According to recent data, 1,192,853 residents enrolled in New Jersey Medicare Part D plans. 909,198 of those enrollees have a stand-alone Prescription Drug Plan, while 296,346 enrolled with a Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plan.

New Jersey Medicare Part D plans for 2024

New Jersey Medicare Part D plans are a crucial part of Medicare to cover all your prescription drugs. Several big-name providers throughout New Jersey and nationwide offer Part D plans, including Aetna, Humana, WellCare, and dozens more.

Here, we’ll be looking at those providers and the differences between them and their plans, including deductible and premium costs, coverage ratings, and other essential criteria.

Part D plans with the lowest premium in New Jersey

Finding an affordable premium is essential for many Medicare enrollees, and many providers offer plans with premiums below $30.

The cheapest premium across all New Jersey Medicare Part D plans is Aetna’s $7.00 payment, nearly half the cost of the next most affordable, WellCare’s $12.90 premium plan.

The final New Jersey Part D plan with a premium under $20 is Clear Spring’s at $18.70. But as you can see in the chart, a few other well-known providers have budget-friendly packages.

Aetna $7.00 $480 3 No
WellCare $12.90 $480 3 No
Clear Spring $18.70 $480 2 No
Humana $22.70 $480 4 No
Horizon BCBS $28.50 $400 3 No

Part D plans with a zero-dollar deductible

Of course, there’s more to Part D costs than just premium rates. The other major factor in determining price points is deductible payments, but several New Jersey providers offer plans with zero-dollar deductibles.

WellCare is the zero-dollar deductible provider with the cheapest premium payment at $69.00. Close behind is Aetna, which has a $77.40 premium but does include gap coverage, unlike WellCare’s free deductible package.

On top of WellCare and Aetna is Horizon BCBS, the final provider of New Jersey Medicare Part D plans with a zero-dollar deductible and a premium payment under $100.

WellCare $69.00 $0 3 No
Aetna $77.40 $0 3 Yes
Horizon BCBS $99.50 $0 3 Yes
UnitedHealthcare $100.20 $0 3 Yes

Part D plans with gap coverage

Several New Jersey providers offer gap coverage, each with different plans and price-point pros and cons.

For example, UnitedHealthcare has a four-star rated gap coverage package with a low $29.30 premium payment but a relatively expensive $310 deductible. On the other hand, Horizon BCBS has a plan with a zero-dollar deductible on top of gap coverage but a premium payment of $99.50.

Cigna is right in the middle of the gap coverage options, with a $100 deductible and a $64.80 premium.

UnitedHealthcare $29.30 $310 4 Yes
Cigna $64.80 $100 3 Yes
Aetna $77.40 $0 3 Yes
Horizon BCBS $99.50 $0 3 Yes
UnitedHealthcare $100.20 $0 3 Yes

Part D plans with a Low-Income Subsidy

Among the 1,192,853 residents enrolled in New Jersey Medicare Part D plans, 230,649 are eligible for a low-income subsidy. This subsidy defrays the cost of prescription drugs; as always, plenty of providers have low-income options.

The Clear Spring plan is one of the most affordable, with a standard $480 deductible and a $34.20 premium payment. However, this package has just a two-star rating, but if coverage reviews are important to you, you can enroll with UnitedHealthcare’s four-star low-subsidy plan.

WellCare has another sought-after low subsidy option. This plan has a $480 deductible and a $35.20 premium.

Clear Spring $34.20 $480 2 No
Aetna $35.10 $480 3 No
WellCare $35.20 $480 3 No
UnitedHealthcare $37.20 $480 4 No
Cigna $38.20 $480 3 No

Beneficiaries that fall into each Part D coverage phase

New Jersey Medicare Part D plans have four phases: the deductible phase, the initial coverage phase, the coverage gap phase, and the catastrophic phase. The coverage gap is also known as the “donut hole” phase, where medicine costs more than it does during any other phase in Part D.

The chart below shows all New Jersey Part D enrollees and which phase they’re at with their coverage. As you can see, most people fall within the initial coverage phase, which is consistent with the rest of the country.

Deductible Phase Initial Coverage Phase Coverage Gap Phase Catastrophic Phase
258,977 413,413 129,503 111,638

New Jersey cities with Medicare Supplement coverage’s estimated premiums

Knowing the prices of the estimated premiums for Medigap plans in New Jersey can help better inform your decision. We have charts for the following cities:


What is Medicare Part D, and how does it work in New Jersey?

Part D is a federal Medicare benefit that lowers the cost and increases the accessibility of prescription drugs. In New Jersey, as long as you enroll in a Part D plan, you’re eligible for the price benefits.

Do I need a Medicare Part D plan in New Jersey?

New Jersey Medicare Part D plans aren’t necessary to receive standard Medicare benefits. Many people choose not to sign up for Part D if they don’t need prescription medication. However, this could lead to a Part D penalty.

Do I need Medicare Part D if I don’t take any drugs in New Jersey?

You can drop your coverage if you’ve enrolled with a Medicare Part D plan but no longer take prescription drugs, but you will start accruing the Medicare Part D late-enrollment penalty.

However, you’ll need to act between the Open Enrollment period of October 15 to December 7 to unenroll, and you’ll be off your plan beginning in the new calendar year.

How are Medicare Part D premiums paid in New Jersey?

You can pay your Medicare Part D fees online or by mail without any service fees. If you’d rather have automatic payments, Part D allows you to have your premiums deducted from your benefits monthly without additional input.

What is the max out-of-pocket for Medicare Part D in New Jersey?

The out-of-pocket payments for Part D plans vary on several factors, including provider, benefits, and the phase of your plan. And as of now, there are no caps on how much you might have to pay from your funds.

How to get help signing up for a Medicare Part D plan in New Jersey

Finding the perfect healthcare package with all the Part D providers and different New Jersey Medicare Part D plans is challenging. But our goal at is to make the search as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

Our team works with all New Jersey providers and will compare every plan’s price and coverage specifics free of charge. You can feel confident that you’re enrolling in the best possible coverage with our service.

Call our team or fill out our online form to get rates today.

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