Michigan Medicare Advantage plans are an excellent way to receive your Medicare benefits. These all-in-one plans are also referred to as Medicare Part C. They must cover everything covered by Original Medicare.

The advantage to these plans is that in addition to covering you and Original Medicare, they often include Part D drug coverage and additional benefits not offered by Medicare.

In Michigan, 890,474 Medicare members enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan. That equates to 44.78% of all Michiganders choosing Medicare Advantage programs.

How Medicare Advantage plans work in Michigan

Medicare Advantage plans typically have low to no premiums and fixed manageable co-pays for most services. Insurance companies such as Humana or Aetna offer them and work similarly to group insurance coverage.

When enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan, you put your Original Medicare on hold and assign the Medicare Advantage company the right to administer your healthcare.

Most Medicare Part C plans include drug coverage and benefits not covered by Medicare, such as dental, vision, and hearing.

These plans’ benefits can vastly differ from one plan to another. It’s wise to speak to a licensed insurance agent to review the differences and help you understand which one fits your needs best.

25 counties throughout the United States offer more than 65 Medicare Advantage plans in their service area. In Oakland, Michigan, beneficiaries can access 68 Medicare Part C plans.

Medicare Advantage plans offered in Michigan

Unlike Medicare Supplement plans, the federal government’s Medicare Part C plans aren’t standardized. This means that all programs have different benefits and cost structures, making them more challenging to decipher.

Below we’ll go over Michigan Medicare Advantage plans with a zero-dollar premium, some with no deductibles for prescriptions, a few that boast a 5-Star rating, and a couple that will reduce the amount you pay for Medicare Part B.

Medicare Advantage plans with a zero-dollar premium in Michigan

Just because a plan has a zero-dollar premium, you shouldn’t expect all the other benefits to be zero. In many cases, you’ll have a give-and-take effect.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of MI plans are strong in the area, with seven Medicare Advantage plan options. They have a few plans with a zero-dollar premium and several with 5-Star ratings. Blue Cross has been a force in the Advantage market for many years.

With 11 Advantage options, Centene, the parent company of Wellcare, has become a staple in the market. Many of their plans have low maximum out-of-pocket costs and various options. Wellcare is quickly an up-and-coming star in the Medicare Advantage space.

Humana is one of the largest Medicare Advantage companies in the United States. In Detriot, Michigan, Humana offers six Medicare Advantage plans. You can never go wrong with Humana, with excellent customer service and a good mix of HMO and PPO options.

Humana $0 $4,900 HMO 3.5
Wellcare $0 $3,450 HMO 3.5
UnitedHealthcare $0 $4,900 PPO 5
Aetna $0 $4,950 PPO 4.5
BCBS of MI $0 $4,500 HMO-POS 5

Medicare Advantage plans with a zero-dollar drug deductible

Many Advantage plans include drug coverage. Medicare allows plans containing drug coverage to set a deductible for the drug portion. However, that doesn’t mean you must pay a deductible to get your prescriptions.

Some carriers have a zero-dollar deductible, and some only apply the deductible for brand-name drugs. The best practice is to check your medications with the plan formulary to ensure you get the best plan that fits your needs.

Priority Health $0 $5,300 PPO 4
Hap Senior $0 $4,300 HMO 4.5
Reliance Medicare $0 $5,900 HMO N/A
UnitedHealthcare $0 $4,550 PPO 5
Zing Choice $0 $4,200 HMO N/A

Medicare Advantage plans with a 5-star rating

Some carriers have a 5-star rating. Plans that are good enough to be awarded this rating have special enrollment rules. You can enroll in a plan with a 5-Star rating outside of typical enrollment periods.

Two companies in Detriot offer 5-Star rated plans. Both UnitedHealthcare and BCBS of MI have plan options with 5-Star ratings. BCBS of MI offers five choices, and AARP UnitedHealthcare provides two. These two companies are powerhouses regarding Advantage plans, and their clients speak highly of both.

UnitedHealthcare $0 $4,900 PPO 5
Blue Care $0 $4,500 HMO-POS 5

Medicare Advantage plans with a Part B reduction

One unique benefit to Medicare Advantage plans is the Part B reduction or giveback plan.

Many people misdescribe these plans, and Medicare beneficiaries think they will receive money back from Social Security.

It simply lowers the amount that Social Security deducts from your Social Security check to pay for your Medicare part B.

Give-back plans aren’t available in every area, and you should check with a licensed insurance agent to see if one is in your area.

In the Detroit area, several companies offer Part B reduction plans as an option for Michigan residents.

Some of the plans listed below are Medicare Advantage only. This means they don’t include drug coverage.

It’s recommended that unless you have creditable drug coverage from another source, such as the VA, you should enroll in a Medicare Advantage that includes drug coverage.

Ascension $0 $2,900 $100.00 N/A
Wellcare $0 $3,450 $99.00 3.5
Priority Health $0 $4,700 $99.00 3.5
Hap Senior $0 $4,000 $50.00 4.5
Aetna $0 $5,500 $35.00 4.5


As mentioned above, one of the advantages of a Medicare Part C plan is the additional benefits that Medicare does not cover. Many Medicare Advantage plans include dental, vision, and hearing coverage.

In addition, many have gym memberships, including over-the-counter allowances and transportation. The list goes on regarding Advantage plans nowadays, but remember, not every plan extra is offered in every plan or all areas.

Medicare and Medicare Supplement plans don’t offer these extras, and you will likely have to buy additional coverage unless you elect a Part C plan. If there is a particular benefit you want, check with an agent to see what plans offer these services in your area.

Michigan cities with estimated premiums for Medicare Supplement coverage

Below, the following charts were created to illustrate premiums for the following cities:


How much does a Medicare Advantage Plan cost in Michigan?

In every Michigan county, there is a zero-premium Medicare Advantage plan available. The average current cost of an Advantage plan is about $30

Is Medicare Advantage the same as Blue Advantage in Michigan?

Blue Advantage is a Medicare Advantage plan in Michigan, but many other options exist. There are a plethora of Medicare Advantage companies to select from in Michigan.

How much can I get back on my Medicare part B in Michigan?

Medicare giveback amounts vary depending on the plan and your location. In Detroit, Michigan, the giveback on a Medicare Advantage plan can range from $30 to $100 a month.

What is the best Michigan Medicare Advantage plan?

Best is a relative word. The best plan for you may differ from the best for your neighbor. You should speak to an insurance broker who can review your needs and wants to ensure you get the best plan. Then they can recommend the best plan for your situation.

How to get help enrolling in a Michigan Medicare Advantage plan

When choosing a Medicare Advantage plan in Michigan, there are many options. Make sure you do what’s best for your needs.

Our agents are standing by to help you review the options based on your situation. We’ll educate you on the plan options that fit your needs and even help you through enrollment.

So, gather your prescriptions, red, white, and blue cards, and call us. If now isn’t the best time, fill out our online request form, and we’ll have a licensed agent reach out to help you.

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