There are 243,116 beneficiaries enrolled in a Maine Medicare Part D plan. Of this number, 135,153 have enrolled in a stand-alone Part D plan versus 112,903 in an MAPD plan.

Maine Medicare Part D Plans for 2023

Part D is one of four parts of Medicare used to cover or offset the cost of prescriptions you pick up at a pharmacy. These plans can often make buying generic medications $10 or less, but you might still be responsible for premiums or deductibles.

In the content below, we’ll be exploring different Part D plans.

Part D Plans with the Lowest Premium in Maine

The first Part D plan with a low premium we’ll be looking at is Aetna. Aetna has a low monthly premium of $7.60, a deductible of $480, and a three-star rating for overall plan effectiveness.

Next up is Humana, which has a monthly premium of $22.70. This plan has a slightly higher star rating of four stars and has a $480 deductible.

The plan with the highest monthly premium is Cigna. Cigna is a three-star rated plan with a monthly premium of $29.60. Like the other plans in the chart, it has a deductible of $480.

Aetna $7.60 $480 3 No
Wellcare $11.90 $480 3 No
Humana $22.70 $480 4 No
Elixir $28.30 $480 3 No
Cigna $29.60 $480 3 No

Part D Plans with a Zero-Dollar Deductible in Maine

You’ll want a Part D plan with a zero-dollar deductible if you need to buy medications more often. The first one we’ll look at is Aetna which has the lowest monthly premium of $59.80.

For a four-star rated Part D plan, there’s Anthem. Anthem has a higher premium of $72.00, and like most of the plans on this list, it also has gap coverage.

The final plan we’ll look at is UnitedHealthcare which has a $93.20 monthly premium. This three-star plan also has gap coverage.

Aetna $59.80 $0 3 Yes
Wellcare $69.00 $0 3 No
Anthem $72.00 $0 4 Yes
UnitedHealthcare $93.20 $0 3 Yes

Part D Plans with Gap Coverage in Maine

Three of the plans on our previous chart had gap coverage paired with a zero-dollar deductible. Next, we’ll look at three additional Maine Medicare Part D plans with gap coverage, the first being UnitedHealthcare. This four-star plan has a monthly premium of $29.90 with a $310 deductible.

There’s also Cigna which has a monthly premium of $60.80 with a low $100 deductible. This plan has a three out of five-star rating.

There’s another UnitedHealthcare plan that you can choose, which has a higher premium of $93.20 per month. Although it has a higher monthly premium, it also has a zero-dollar deductible.

UnitedHealthcare $29.90 $310 4 Yes
Aetna $59.80 $0 3 Yes
Cigna $60.80 $100 3 Yes
Anthem $72.00 $0 4 Yes
UnitedHealthcare $93.20 $0 3 Yes

Part D Plans with a Low-Income Subsidy in Maine

In Maine, there are 88,681 beneficiaries deemed eligible for a Low-Income Subsidy (LIS1). We’ll be exploring three plans.

The first plan is Wellcare which has a monthly premium of $26. Like all the plans on this list, there’s a deductible of $480. This plan has a three-star rating.

Cigna is another three-star plan. This plan has a monthly premium of $29.60 and no gap coverage.

For a higher-rated plan, there’s also Humana. Slightly less expensive than Elixir, this plan has a monthly premium of $30.20 and a high four-star rating.

Wellcare $26.00 $480 3 No
Aetna $29.00 $480 3 No
Cigna $29.60 $480 3 No
Humana $30.20 $480 4 No
Elixir $30.50 $480 3 No

Amount of Beneficiaries that Fall into each Part D Coverage Phase in Maine

The total cost comes in different coverage phases when paying for prescriptions under your Part D plan. After your initial coverage phase, you’ll enter what’s known as the donut hole, where you end up paying more. The chart below shows how many Maine beneficiaries are in each phase.

Deductible Phase Initial Coverage Phase Coverage Gap Phase Catastrophic Phase
52,034 113,940 29,017 23,751


Is Medicare Part D worth getting in Maine?

For many Maine residents, enrolling in a Medicare Part D plan to supplement their Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage plan is worthwhile. While a Part D plan is optional, this plan will significantly offset the total cost if you need to purchase medications.

Enrolling in a Part D plan when you first become eligible for Medicare also helps you avoid late enrollment penalties.

What is the average cost of a Medicare Part D plan in Maine?

Since many Medicare Part D plans vary from region to region, there’s a broad spectrum of costs. Factors influencing the total costs can depend upon whether you opt for a plan with a high or low deductible, a high or low premium, and even your income.

The average monthly cost for a plan with benefits is $44, while a plan without benefits is $32.

What happens if I don’t want Medicare Part D in Maine?

Medicare Part D is optional for Maine residents; you don’t need to sign up for this plan. However, if you decide you want Medicare Part D later and past your eligible date, you’ll most likely have to pay a late enrollment fee.

When did Medicare Part D become mandatory in Maine?

Medicare Part D came into effect on January 1st, 2006, as the largest federal program for prescription drugs. Enrolling in this program isn’t mandatory, but it is beneficial even if you’re currently not paying for medications.

How do I get rid of the Part D penalty in Maine?

While Part D plans are optional, you could face a late enrollment fee if you enroll after your Initial Enrollment Period. The first way to avoid this fee is to register when you’re first eligible.

Another way to avoid this fee is to enroll in Medicare prescription coverage when you lose other forms of coverage — such as through an employer or union.

Keep records indicating that you previously had another form of drug coverage to avoid a late enrollment penalty.

How to Get Help Signing Up for a Medicare Part D Plan in Maine

Many current Part D plans can help lower or even eliminate the cost of prescription drugs. Even if you’re currently not taking prescriptions, having a plan with a low monthly premium can ensure you’re covered if you need medication.

However, choosing the right one with so many plans can be challenging. When you work with our licensed insurance agents, they will work hard to pair you with the right plan for your unique needs and budget.

Call or fill out our online rate form today to get the best rates on a Maine Medicare Part D plan!

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