Medicare is a true benefit for those who need it. But it is not fully comprehensive. That’s why a Medicare all-in-one Plan (also known as a Medicare Advantage plan or Medicare Part C) can take over administering your Original Medicare benefits and sometimes even add coverage for items that Medicare doesn’t extend.

But how do you go about getting a Medicare all-in-one plan, and what kind of coverage do you get for the potential extra cost? That will be laid out in the following article.

Medicare all-in-one plan

All-in-one Medicare plans are a diverse lot. These plans are commonly called Medicare Advantage plans or Medicare Part C. There are many options to consider.

The cost for all-in-one coverage would include inpatient and outpatient services, as well as drug costs. All-in-one plans include dental and eye care, and advantage Medicare plans bundle coverage together to attract customers. These plans include Part A, Part B, and in most cases, Part D.

Although many Medicare Advantage plans cover basic dental costs, you may still need a stand-alone dental plan to get full coverage.

All-in-one plans have comprehensive dental coverage in some areas, and some even cover dentures and implants. Private health insurance companies contracting with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services provide top-rated Medicare Advantage plans, and Medicare pays the carrier to assume your risk.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to all-in-one Advantage plans.

Advantages of all-in-one plans

All-in-one coverage

We have all been there, in a doctor’s office, fumbling around for medical cards, IDs, and other paperwork they want us to fill out or bring. Medicare all-in-one plans provide all your benefits on one plan, meaning the same card you use for your doctors is the same one you use for your prescriptions.

Manageable fixed copays

Most services will require a copay. Your agent and plan documents should review this in advance to ensure you choose the plan that fits your needs and understand your costs when using the insurance.

Additional benefits not covered by Medicare

In addition to your medical and drug coverage, an all-in-one plan will add additional benefits that Original Medicare doesn’t offer. These can include:

  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Gym membership
  • Free meals
  • Food allowances
  • Utility assistance
  • Free phones

It’s important to understand that every plan doesn’t offer all benefits. It would be best to speak to a licensed agent to determine the program that gives you what you need.

Maximum out-of-pocket

This one sometimes is referred to as an advantage and disadvantage. There is no limit on what you can pay on Original Medicare, and an all-in-one plan will have a cap on how much you can pay for the year. In some areas, these can be pretty high; in others, they are very low and reasonable.

Disadvantages of all-in-one plans

Network restrictions

You will be restricted to using network providers. Some all-in-one plans have out-of-network coverage, but you can expect a higher cost-share when using out-of-network benefits.


Many all-in-one plans are HMO plans. You need to speak to primary care and get a referral before seeing a specialist or having specific tests and procedures. Not all Medicare Advantage plans require referrals.

High out-of-pocket costs

Depending on where you live, this could be up to $10,000. These out-of-pocket maximums are $2,500 or lower in many areas. It varies depending on where you reside and the type of all-in-one plan you choose.

Can I get another kind of coverage that would be all-in-one?

No, but you do have options. To simulate all-in-one coverage, you could enroll in several different insurances to meet those needs. For example, you are staying with Original Medicare, enrolling in a Medicare Supplement, drug, dental, hearing, vision, etc.

Enrolling in all these coverages could give the illusion of an all-in-one plan. Still, the matter is that you are paying for 3 to 6 different insurances, with different premiums and insurance cards. Some plans include dental, vision, and hearing into one insurance.


Do I have to use an all-in-one plan?

No, you are not obligated to use an All-In-One Medicare Advantage Plan. You can always keep Original Medicare or enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan.

Are all-in-one plans available nationwide?

All-In-One Medicare Advantage Plan is available in every state but not in every area.

What are the benefits of all-in-one plans?

All-In-One Medicare Advantage plans offer comprehensive medical and drug coverage. In addition, most plans include vision, dental, and hearing benefits. All-in-one Plans also have a maximum out-of-pocket amount, which helps protect you from high medical costs.

How much do all-in-one plans cost?

As you may already be aware, Medicare expenditures vary from person to person. Following that, the cost of Medicare Advantage differs significantly by state.

In many cases, Medicare Advantage may cost as little as $0 per month in some states. In most situations, you will still pay your Part B premium. It’s best to seek advice from an insurance broker about your specific needs and circumstances when determining your policy premiums.

I’m already on a Medicare plan. Can I switch to an all-in-one plan?

Yes, you can switch to an all-in-one Medicare Advantage plan, but you may not be able to keep your current doctors. All-in-one plans are available in every state but not in every area. You also must have a valid enrollment period to enroll in a Medicare Part C plan.

Can I get an all-in-one plan if I’m over 65?

All-in-one Medicare Advantage plans are available to anyone enrolled in Medicare Part A and B.

What is the difference between an all-in-one plan and a Medicare Supplement?

All-in-one plans include comprehensive medical and drug coverage. In addition, most programs include vision, dental, and hearing benefits. Medicare Supplement plans only cover gaps in Original Medicare coverage and don’t offer comprehensive benefits.

Find a Medicare Advantage plan in your area

If you’re looking for a Medicare Advantage plan to give you all-in-one coverage, you’ve come to the right place. Our licensed insurance agents can deftly and expertly help you review the best plans for your situation.

They are available when you need them and their time discussing Medicare Advantage or even a Medicare Supplement plan is free of any cost or obligations. To learn more, call us or fill out our online request form so you can receive the best rates in your area.

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