Residents in Santa Fe, New Mexico, have numerous Medicare available for enrollment. Because the federal government standardizes Medicare Parts A and B, they cost the same in every state.

While these plans provide many benefits, they can leave some members with gaps in coverage that need supplementing.

Santa Fe, New Mexico Medicare plans

Members living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, could experience a gap in coverage due to Medicare Parts A and B. Sante Fe, Mexico, Original Medicare doesn’t provide members with prescription drug coverage, which can become very expensive to pay out of pocket.

Supplemental Medicare plans can provide members with additional coverage for low monthly premiums.

Average Medicare Advantage plans in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Medicare Advantage, also known as Plan C, has wide availability across the United States, and the benefits remain the same while the prices vary depending on your location.

A Sante Fe, Mexico Medicare Advantage plan can add extra Medicare coverage for its residents. Santa Fe, New Mexico, located in Santa Fe County, has 44 Medicare Advantage plans.

Aetna (Local PPO) has a three-star customer rating and a $0 monthly premium. This plan has a maximum out-of-pocket (MOOP) of $5,000. Aetna has an extensive provider network for members to visit.

Humana (Local PPO) has a four-star member rating and no monthly premium. Humana has a MOOP cost of $4,400. These plans include prescription drug coverage, offering a $0 deductible on Tier 1, 2, and 3 drugs.

UnitedHealthcare (Local PPO) also has a four-star rating and a $0 monthly premium. The MOOP for this plan costs $4,300. UnitedHealthcare has an extensive provider network, making it an extremely appealing plan.

Blue Cross Blue Shield (Local PPO) has a four-star customer rating and a $0 monthly premium. The MOOP expense for this plan costs $6,000. These plans offer $0 copays for in-network doctor visits.

PLAN PREMIUM MOOP Plan Type Star Rating
Humana $0 $4,400 LOCAL PPO 4
Molina Healthcare $0 $7,550 HMO 3
Blue Cross Blue Shield $0 $6,000 LOCAL PPO 4
UnitedHealthcare $0 $4,300 LOCAL PPO 4
Aetna $0 $5,000 LOCAL PPO 3

Affordable Medicare Supplement plans in Santa Fe, NM

Medigap plan benefits stay the same in every state because the federal government standardizes supplemental Medicare. However, the price can change depending on your location and the number of available plans in your area.

For members residing in Santa Fe, New Mexico, finding the most affordable Medicare Supplement plans can be easy with our chart below.

Plan F can be the most encompassing Medigap plan because it does not require deductibles or copayments. However, Plan F has high monthly premiums. They range from $113.04 to $361.00.

Plan G provides members in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Medicare Supplement coverage at a slightly lower premium. This premium ranges from $92 to $336.07. However, it doesn’t cover the Part B deductible.

Plan N has lower monthly premiums, ranging from $68.61 to $329.14. However, Plan N requires a deductible and some copayments for medical services. It doesn’t cover the Part B deductible or excess charges.

PLAN A $78.00 $306.50
PLAN B $116.00 $301.00
PLAN C $112.00 $358.75
PLAN D $89.44 $168.99
PLAN F $113.04 $361.00
PLAN HDF $26.00 $70.31
PLAN G $92.00 $336.07
PLAN HDG $25.77 $50.52
PLAN K $38.56 $97.75
PLAN L $57.75 $196.54
PLAN M $94.80 $210.86
PLAN N $68.61 $329.14

Cheapest Medicare Part D prescription drug plans

Original Medicare does not cover prescription medication expenses. While several of the best Medicare Advantage plans cover prescriptions, most Medigap plans don’t. Santa Fe, New Mexico Medicare Part D provides members with prescription coverage for a low monthly premium.

Aetna has the lowest monthly premium of $7.60, with a deductible of $480. This plan has a three-star member rating. It offers a $0 deductible on Tier 1 prescription drugs.

Humana has a four-star customer rating and a deductible of $480. The monthly premium for a plan with Humana costs $22.70. This deductible shrinks to $0 for Tier 1 and 2 drugs.

UnitedHealthcare also has a four-star member rating. This plan has a monthly premium of $29.40 and a deductible of $310. That deductible shrinks to $0 for Tier 1 drugs.

Aetna $7.60 $480 3
Wellcare $8.70 $480 3
Humana $22.70 $480 4
UnitedHealthcare $29.40 $310 4
Elixir $31.40 $480 3

Medicare Special Needs plans

Medicare Special Needs Plans (SNPs) give extra coverage to Santa Fe, New Mexico residents who have a disability or chronic illnesses. SNPs belong under a Medicare Advantage plan for people with special needs. These plans are not available in every area.

Wellcare (HMO) SNP has a dual eligibility requirement and a $0 monthly premium. This plan has a MOOP of $3,450. These plans cover Parts A, B, and D, which also cover prescription drugs.

Blue Cross Blue Shield (Local PPO) has dual eligibility and a premium of $18.30. The MOOP for this SNP costs $7,550. For those who qualify for the Extra Help program, there are $0 copays on many prescription drugs.

Presbyterian Health (HMO) requires dual eligibility and a MOOP expense of $7,550. The premium for this plan costs $34.30 per month. The annual medical deductible is $233.00.

PLAN PREMIUM MOOP Plan Type Eligibility
Wellcare $0 $3,450 HMO Dual
Amerigroup $0 $6,700 HMO Chronic/Disabling
UnitedHealthcare $4.20 $7,550 LOCAL PPO Chronic/Disabling
Blue Cross Blue Shield $18.30 $7,550 LOCAL PPO Dual
Presbyterian Health $34.30 $7,550 HMO Dual


Who is eligible for Original Medicare in Santa Fe, NM?

Members in Santa Fe, New Mexico, must be 65 and older to receive Original Medicare benefits. To receive benefits before turning 65, you must have a chronic disease or disability.

How do I enroll in Medicare in Santa Fe, NM?

Most people will automatically enroll in Medicare after their 65th birthday. If not, you can complete a Medicare Plan A and Plan B application online or visit your local Social Security office.

What does Medicare Part A cover in Santa Fe, NM?

In Santa Fe, New Mexico, Medicare Part A covers inpatient hospital stays. In addition, Part A covers hospice, nursing care, and home health care.

Does Medicare Part A cover 100 percent in Santa Fe, NM?

After you meet your Part A deductible, Medicare will cover 100% of approved costs. You can also get a supplemental Medicare plan to pay for your Part A deductible.

What is the Medicare deductible for an emergency room visit in Santa Fe, NM?

Medicare Part B covers outpatient emergency room visits. There are copayments when you receive treatment in the emergency room. These costs should not surpass $1,600 for the Part A deductible.

How to sign up for Medicare plans in Santa Fe

Santa Fe, New Mexico, Medicare members seeking supplemental coverage will enjoy our free services. Our professional team will work closely with you to fully understand your unique needs and budget.

We work closely with all nationwide Medicare carriers and local providers, supplying you with the most attainable opportunities.

Call or fill out our online rate form to get rates in Santa Fe.

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