Original Medicare covers a lot, but it doesn’t cover everything. Medigap supplements help with that, though. And the good thing is they are standardized; if you purchase Plan A in Oklahoma, you’ll get the same benefits as you would purchasing Plan A in Connecticut. The main differences are the monthly premium price and the quality of the carrier who sells you the policy.

Connecticut Medicare Supplement Enrollment Per Letter Plan

There are just under 161,000 beneficiaries who trust their care to a Medigap supplement. This means that 36.4% of retirees in the state have decided to stay with Original Medicare. This doesn’t make it the most popular option, but it is an important one.

2,053 2,338 5,880 1,084 70,804 7,793 1,859 794 0 33,349

What are the Most Common Medigap Plans in Connecticut?

Is it surprising that Plan F, the most comprehensive Medigap plan, is number one in the state of Connecticut? On the one hand, you’d think the most comprehensive plan would be the most popular.

But it usually has the highest monthly premium, so it’s not always the best plan for seniors who have tight healthcare budgets.

The next most popular plan isn’t that big of an upset either: Plan N. After all, it covers almost everything that Plan F does, minus Part B excess charges and your annual Part B deductible.

And while it doesn’t pay 100% of your Part B coinsurance, it lets you pay a low copay instead of the full amount. That way, you get to save money on your monthly premiums at the same time.

Medigap Plan G is a distant third place. But it’s easy to see why. It’s basically the same price as Plan F in Connecticut, but it’s missing the Part B deductible coverage.

You’re not saving all that much money by excluding a minor benefit.

Medigap Plan Coverage Chart for Connecticut

Only Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Wisconsin have unique Medigap plans. But you, as a Connecticut resident, don’t have to worry about that.

Whether you live in Connecticut full-time or you are a snowbird who likes to travel south for the winter, the plan you choose will give you the same benefits regardless of the state you are in.

Medicare Supplement Plans Costs in Connecticut

Finding an affordable monthly premium is the best way to save money on your Medigap insurance. But that can be difficult if the factors aren’t in your favor. For example, being a smoker or enrolling late can make your monthly premium higher, among other things.

Lowest Premium Per Medigap Letter Plan in Connecticut

Overall, some of the most popular plans are fairly affordable in Connecticut right now. But keep in mind that these estimates are based on a female beneficiary under the age of 72.

Premium $182 $267 $376 $268 $260 $206 $66 $123 $232 $160

Highest Premium Per Medigap Letter Plan in Connecticut

If you are male and above the age of 75, though, things start to get more expensive. This is especially true if you do things like enroll late or used tobacco.

Premium $1,518 $1,027 $436 $388 $799 $628 $135 $467 $608 $398

Top Medicare Supplement Plan Carriers in Connecticut

Let’s revisit the data for a 72-year-old female beneficiary. Overall, it looks like Connecticare and AARP are offering the best Medigap rates in your area right now. But you may want to consider other factors like customer service before you purchase a plan based on price alone.

Connecticare $260 $247 $160
AARP $269 $206 $167
Anthem $298 $211 $169
Globe Life $326 $307 $198
United American $345 $362 $207


Does a Medicare supplement plan include Part D in Connecticut?

If you mean the Part D Medicare prescription drug program, the answer is no. But if you purchase a Medicare supplement, you can also purchase a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan. Both of these plans are offered separately by private insurance companies that want to help you mitigate your health care costs.

What is the difference between Medigap Plan D and G in Connecticut?

The one difference between these two plans is the part B excess charges benefit. If you have to get treatment from a medical professional who does not accept Medicare, they are allowed to charge you up to 15% more for services. Enrolling in the Connecticut QMB Program, however, can help protect you from these excess charges and save you money.

Is Medicare Plan G going away in Connecticut?

The short answer is No. There are some plans which are being phased out, but those are Plan F and Plan C. Furthermore, they are only for newer retirees. If you were eligible to enroll in Original Medicare prior to the year 2020, you are still eligible for all of these plans.

How to Sign Up for Medicare Supplement/Medigap Plan in Connecticut

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