There are currently 1,193,017 total people enrolled in Wisconsin Medicare plans. Over half receive Original Medicare benefits, while the rest have a Medicare Advantage plan.

We’ll detail all you need to know about Original Medicare and supplemental plans in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Medicare Facts & Figures

  • There are over 583,900 Part A and Part B Medicare enrollees in Wisconsin.
  • Out of all enrollees, 553,160 beneficiaries aged into their plan.
  • Of the over 661,000 people enrolled in one or both parts of Medicare, 108,344 are disabled.
  • The state has 543,816 Medicare Advantage beneficiaries.
  • Just over 848,000 people in Wisconsin utilize Medicare Part D for prescriptions.

Medicare Costs in Wisconsin for 2024

Medicare Part A covers inpatient services. You may incur up to a 10% higher premium for not signing up when you’re first eligible.

Part B coverage features a regular monthly premium and requires paying around 20% coinsurance after reaching the deductible.

Medicare Part A Costs in 2023 Medicare Part B Costs in 2023
  • Part A is premium-free for most
  • Part A deductible is $1,600 per benefit period
  • Inpatient hospital stay days 61-90 is $400
  • The standard Part B premium is $164.90
  • The annual deductible for Part B is $226
  • Medicare pays 80%, you pay 20% out-of-pocket

Original Medicare Coverage

Original Medicare costs and coverage remain the same throughout the country. There are 661,504 beneficiaries enrolled in Part A and Part B Original Medicare in Wisconsin.

Parts of Wisconsin Medicare plans may cover physical therapy, some medical transportation services, and particular home healthcare services.

Medicare Part A (Hospital Coverage)

  • Inpatient care in hospitals
  • Skilled nursing facility care
  • Hospice care
  • Home health care
Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance)

  • Services from doctors and health providers
  • Outpatient care
  • Home health care
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Some preventive services

Supplemental Medicare Plans in Wisconsin

With inflation’s steady rise, Wisconsin residents’ medical expenses are only going up. The last thing you want to do is pay a ridiculous amount for healthcare, especially in old age. Fortunately, there are alternatives to the Original Medicare program.

Supplemental Medicare plans are available for expenses that Medicare doesn’t cover in Wisconsin. These plans are popular for their straightforward pricing and benefits. Medigap fills gaps in Part A and B Medicare, while additional options are ideal for Part C and Part D coverage.

Supplemental Medicare costs depend on the specific plan and the county where you live. Medicare Supplement coverage is the same across most states. No matter the plan you choose, all are affordable. can help you compare plans and rates to ensure you get great care at a reasonable price.

Medicare Advantage plans cover and offer benefits that traditional Medicare Part A and B don’t. Some plans may include Part D coverage, while others require that you buy it separately. The private insurance company you work with will alert you to exact benefits.

Estimated Premiums for Supplemental Medicare Coverage in Wisconsin Cities

Estimated Premiums for supplemental Medicare coverage for the listed cities can be viewed using the charts provided in the link below:

Green Bay

Wisconsin Medicare Resources

Medicare beneficiaries in Wisconsin have a few Medicare resources for applying or getting more information. You can rely on the local state health insurance assistance program or the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance for assistance. Additional resources include the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. is ideal for distinguishing between plans, determining what coverage you need, and learning about each plan’s inclusions if you’re looking for a supplemental Medicare resource. We offer everything you need to know about Wisconsin’s Medicare Advantage and Medigap plans.


What benefits come with Original Medicare in Wisconsin?

Original Medicare covers Part A and Part B expenses. Part A benefits include inpatient hospital care coverage, nursing home expense coverage, and home healthcare and hospice coverage. People enrolled in Part B benefits get coverage for outpatient care, therapy, preventative screenings, and other treatments for injuries and diseases.

Your employer may already pay for your Original Medicare insurance. You’ll need additional Part D insurance if you want benefits such as prescription drug coverage. Part C and D aren’t part of Original Medicare.

Is Original Medicare Part A and B in Wisconsin?

Yes, Original Medicare Part A and Part B are available in Wisconsin. Currently, 583,977 Wisconsin beneficiaries receive Part A and Part B Medicare. Wisconsin has 661,214 Part A enrollees and 584,267 Part B enrollees.

If you’ve worked for ten years or more, Original Medicare is free. Sign up at your local insurance or Social Security office, or apply online. If you want additional Part C or Part D insurance, consider Medicare Advantage or Medigap Part D coverage.

Does Medicare Part B pay for prescriptions in Wisconsin?

Medicare Part B pays for a few medications in specific circumstances. Typically, Part B doesn’t pay for prescriptions or outpatient drugs. In Wisconsin, Part B covers administered drugs via durable medical equipment, antigens, and injectable osteoporosis drugs under certain conditions. In other situations, Medicare Part B will cover expenses for a home health nurse to treat you.

After meeting the Part B deductible, you’ll pay around a 20% copay for prescriptions and outpatient medications. You’ll need a standalone Part D plan for other prescription coverage through a private insurance company.

Can I get Medicare Part B for free in Wisconsin?

Medicare Part B isn’t typically free due to monthly premiums and other expenses. However, some programs may reduce or eliminate these costs.

The Qualified Medicare Beneficiary program, the Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary program, and the Qualifying Individual program are available to reduce the financial burden.

How do I know if I have Original Medicare in Wisconsin?

It’s relatively easy to determine your Wisconsin Medicare plan’s status. You can check whether or not you have coverage on Medicare’s online portal or by calling them. You can view your plans and their details online, see your coverage type and check how long you’ve had each plan, and you can also check your enrollment status if you have a Medicare Advantage plan on Medicare’s website.

How to Sign Up for Supplemental Medicare in Wisconsin

Applying for Medicare is challenging, no matter your age. By speaking to a Medicare expert such as one of our licensed insurance agents, you can quickly discover the most affordable supplemental healthcare plans in your part of Wisconsin.

We offer a free service to make signing up for Medicare easier. Our agents compare plans to help you find the one that suits you best.

So give us a call today. Or fill out our online rate form to get the best rates in your area.

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