More people are starting to look at Tennessee as a retirement state. With a comfortable climate for most of the year and breathtaking mountain views, some Medicare beneficiaries in Tennessee are looking to retire for a simpler life.

In Tennessee, there are 803,720 residents who chose to enroll in Medicare. Of those enrolled 573,746 elected to choose a Medicare Advantage option to receive their Medicare benefits.

We’re going to talk about some basic facts and figures, and Medicare costs for the state. Then, we’ll touch on some basics of Medicare coverage and supplemental options.

Next, we’ll give you some resources for Medicare beneficiaries in the state of Tennessee and go over some common questions. Finally, we’ll show you how to receive individual help with your Medicare.

Medicare in Tennessee Facts & Figures

  • Currently, a total of 715,397 beneficiaries have both Medicare Part A and Part B
  • Of those, 611,448 are aged 65 or older
  • The other 103,949 enrolled before age 65 due to a qualifying disability
  • A little under 574,000 are enrolled in a Medicare Part C Plan
  • A little over 1,023,859 are enrolled in some type of Medicare Drug plan.

Medicare Costs in Tennessee for 2022

Traditional Medicare consists of Medicare Parts A and B. Medicare Part A is your hospital and inpatient services. There is no premium for most beneficiaries of Medicare Part A. You’ll pay a large per occurrence deductible for each hospital admission. If you are in the hospital or skilled nursing for an extended period, you’ll have additional costs.

Medicare Part B is your doctor and medical services. Medicare has a standard monthly premium that most beneficiaries will pay. In addition, there is a small annual deductible. Once the deductible is met, you’ll be responsible for 20% of the bill and any excess charges.

These are uniform costs and are the same regardless of where you reside.

Medicare Part A Costs in 2022 Medicare Part B Costs in 2022
  • Part A is premium-free for most
  • Part A deductible is $1,556 per benefit period
  • Inpatient hospital stay days 61-90 is $389
  • The standard Part B premium is $170.10
  • The annual deductible for Part B is $233
  • Medicare pays 80%, you pay 20% out-of-pocket

Original Medicare Coverage

As mentioned above, Medicare Part A covers your inpatient services and hospitalization. Other services covered under Medicare Part A include:

  • Home health care
  • Hospice care
  • Inpatient care in a hospital
  • Nursing home care (inpatient care in a skilled nursing facility that’s not custodial or long-term care)
  • Skilled nursing facility care

Medicare Part B covers services such as:

  • Ambulance services
  • Clinical research
  • Doctor visits
  • Drugs administered at the doctor’s office
  • Durable medical equipment (DME)
  • Lab tests, imaging, and X-rays
  • Medically needy services
  • Mental health services
  • Preventative services

The coverage provided by Original Medicare is the same, just like the costs, no matter where you are.

Medicare Part A (Hospital Coverage)

  • Inpatient care in hospitals
  • Skilled nursing facility care
  • Hospice care
  • Home health care
Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance)

  • Services from doctors and health providers
  • Outpatient care
  • Home health care
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Some preventive services

Supplemental Medicare Plans in Tennessee

Supplemental coverage in Tennessee includes Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, and prescription drug coverage.

Medicare Supplements are additional coverage you pay for on top of Medicare. These plans have letters to denote their coverage level. They pay some or all of the portion of Medicare’s coinsurance, copays, and deductibles. Medigap plans are standardized and provide the same coverage no matter where you live, or which company you choose.

Medicare Advantage which is commonly referred to as Medicare Part C is an all-in-one plan that rolls your Medicare Parts A, B, and most of the time D all into one plan. They must cover everything Traditional Medicare covers, and in many cases offer additional benefits not included by Medicare.

These plans are administered by health insurance companies like Humana, UnitedHealthcare, and Aetna. These plans have different benefits and costs depending on where you live. Make sure you review the summary of benefits to ensure you are getting the right plan for you.

Medicare prescription drug plans, otherwise known as Part D plans, are your stand-alone coverage for the prescription drugs you pick up from the pharmacy. Similar to Medicare Advantage plans these plans are monitored by Medicare and administered by private health insurance companies like SilverScript and WellCare. The plan benefits vary depending on the state you reside.

Tennessee Medicare Resources

Tennessee Cities with Medigap Coverage’s Estimated Premiums

There are some charts for estimated premiums of Medicare Supplemental plans for the following cities in Tennessee:


What Medicare Plans in Tennessee cover the most?

Medicare Supplements are the most comprehensive plans available. Plan F and Plan G are the top covering Medigap options.

What are the most affordable Medicare plans in Tennessee?

For the majority of beneficiaries, Medicare Advantage plans are the most affordable Medicare plan option. These plans do vary depending on where you live.

How much do Medicare Advantage plans cost in Tennessee?

In many areas, there are Medicare Advantage options available with a zero-dollar monthly premium. The average cost of a Medicare Advantage plan is around $20 a month.

How do I apply for Medicare in Tennessee?

To sign up for Medicare call Social Security, or go online to to apply online. The Social Security Administration prefers you to apply online. It’s a quick and easy process.

It will generally take two to four weeks to get a response letter about your application.

How to Sign Up for Supplemental Medicare in Tennessee

Whether you’re looking for a Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, or Medicare Part D plan, it’s helpful to have an advocate on your side. We can assist you with understanding Original Medicare and your coverage options.

In addition, our licensed insurance agents specialize in all aspects of Medicare.

Let our experts take the guesswork out of the process for you. We can review your prescriptions and doctors to ensure the plan you choose works for your needs. We can even walk you through the enrollment process.

Give us a call today. Or fill out our online request form to receive the best rates in your part of Tennessee.

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