In Elizabeth, New Jersey, 200,545 people have a Medicare Plan. Only 34% of those people are taking advantage of Medicare Advantage Plans to help supplement their treatment costs. Let’s look at some of the supplemental Medicare plans available in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Supplemental Medicare Plans in Elizabeth, New Jersey

A Medicare Advantage plan helps to support your original Medicare in New Jersey. Without this support, you may be liable for costs that Medicare won’t pay. We based the quotes below on a 65-year-old female.

Affordable Medicare Advantage Plans in Elizabeth, New Jersey

With 68,194 people enrolled in a New Jersey Medicare Advantage plan, Elizabeth has many Medicare beneficiaries taking advantage of the perks Medicare and Medigap provide. In Bergen County, there are 39 plans available to any who needs them.

The Humana plan has the lowest maximum out-of-pocket (MOOP) cost of $4,500. It has a 4-star rating and is a Local PPO plan. The monthly premium for this plan is $0.

UnitedHealthcare also has a $0 premium and a 4-star rating. The MOOP of this plan is significantly higher at $6,900. The United Healthcare plan is an HMO plan.

Aetna is an HMO-POS plan with a 4-star rating. It has a $0 premium like the others. The MOOP of this plan is a bit higher, at $7,500, and it is one of the top-rated plans in the country.

PLAN PREMIUM MOOP Plan Type Star Rating
UnitedHealthcare $0 $6,900 HMO 4
Clover Health $0 $7,550 HMO 3
Aetna $0 $7,550 HMOPOS 4
Wellcare $0 $7,550 LOCAL PPO N/A
Humana $0 $4,500 LOCAL PPO 4

Average Medicare Supplement Plans in Elizabeth, New Jersey

Medigap plans in New Jersey cover expenses that your Medicare may not cover. The rates of Medigap plans vary depending on the area, but the benefits stay the same no matter where you are.

Plan G is the most popular plan, as it has the most benefits of any open plan. It has higher premiums, costing from $127.58 to $394.92. Plan G is the best alternative to Plan F if you don’t qualify anymore.

Plan HDG is an excellent alternative to Plan G because it provides all of the same benefits as Plan G. It has a much lower premium, ranging from $45.99 to $59.41. This plan has a very high deductible, which offsets the lower monthly premium.

Plan N is another excellent alternative to Plan G because it doesn’t have the high deductible of HDG but has lower premiums. Plan N costs from $98.42 to $303.19. With Plan N, you are still responsible for extra Part B expenses.

PLAN A $103.76 $272.56
PLAN B $139.28 $340.37
PLAN C $163.58 $493.31
PLAN D $126.30 $335.01
PLAN F $154.20 $405.62
PLAN HDF $45.99 $66.06
PLAN G $127.58 $394.92
PLAN HDG $45.99 $59.41
PLAN K $50.11 $130.37
PLAN L $80.56 $191.50
PLAN M $93.69 $185.31
PLAN N $98.42 $303.19

Cheapest Part D Plans in Elizabeth, New Jersey

Part D plans in New Jersey cover the costs of prescriptions you need that your plan may not cover. Medigap plans do not cover prescription drugs, and only some Medicare plans in Elizabeth, New Jersey do, so a Part D plan is a cost-effective way to make sure you have the medications you need.

Aetna has the lowest premium in the area, sitting at $7. It is rated with 3-stars by Medicare and has the standard $480 deductible. Aetna is a solid choice for those who need a low-cost plan.

Wellcare has a slightly higher premium of $12.90. It also has a 3-star rating and a $480 deductible. Wellcare has a few different plans that you can choose.

Humana has a much higher premium of $22.70. It has the standard $480 deductible and a 4star rating. Humana is one of the highest-rated Part D plans in the nation.

Aetna $7.00 $480 3
Wellcare $12.90 $480 3
Clear Spring $18.70 $480 2
Humana $22.70 $480 4
Horizon BCBS $28.50 $400 3

Medicare Special Needs Plans

Medicare Special Needs Plans are a specific subset of Medicare Advantage plans. They help to manage costs for those who have particular needs or disabilities. They aren’t available in all areas, but they are helpful for those who qualify for them.

Amerigroup is an HMO plan with a $0 premium. This plan has a maximum out-of-pocket cost (MOOP) of $6,700. This plan has dual eligibility, which means anyone who qualifies for both Medicare and Medicaid is eligible.

Another great plan in the area is Wellcare. It is an HMO with dual-eligibility and a $0 premium. It has a much lower MOOP of $3,450.

UnitedHealthcare is also a plan in the area. This HMO plan has a $0 premium and dual-eligibility. It has a much higher MOOP of $7,550.

PLAN PREMIUM MOOP Plan Type Eligibility
Amerigroup $0 $6,700 HMO Dual
Horizon BCBS $0 $6,700 HMO Dual
Wellcare $0 $3,450 HMO Dual
Aetna $0 $7,550 HMO Dual
UnitedHealthcare $0 $7,550 HMO Dual


How much is Medicare in Elizabeth, NJ?

For most people, Part A is free. If you have to buy it, it can cost $499. Part B costs $170.10 per month but can increase if you have a higher income.

What age does Medicare start in Elizabeth, NJ?

Medicare coverage starts at age 65 for most people. If you are under 65 but have been on disability payments for 24 months, you also qualify for Medicare.

What is the income limit for Medicare in Elizabeth, NJ?

New Jersey has several plans that help pay for Medicare coverage if you cannot afford it. While Part A is free for most, Part B is more expensive. See if you can apply for QMB, SLMB, or QI assistance.

How do I enroll in Medicare in Elizabeth, NJ for the first time?

Enrolling is a straightforward process. You have to contact Social Security to sign up for Part A and B.

What are the four types of Medicare in Elizabeth, NJ?

Part A covers inpatient care, while Part B covers outpatient care. Medicare Advantage is known as Part C. Part D covers prescription drugs.

How to Sign Up for Supplemental Medicare in Elizabeth, New Jersey

Our expert agents can compare all our plans to help you find the right one for you. At Medigap, we provide our comparison services for free, and we work with all carriers. Please call us or fill out our online form to get rates today.

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