In Idaho, approximately 228,000 Medicare beneficiaries participate in the Medicare Part D program. More than 132,000 of these residents enrolled in stand-alone Idaho Medicare Part D plans, while the remainder selected MAPD plans.

These plans provide important protection to beneficiaries in the state since Original Medicare doesn’t cover prescription medications.

Idaho Medicare Part D plans for 2024

Medicare Part D offers coverage to Medicare beneficiaries for prescription drugs prescribed by doctors. Although these medications are essential, Medicare does not cover these costs. In the following sections, we will examine Idaho Medicare Part D plans.

Part D plans with the lowest premium in Idaho

Aetna offers the state’s lowest premiums. Due to the low monthly cost of $6.90, it’s easy for most beneficiaries to afford. Moreover, the $480 deductible further enhances the program’s value.

Humana’s plan has a four-star rating but a slightly higher premium. However, this plan provides premier service and coverage for $22.70 despite the higher monthly premium. The deductible for this plan is $480, just like Aetna’s.

UnitedHealthcare is the only program in this section that provides gap coverage. Some beneficiaries may find the monthly cost of this plan too pricey at $29.40, but the $310 deductible more than offsets the cost difference.

Aetna $6.90 $480 3 No
Wellcare $11.30 $480 3 No
Clear Spring $16.10 $480 2 No
Humana $22.70 $480 4 No
UnitedHealthcare $29.40 $310 4 Yes

Part D plans with a zero-dollar deductible in Idaho

If they can handle higher premiums, beneficiaries may want to consider plans with no deductibles, which protect them against excess costs in an emergency. An excellent example of this is Aetna. This plan costs $62 per month.

Wellcare is another worthy choice if you are looking for zero-dollar deductible plans. For $68.90 a month, this is a well-rounded plan with a three-star rating.

Regence’s plan strikes a superb balance between cost and coverage, and this plan is rated three stars and has a monthly premium of $112. Those looking for this plan should consider Regence’s zero-dollar deductible plan.

Aetna $62.00 $0 3 Yes
Wellcare $68.90 $0 3 No
UnitedHealthcare $101.20 $0 3 Yes
Regence $112.00 $0 3 Yes

Part D plans with gap coverage in Idaho

Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage from UnitedHealthcare in Idaho offers gap coverage and is a solid choice for beneficiaries. With a deductible of $310 and a monthly premium of $29.40, this four-star plan allows beneficiaries to maintain coverage while keeping costs low.

Zero-deductible plans from Cigna have the lowest premiums in this category. Beneficiaries can protect themselves from medical costs for prescription drugs by paying a low monthly premium of $59.20.

Regence is the best option for individuals who value quality above all else. Despite the monthly premium of $112, their plan gets a 4-star rating and a zero-dollar deductible.

UnitedHealthcare $29.40 $310 4 Yes
Cigna $59.20 $100 3 Yes
Aetna $62.00 $0 3 Yes
UnitedHealthcare $101.20 $0 3 Yes
Regence $112.00 $0 3 Yes

Part D plans with a Low-Income Subsidy in Idaho

Approximately 50,000 Medicare beneficiaries in Idaho are eligible for low-income subsidies. These subsidies’ availability can help reduce healthcare costs and prescriptions for beneficiaries.

This subsidy is available from Clear Spring, a popular healthcare provider in Idaho. This plan’s deductible is $480, and the monthly premium is $34.60. However, a two-star rating could make beneficiaries cautious.

People who need low-income subsidies find Wellcare to be an excellent choice. This three-star plan has a premium of $34.60. However, the deductible for Wellcare is $480, so it’s still a solid plan for Idaho residents.

State-wide, Humana is the provider of this subsidy with the highest rating. Beneficiaries who value high service quality will appreciate its four-star rating. Due to the $480 deductible and a monthly cost of $40.40, this plan is somewhat more expensive than competing options.

Aetna $34.10 $480 3 No
Wellcare $34.60 $480 3 No
Clear Spring $34.60 $480 2 No
UnitedHealthcare $40.00 $480 4 No
Humana $40.40 $480 4 No

Amount of beneficiaries that fall into each Part D coverage phase in Idaho

Prescription medication costs can fluctuate throughout several phases of Medicare Part D in Idaho. The coverage gap or donut hole is a prime example. Here is a table showing how many Idahoans currently belong to each category.

Deductible Phase Initial Coverage Phase Coverage Gap Phase Catastrophic Phase
76,016 95,555 24,369 17,650

Cities in Idaho with estimated Part D prescription drug plan premiums

The accompanying charts provide estimated premiums for Medicare Part D plans for the cities listed below:


Is Medicare Part D automatically deducted from Social Security in Idaho?

Generally, Medicare beneficiaries don’t have to pay directly for their Part D coverage in Idaho. Instead, if you receive Social Security benefits, the government will automatically deduct your Medicare payments from your monthly checks. This practice makes it easy to keep up with payments but makes careful budgeting necessary for many beneficiaries.

What Is Medicare Part D in Idaho?

Idaho Medicare Part D plans are supplemental Medicare programs that provide beneficiaries with coverage for the cost of prescription drugs. Original Medicare does not include this coverage, so these plans play an integral role in protecting the state’s beneficiaries. The benefits and prices of these plans vary depending on location and carrier.

Is Medicare Part D mandatory in Idaho?

Although Part D isn’t a requirement of Medicare, most beneficiaries consider it a wise investment. It’s essential to cover these medications as they are integral to modern healthcare. In addition, choosing not to enroll in an Idaho Medicare Part D plan during your Initial Enrollment Period will result in a penalty when registering later.

What happens if you opt out of Medicare Part D in Idaho?

When a beneficiary opts out of Medicare Part D in Idaho, they face challenges if they sign up for drug coverage later. First, the signup process is more challenging once the Initial Enrollment Period passes and the state charges a penalty. Beneficiaries can avoid the penalty by maintaining private medication coverage, but the simplest solution is to choose a Part D plan.

How do I get rid of the Part D penalty in Idaho?

The easiest way to avoid a Part D penalty in Idaho is to sign up for a Part D plan when you first reach the age of eligibility. If this point passes, you might need proof that you had alternate coverage to avoid paying the penalty.

How to Get Help Signing Up for a Medicare Part D Plan in Idaho

The MedicHow to get help signing up for a Medicare Part D planare system can be complex, but our team is here to help you find coverage that meets your needs. With our comprehensive provider network, you can be sure you are getting the best coverage for your healthcare needs.

Our licensed agents are standing by to impart their time and knowledge to you, ensuring you receive a plan that makes your prescription drugs cheaper.

Give us a call today to find the best Idaho Part D plan for you. Or fill out our online rate form to receive the best rates in your area.

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