In New Mexico, Medicare Part D beneficiary numbers stand at 289,616. There are over 158,429 total enrollees with a Part D drug policy. There are slightly fewer enrollees with prescription coverage through Medicare Advantage, with 146,548 beneficiaries.

New Mexico Medicare Part D plans for 2024

In New Mexico and across the country, Part D policies offer standalone coverage for prescription medications and some Durable Medical Equipment (DME). The only other way to get medication coverage is by signing up for a Medicare Advantage plan that offers prescriptions.

In the sections below, we’ll detail everything you need to know about the lowest premium plans in New Mexico, policies with zero-dollar deductible plans offering gap coverage phase solutions, and ones ideal for low-income individuals.

Part D plans with the lowest premium in New Mexico

Many New Mexico Medicare Part D policies have low premiums to help you save more. The following plans offer the state’s lowest premiums.

Aetna offers a plan with a $7.60 premium. The plan’s star rating is three, indicating good performance despite not offering gap coverage. New Mexico beneficiaries pay a $480 deductible.

A plan from Humana has a four-star rating but offers no gap coverage. Residents with this plan pay $22.70 per month.

Elixir costs carriers $31.40 per month and includes a $480 premium. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give beneficiaries gap coverage, but residents still rate it three stars.

Aetna $7.60 $480 3 No
Wellcare $8.70 $480 3 No
Humana $22.70 $480 4 No
United Healthcare $29.40 $310 4 Yes
Elixir $31.40 $480 3 No

Part D plans with a zero-dollar deductible

New Mexico Part D policies from some of the most well-known carriers have no deductible fee. You’ll pay higher premiums for these plans.

Aetna offers no deductible with a three-star plan for $63.60. You’ll also receive gap coverage for this plan.

Wellcare boasts a plan for three stars with a zero-dollar deductible and no gap coverage inclusions. Patients receive drug coverage with a $69 monthly premium.

Blue Cross Blue Shield offers a suitable plan for those needing immediate prescription coverage. A $140 premium and zero-dollar deductible garner four-star ratings. Gap coverage is also an inclusion.

Aetna $63.60 $0 3 Yes
Wellcare $69.00 $0 3 No
United Healthcare $97.90 $0 3 Yes
Blue Cross Blue Shield $140.00 $0 4 Yes

Part D plans with gap coverage

Some New Mexico Medicare Part D plans cover the donut hole period for prescription drugs, but not all. You’ll receive gap coverage with the following plans.

United Healthcare offers an affordable $29.40 with a $310 deductible. The four-star rated plan does give beneficiaries gap coverage.

Cigna’s plan costs beneficiaries $67.40 per month. They’ll pay a $100 deductible before getting coverage. The plan’s three stars mean it offers generally good performance for its cost.

Choose Blue Cross Blue Shield for gap coverage. You’ll pay a premium of $88.50 and a $480 drug deductible.

United Healthcare $29.40 $310 4 Yes
Aetna $63.60 $0 3 Yes
Cigna $67.40 $100 3 Yes
Blue Cross Blue Shield $88.50 $480 4 Yes
United Healthcare $97.90 $0 3 Yes

Part D plans with a Low-Income Subsidy

Plans offering Extra Help through low-income subsidies cost much lower than many other options. They usually don’t include gap coverage due to their low prices. There are 105,936 enrollees currently eligible for additional assistance.

An Aetna plan costs $27.50 monthly, with a yearly deductible of $480. Patients looking to save money won’t get gap coverage but still receive three-star performance.

United Healthcare costs enrollees $31 monthly and $480 before coverage begins. New Mexico residents won’t receive gap coverage with this plan.

Cigna features a plan for $31.90 with a $480 deductible. Despite having no gap coverage, its star rating is reasonable.

Aetna $27.50 $480 3 No
Wellcare $29.10 $480 3 No
UnitedHealthcare $31.00 $480 4 No
Elixir $31.40 $480 3 No
Cigna $31.90 $480 3 No

Number of beneficiaries that fall into each Part D coverage phase in New Mexico

Part D coverage includes four separate phases. Depending on your spending amount, many New Mexico residents may never reach a “donut hole” or Coverage Gap Phase, while others reach it quickly.

Deductible Phase Initial Coverage Phase Coverage Gap Phase Catastrophic Phase
71,474 120,024 25,395 19,280

Cities in New Mexico with estimated premiums for Medicare Part D drug plans

Estimated premiums for several Medicare prescription drug plans can be accessed with the accompanying charts for the cities listed below:


What does Part D in New Mexico require?

Enrolling in New Mexico Medicare Part D is simple if you already have Original Medicare. You must have Part A or Part B to be eligible. Otherwise, you’ll need to sign up through a third-party carrier that offers equal or better coverage.

How does Medicare Part D work in New Mexico?

Part D works alongside Medicare’s Part A and Part B to give New Mexicans medication coverage. You pay an affordable co-pay and coinsurance and get significantly reduced prescription fees.

Is Medicare Part D worth getting in New Mexico?

It’s worth getting New Mexico Medicare Part D, even if you don’t regularly take prescriptions. Because enrollment periods are set each year, you must wait to enroll in a plan. However, enrolling late will incur a higher premium for your prescription coverage.

What is the average cost of Medicare Part D in New Mexico?

The average price of Part D Medicare in New Mexico is $31.50.

What happens if I don’t want Medicare Part D in New Mexico?

If you don’t want Medicare Part D in New Mexico, you’ll still need to enroll in a drug plan. If you refuse, you’ll get a late enrollment penalty when applying for a Part D policy. This fee adds to your premium and stays the

How to get help signing up for a Medicare Part D plan in New Mexico

With so many options for Medicare Part D in New Mexico, it can be tough to know where to start. That’s why we’re here to help.

Our licensed insurance agents work with the leading carriers in New Mexico to help you find the perfect plan for your needs and budget.

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