period may subject you to a late enrollment penalty.

What are the 4 phases of Part D coverage in Wyoming?

The four phases of Part D coverage are the deductible phase, the initial coverage phase, the donut hole phase, and the catastrophic phase. In Wyoming, most enrollees are in the initial coverage phase, while the catastrophic phase has the least.

What happens if I don’t have Medicare Part D in Wyoming?

If you don’t have Part D coverage in Wyoming, you won’t have a reliable way to ensure your prescription medications.

How do I avoid the Part D penalty in Wyoming?

You can avoid the Part D penalty by enrolling in coverage as soon as you become eligible for Medicare. Registering in Part D as soon as you’re eligible, even if you’re not on medication, is a great way to avoid potential late fees.

How to get help signing up for a Medicare Part D plan in Wyoming

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