There are 44 different options for Hillsboro, Oregon, Medicare Advantage plans in Washington County, which Hillsboro calls home.

That gives the roughly 11,000 senior citizens in Hillsboro more Medicare Advantage options than nearly every county in Oregon on top of the dozens of other Part D, Medicare Supplement, and SNP options.

However, the more options you have, the more work you’ll need to find the right plan.

Hillsboro Oregon Medicare plans

Supplemental plans for Hillsboro, Oregon Medicare, give Original Medicare Part A and B beneficiaries coverage they don’t receive with their baseline insurance to help reduce their healthcare costs.

Unlike Medicare Part A and B, private insurance companies distribute supplemental Medicare plans and charge different rates based on various factors.

Below, we’ll compare some Supplemental Medicare plans and their average costs based on a 70-year-old female Hillsboro resident.

Affordable Medicare Advantage plans in Hillsboro, Oregon

Only Multnomah County has more Medicare Advantage options (45) than Hillsboro, Oregon. And while populous counties in major states like California, Florida, and Texas have Medicare Advantage options in the 60s, you won’t find anywhere in Oregon richer with plans and providers than Hillsboro.

One of the most popular Medicare Advantage providers is FamilyCare. Their affordable Hillsboro, Oregon HMO Medicare Advantage plan comes with a $0 premium and a maximum out-of-pocket (MOOP) cost of $6,700.

Humana provides a similarly priced HMO Medicare Advantage plan with a $0 premium and a slightly lower MOOP of $5,700.

The most affordable Medicare Advantage plan in Hillsboro, Oregon, comes from Regence, which has a $0 premium and the lowest MOOP cost at $3,400.

PLAN PREMIUM MOOP Plan Type Star Rating
FamilyCare $0 $6,700 HMO
Humana $0 $5,700 HMO
Providence $0 $5,500 HMO
Health Net $0 $3,950 HMO
Regence $0 $3,400 HMO

Average Medicare Supplement plans in Hillsboro, Oregon

Oregon Medicare Supplement or Medigap plans are additional insurance plans that Original Medicare enrollees use to receive extra benefits and lower their Medicare costs. Medigap plans can include various benefits ranging from coverage for blood transfusions to skilled nursing care, but not every option has the same coverage.

However, the federal government standardizes all Medigap plans, so the benefits for whichever one you enroll in are the same from state to state; the only change is the price tag.

Plan F is the most popular Hillsboro, Oregon, Medicare Supplement plan. Although it has the highest average monthly premium cost at $381.51, it provides more coverage than any other Medigap plan.

Plan N is another popular, more budget-friendly Medigap plan option. It doesn’t include as much coverage as Plan F, but the highest average premium cost peaks at $262.20.

Medigap Plan G is an excellent option between Plans F and N. It has more coverage than Plan N and nearly as much as Plan F, but the average high-end premium payment is slightly lower at $330.15 per month.

PLAN A $100.67 $359.89
PLAN B $162.82 $305.50
PLAN C $188.28 $353.00
PLAN D $163.46 $271.92
PLAN F $184.33 $381.51
PLAN HDF $35.00 $108.37
PLAN G $133.28 $330.15
PLAN HDG $35.00 $59.42
PLAN K $50.59 $123.00
PLAN L $101.36 $218.92
PLAN M $172.59 $255.18
PLAN N $115.90 $262.20

Cheapest Medicare Part D prescription drug plans

Medicare Part D plans in Oregon cover prescription medications. Part D is a popular form of supplemental Medicare because no Medigap plans and only a handful of Medicare Advantage plans insure prescription medications.

Clear Spring Health’s affordable Part D plan requires a $480 deductible, a $16.20 monthly premium, and a two-star rating on a five-tier grading scale that assesses a plan’s overall coverage effectiveness.

Humana offers a higher-rated four-star plan but has a higher monthly premium at $22.70 and another $480 deductible. Aetna’s low-cost Part D plan in Hillsboro, Oregon, is the best of both worlds. Though not as highly rated at three stars, the plan is Hillsboro’s cheapest, with a $7.70 premium and $480 deductible.

Aetna $7.70 $480 3
Wellcare $11.60 $480 3
Clear Spring Health $16.20 $480 2
Elixir Insurance $20.30 $480 3
Humana $22.70 $480 4

Medicare Special Needs plans

Hillsboro, Oregon’s Medicare Special Needs Plans (SNPs) are a subset of Medicare Advantage for people with special needs or chronic disabilities. Only a handful of providers offer SNPs, which aren’t available in all areas.

PacificSource has a low-cost, dual-eligibility SNP for Hillsboro enrollees with a $0 premium and $6,700 MOOP.

United Health Care’s institutional-eligibility SNP is another popular option. Though it has a higher $35 premium, the MOOP stops at an impressively low $750.

CareOregon’s SNP is also popular and one of Hillsboro’s cheapest HMO-POS plans. It has a $40.50 monthly premium and a $3,400 MOOP.

PLAN PREMIUM MOOP Plan Type Eligibility
Pacificsource $0 $6,700 HMO Dual
UnitedHealthcare $4.20 $7,550 LOCAL PPO Chronic/Disabling
UnitedHealthcare $35.00 $750 LOCAL PPO Institutional
Ageright $40.50 $6,500 HMO Institutional
CareOregon $40.50 $3,400 HMO-POS Dual


How much is Medicare Part A in Hillsboro, OR?

Medicare Part A premium costs vary based on income and Social Security status. However, most Medicare beneficiaries don’t have to pay a monthly premium for Medicare Part A.

Is Medigap the same as Part C in Hillsboro?

Part C is another name for Medicare Advantage, which has distinctly different benefits than Medigap. While Medigap plans work alongside Parts A and B to cover remaining Medicare Costs, Medicare Advantage plans will allow beneficiaries to receive their Original Medicare benefits and others from a private insurance company. Most Medicare Advantage plans include additional benefits and coverage for doctor’s visits and hospital stays.

Who is eligible for Part D plans in Hillsboro, OR?

Anyone over 65 with Original Medicare Part A and B is eligible for a Hillsboro, Oregon, Medicare Part D plan. However, you might not need one with a comprehensive Medicare Advantage plan. Refer to your plan details to determine if you can enroll in a Medicare Part D plan.

How do I apply for Medicare in Hillsboro, OR, at Age 65?

The government enrolls people in Hillsboro, Oregon Medicare when they turn 65 if they’re drawing Railroad or Social Security benefits. You can also sign up or apply for Original Medicare online or through your nearest Social Security office.

Do Medigap premiums increase with age in Hillsboro, OR?

Medigap premiums in Hillsboro increase as you get older with most insurance carriers. The majority of plan options use the attained age pricing method.

How to sign up for Medicare plans in Hillsboro

Finding the perfect supplemental Hillsboro, Oregon, Medicare plan can be a chore with all the plans and providers you need to sort through. Luckily, our team makes it easy.

We’ll compare coverage rates from every Hillsboro Medicare Supplement provider so you can find an option that meets your healthcare and budget needs. Call or complete our online form to get rates today.

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