Did you know more than 532,000 Medicare beneficiaries enroll in a Connecticut Part D prescription drug plan? Of those, just 291,000 are enrolled in a stand-alone Part D drug plan. The rest, a little over 247,000 strong, have purchased a Part D plan through their Medicare Advantage insurance. Below we’ll discuss Connecticut Medicare Part D plans.

Connecticut Medicare Part D plans for 2024

Medicare Part D plans are private plans designed to help you afford prescription drugs. The government does not issue them, but they are regulated by the government so that you get a fair price for the medicines you need to stay happy and healthy. You must pay an annual deductible and a monthly premium each year before your discounts kick in. Once you meet your deductible, you will enjoy reduced drug prices until you run into the donut hole.

Part D plans with the lowest premium in Connecticut

If you’re only looking at your monthly premium, Aetna is the cheapest plan in Connecticut. The annual deductible is high but on par with most plans in the area.

The Next lowest premium comes from Wellcare each month. It has an identical customer service rating, annual deductible, and lack of gap coverage compared to Aetna.

Humana is in the middle of the list based on the premium price. It also lacks gap coverage and has a $480 deductible. But Humana does score higher than average on customer service.

Aetna $7.40 $480 3 No
Wellcare $13.00 $480 3 No
Humana $22.70 $480 4 No
UnitedHealthcare $29.30 $310 4 Yes
Cigna $32.10 $480 3 No

Part D plans with a zero-dollar deductible in Connecticut

In the previous section, even the most expensive plan costs about $865 per year in deductibles and monthly premiums. Wellcare’s $69 premium means this plan could cost you $825 per year in premiums alone. And it doesn’t even have gap coverage.

Once you hit Aetna’s prices, you’ll start to wonder if you aren’t better off with a deductible plan. Their $73 monthly premium makes them more expensive annually than a plan with a deductible. But at least they have gap coverage.

The only way plans from UnitedHealthcare or Blue Medicarerx are financially feasible is if you need the gap coverage, can’t pay for your drugs out of pocket, or both. The premiums could cost anywhere from $1,200 to over $1,600 per year. That’s a lot just to avoid paying a deductible.

Wellcare $69.00 $0 3 No
Aetna $72.50 $0 3 Yes
UnitedHealthcare $101.00 $0 3 Yes
Blue Medicarerx $136.20 $0 4 Yes

Part D plans with gap coverage in Connecticut

Gap coverage is very important for seniors with expensive drugs, frequent prescription refills, or both. If you’re vulnerable to falling into the coverage gap, the cheapest plan available comes from Unitedhealthcare.

Yes, it’s unfortunate that the two cheapest plans on this list – Unitedhealthcare and Cigna — all come with annual deductibles. But you’ll be thankful for them once they save you from paying that 25% surcharge on prescription drugs in the donut hole.

Your monthly premium to Aetna will cost you around $870 per year. But you won’t have an annual deductible to meet, so managing this expense in monthly installments leaves more room in your healthcare budget for your drugs and other treatments.

UnitedHealthcare $29.30 $310.00 4 Yes
Cigna $55.60 $100.00 3 Yes
Aetna $72.50 $0 3 Yes
UnitedHealthcare $101.00 $0 3 Yes
Blue Medicarerx $136.20 $0 4 Yes

Part D plans with a low-income subsidy in Connecticut

According to statistical data, 183,745 eligible beneficiaries qualify for a low-income Medicare Part D plan subsidy. The best of these plans in Connecticut require a $480 deductible. The two cheapest ones are Wellcare and Cigna.

To be fair, there’s only a $0.10 per month difference (or an annual $1.20 difference) between those two plans and Aetna. In every other way, they’re almost identical, including customer service ratings.

The next most affordable plan has the highest customer service star rating. It’s from Unitedhealthcare, given four out of five stars by its customers.

Wellcare $33.50 $480 3 No
Cigna $33.50 $480 3 No
Aetna $33.60 $480 3 No
UnitedHealthcare $35.00 $480 4 No
Elixir $36.10 $480 3 No

Amount of beneficiaries that fall into each Part D coverage phase in Connecticut

Most beneficiaries will only be in the deductible or initial coverage phase of their Medicare Part D prescription drug plan. The first phase is when you pay out-of-pocket to meet your deductible, and the initial coverage kicks in after you do so. The coverage gap phase is also known as the donut hole, where you must pay 25% of your drug costs until you hit catastrophic coverage.

Deductible Phase Initial Coverage Phase Coverage Gap Phase Catastrophic Phase
105,423 203,207 63,397 55,861

Cities in Connecticut with estimated premiums for Medicare Part D coverage

You can access estimated premiums for Medicare Part D prescription drug plans for the cities listed below via the accompanying charts:


Is Medicare Part D worth it in Connecticut?

The plan will eventually pay for itself regardless of your current age or health status. Of course, the more expensive your prescriptions are and the more frequently you need them refilled, the more cost-effective Connecticut Medicare Part D Plan will be.

What drugs are not covered by Medicare Part D in Connecticut?

This will vary from plan to plan, and you will have to check your plan’s formulary to make sure. The most frequently uncovered drugs include erectile dysfunction pills, medications designed to solve cosmetic problems (such as hair loss), and over-the-counter medications.

How do I avoid Part D Penalty in Connecticut?

Once you lose qualifying coverage, you must enroll in Medicare Part D to avoid a late enrollment penalty. You can do this by enrolling in and purchasing a plan as soon as you are eligible for Medicare or by losing qualifying coverage from your previous employer.

How to get help signing up for a Medicare Part D plan in Connecticut

We’d be happy to help! Contact us today, and we will help you get free rate quotes while comparing providers in your area. Just answer a few simple questions, and you could save hundreds of dollars per year on your Connecticut Medicare Part D plans and drug costs.

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