Nevada’s Medicare Advantage participation rate is between 26% and 49%. But is a Medicare Advantage plan in Nevada right for you? Let’s look at some rate quotes for programs in your area.

Medicare Advantage plans in Nevada

Why is Medicare Advantage participation so high in Nevada? Because beneficiaries appreciate that they can get their main medical health insurance and bundle it with ancillary coverage under one plan. The plans also work similarly to private health insurance, which most retirees have used all their life.

Many plans will come with prescription drug coverage already included. But you should understand that purchasing Medicare Advantage means forgoing your government Medicare benefits and getting them from a private company instead.

If you live in a major high-population county like Clark County, you could choose from as many as 44 plans. But many smaller counties only have a handful of Medicare Advantage options. Be sure to read through your summary of benefits very carefully because these are highly customizable plans and can vary significantly from one provider to the next.

Medicare Advantage plans available

Medicare Advantage plans aren’t standardized like Medigap plans because they are designed to replace Original Medicare instead of supplementing it. Also, the coverage available to you depends on your zip code.

The data below may not reflect the same available data in your area.

Medicare Advantage plans with a zero-dollar premium

Many Medicare Advantage plans start with a $0 monthly premium. But many of these plans also come with fewer benefits and higher out-of-pocket costs to compensate for this.

Some Medicare Advantage plans, like UnitedHealthcare or WellCare, will limit your out-of-pocket costs to $1,000 annually. They will take care of the rest if you use your benefits enough to spend that much out-of-pocket.

Though, plans like Humana or Aetna have maximum out-of-pocket costs over six times higher. But this may be because they offer more benefits.

Alignment Health is in the middle. They cap your out-of-pocket costs at $1,900, which makes it much more affordable for some beneficiaries.

Humana $0 $6,700 LOCAL PPO 4
UnitedHealthcare $0 $1,000 HMO 4
Aetna $0 $6,700 LOCAL PPO 4
Wellcare $0 $1,000 HMO N/A
Alignment Health $0 $1,900 HMO N/A

Medicare Advantage plans with a zero-dollar drug deductible

Another way to keep costs low is to choose a plan with an HMO network like UnitedHealthcare. That, plus the lower out-of-pocket costs, can save you a lot of money.

You could also try a hybrid HMO-POS plan from Aetna. Their maximum out-of-pocket cost is $1 cheaper, and you’ll have more options if you need to go out of network.

Humana is one of the more expensive HMOs because its maximum out-of-pocket costs are nearly double the other plans. But they also have high customer service ratings, which is a good sign.

UnitedHealthcare $0 $1,000 HMO 4
Humana $0 $1,900 HMO 4
Wellcare $0 $1,000 HMO N/A
Alignment Health $0 $1,900 HMO N/A
Aetna $0 $999 HMO-POS 3

Medicare Paert C plans with a Part B reduction

Are your Medicare Part B premiums too high? If so, a Medicare Advantage plan from Alignment Health could save you the most on your costs with a low MOOP and a $50 Part B reduction.

Wellcare’s pricing is a little bit funny. They have the highest MOOP but only a $74 Part B reduction. Based on similar plans in the area, the MOOP should be lower, or the reduction should be higher to be competitive.

Humana, Aetna, and UnitedHealthcare have the highest Part B reduction. But they also have a $6,700 MOOP, which is critical to keep in mind when it’s time to purchase.

Humana $0 $6,700 $100.00 4
Aetna $0 $6,700 $100.00 4
Alignment Health $0 $999 $50.00 N/A
UnitedHealthcare $0 $6,700 $100.00 4
Wellcare $0 $7,550 $74.00 N/A


There’s one thing Medicare Advantage plans offer that no other Medicare Supplement does: ancillary coverage. Whether you need help with your vision, hearing, dental, or all of the above, you will likely have the option to bundle everything onto the same health insurance plan.

This makes managing your healthcare needs much easier for many beneficiaries.

Cities in Nevada with estimated premiums for Medicare Advantage coverage

Estimated premiums for different supplemental coverage for the cities listed below are shown on the accompanying charts below:


Can the person have Medigap and Medicare Advantage simultaneously in Nevada?

It’s actually illegal for any insurance provider to sell you a Medicare Advantage plan if you already have Medigap or vice versa.

This results in duplicate coverage, which means you already pay for benefits under another policy.

Contact your local Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services office or your State Department of Insurance if anyone has approached you and tried to sell you duplicate coverage.

Which two Medicare plans can’t be enrolled together in Nevada?

Likewise, you can’t enroll in Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D at the same time.

This is because most Medicare Advantage plans already have some form of prescription drug coverage built in. This would be another form of duplicate coverage.

Do Medigap plans include Part D?

No, Medigap plans don’t include any form of prescription drug coverage. That’s why beneficiaries sometimes use Medicare Advantage plans for their prescription drug needs.

How to get help enrolling in a Nevada Medicare Advantage plan

If you want to get free rate quotes in a matter of minutes, we would love for you to contact us. Our agents work directly with Medicare Advantage providers in your area to help Medicare recipients like you get the most affordable medical care.

Our experts have been doing this for years, and we know exactly how to get you the savings you deserve.

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