For Medicare in Gillette, Wyoming, many residents remain uninsured or underinsured. To resolve this problem, residents should enroll in a Medicare Advantage or Medigap plan.

Gillette, Wyoming Medicare plans

Using this guide, we’ll explore different Medigap and Medicare Advantage plans. The data we’re using for estimates are based on a female 70 years old enrolled in Original Medicare in Gillette, Wyoming.

Affordable Medicare Advantage plans in Gillette, Wyoming

A little over half of the senior citizens living in Gillette, Wyoming, remain uninsured or underinsured. Residents of Gillette, Wyoming, have three Medicare Advantage plans to choose from. Let’s explore one of these plans in more depth.

UnitedHealthcare is a Local PPO, meaning this plan has a small service area. The monthly premium for this plan is $35. Additionally, its MOOP (maximum out-of-pocket) rate is $6,200. With a four-star rating, this plan provides excellent coverage.

UnitedHealthcare $35.00 $6,200 LOCAL PPO 4

Average Medicare Supplement plans in Gillette, Wyoming

Medigap and Medicare Supplement plans are standardized across the country, meaning their benefits don’t change from state to state. However, their monthly premiums do vary depending on the region.

Plan G is a top-rated plan due to its comprehensive coverage. However, this plan Gillette, Wyoming Medicare Supplement plan has higher monthly premiums than other plans. Its premium range is $105.10 to $390.84.

For residents who want all the same benefits as Plan G but with lower monthly premiums, Plan HDG is another excellent choice. This plan has a premium range of $39.00 to $75.80. However, you need to pay a higher deductible when receiving medical care.

Plan F also carries many of the same benefits that Plan G has. This plan also has a similar premium range as Plan G, though it’s slightly higher: between $125.34 and $410.50. Like Plan G, Plan F has a high deductible version. Plan HDF’s premium range is $37.80 to $79.55.

Plan N is another Medicare Supplement plan residents can choose. This plan provides excellent coverage, but you’ll still need a $20 copay for office visits. This plan’s premium range is $83.13 to $328.34.

PLAN A $104.57 $381.13
PLAN B $142.17 $339.25
PLAN C $139.58 $408.62
PLAN D $125.83 $266.41
PLAN F $125.34 $410.50
PLAN HDF $37.80 $79.55
PLAN G $105.10 $390.84
PLAN HDG $39.00 $75.80
PLAN K $57.75 $143.12
PLAN L $71.25 $232.37
PLAN M $131.73 $267.92
PLAN N $83.13 $328.34

Cheapest Medicare Part D prescription drug plans

Medigap plans don’t cover prescriptions, while only some Medicare Advantage plans do. Residents needing to supplement their Gillette, Wyoming, Medicare with medications can enroll in standalone Part D plans.

Humana is a popular four-star rated plan with a monthly premium of $22.70. Like many plans on this list, its deductible is $480. Patients using this plan can expect to pay roughly four dollars or less for their medications.

Wellcare is a three-star rated plan with a slightly lower monthly premium of $10.60. This plan’s deductible is also $480. Generic medication costs range from zero to six dollars with this plan.

Gillette, Wyoming residents can select Part D from UnitedHealthcare for a much lower deductible. This four-star plan has a low deductible of $310. However, its monthly premium of $29.30 is higher than many plans on this list.

Aetna $6.80 $480 3
Wellcare $10.60 $480 3
Clear Spring $16.60 $480 2
Humana $22.70 $480 4
UnitedHealthcare $29.30 $310 4

Medicare Special Needs plans

Special Needs Plans (SNPs) provide additional coverage to patients with special needs as a subsection of available Medicare Advantage plans. While these Special Needs Plans aren’t available in every region, they significantly offer coverage, with dental, vision, and hearing care being some benefits.

Gillette, Wyoming, residents can choose UnitedHealthcare. This Local PPO plan has a zero-dollar monthly premium and a MOOP rate of $7,550. In addition, this plan has dual eligibility.

UnitedHealthcare $0 $7,550 LOCAL PPO Dual


How do I apply for Medicare in Gillette, Wyoming?

To be eligible for Medicare in Gillette, Wyoming, you must be 65 years or older or have a qualifying disability. Many residents become automatically enrolled when they turn 65. However, residents can also register by calling or enrolling online.

Can I switch from a Medicare Advantage plan to Original Medicare in Gillette, Wyoming?

Yes, in Gillette, Wyoming, residents can switch from their Medicare Advantage plan to Original Medicare or vice versa. However, residents must do so during the Medicare Open Enrollment Period.

What is the average cost of a Part D plan in Gillette, Wyoming?

Many Part D plans exist in Gillette, Wyoming, and their premiums differ. However, most Part D plans have the same deductible of $480.

The lowest Part D plan is Aetna, which has a monthly premium of $6.80. Residents should always factor in benefits before choosing a plan.

Is Medigap the same as Medicare Supplement in Gillette, Wyoming?

Yes, Medigap is essentially another name for Medicare Supplement. However, Medicare Advantage plans are different because they replace Original Medicare. Meanwhile, Medigap plans supplement Original Medicare plans in Gillette, Wyoming.

Can I change my Medigap policy at any time in Gillette, Wyoming?

Yes, you can change your Medigap policy anytime in Gillette, Wyoming. However, to avoid potential fees and multiple steps, it’s best to do so during the Open Enrollment Period.

If you have a guaranteed issue, such as a plan leaving your service area, you may switch at any time and avoid fees.

How to sign up for Medicare plans in Gillette

Signing up for supplemental Medicare in Gillette helps patients cover gaps left behind by Original Medicare. However, finding the right one becomes challenging because many plans are available.

Our team helps patients by pairing them with the right plan and eliminating extra stress. Our free services will pair you with the right plan that meets your medical needs and budget. We work with all carriers and remain committed to providing excellent service.

Call us today or complete our easy online rate form to receive the best rates in your part of Gillette, Wyoming!

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