Original Medicare covers a lot but doesn’t cover all your healthcare needs. If you’re a senior citizen living in Vermont, you’ll want to enroll in a Medicare Supplement or Medigap plan to give you more comprehensive coverage and fill any gaps.

The US government has standardized Medicare Supplement plans, and you never have to worry about getting fewer benefits or higher premiums depending on the carrier.

Vermont Medicare Supplement enrollment per letter plan

According to recent surveys and data collection, more than 52,000 Vermont residents have enrolled in Medigap (also known as Medical Supplement) plans. Many have also taken advantage of Fee-for-Service (FFS) Medicare, 38.1%of whom added Medigap for further coverage.

That number may not seem like a high percentage, but it’s higher than many other more populated states.

  1,092 678 13,037 9,309 9,991 815 310 113 0 10,501

As you’ll notice from the chart above, the most popular Medicare Supplement plans in Vermont is Medigap Plan C. More than 13,000 people are enrolled in Plan C, ensuring they get the most comprehensive coverage to fill all the gaps in Medicare. Plan C covers most, if not all, Original Medicare aspects, including:

  • Medicare Part A hospital coinsurance
  • Part A and Part B deductibles
  • Part B preventative care coinsurance
  • Skilled nursing facility care coinsurance
  • Part B coinsurance

The second most common Medicare Supplement plan option is Medigap Plan N, which has 10,501 beneficiaries. Plan N is excellent for Vermont residents who want to save money and enjoy most Medicare Supplement policy benefits. Plan N has excellent reviews and includes coverage for things like the following:

  • Part A coinsurance
  • Part A deductibles
  • But not Part B deductibles or excess charges

Medigap Plan F has the third-largest number of beneficiaries in Vermont. With 9,991 residents enrolled and easy-to-understand costs and benefits, Plan F is a great Medicare Supplement plan option. The benefits of choosing Medigap Plan F include the following:

  • Zero out-of-pocket payments
  • No copayments
  • No coinsurance
  • No deductibles
medicare supplement enrollees per plan in vermont

Medigap plan coverage chart for Vermont

The monthly premium rates for a Medigap policy may change depending on several factors, such as where you live, how old you’re, and when you enroll. However, the benefits stay the same. For example, whether you live in Vermont or New Mexico, you will receive the same coverage options from your Medigap Plan C.

Medicare Supplement plan costs in Vermont

Medicare Supplement plans offer identical coverage options from state to state and carrier to carrier. However, the costs can vary considerably. Your Medigap letter plan’s premium rate might fluctuate depending on multiple factors, such as:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Area of residence
  • Tobacco use
  • Household discounts
  • Payment method
  • Time of enrollment
medicare supplement costs in vermont

What’s the average cost for a Medicare Supplement plan in Vermont?

Vermont Medicare Supplement premiums will be different due to several reasons. The monthly premium will average between $110 to $180.

Cheapest premium per Medigap letter plan in Vermont

The chart below shows the lowest Medigap letter plan premiums in Vermont. We’ve compiled these quotes based on a 70-year-old female.

Premium $107 $172 $183 $160 $165 $145 $77 $133 $204 $119

Most expensive premium per Medigap letter plan in Vermont

Do you want to know the highest premium rates for Medigap letter plans? The chart figures below show the most expensive premium quotes based on a 70-year-old male living in Vermont.

Premium $218 $327 $381 $363 $378 $343 $151 $174 $204 $209

Top Medicare Supplement plan carriers in Vermont

Check out the figures in the chart below to see Vermont’s leading Medicare Supplement carriers. The numbers reflect quotes from a female resident aged 65.

Accendo offers the lowest prices for Medigap Plans F and G at $165 and $145 monthly, respectively. However, if you want the lowest price for Plan N, Cigna is your top option with a $119 monthly premium.

Vermont Health $183 $152 $154
Accendo $165 $145 $125
Cigna $208 $158 $119
USAA Life $231 $209 $159
Humana $236 $235 $177

Estimated premiums for Medicare Supplement plan in cities across Vermont

For the cities listed below, the estimated premiums for Medicare Supplement coverage can be found by accessing the charts linked:


What is the deductible for Plan G in Vermont?

With a standard Medigap Plan G, you can enjoy immediate coverage. You will only have to pay $240 for the Part B plan deductible in addition to your monthly premium rate.

Who pays for Medigap in Vermont?

Private insurance companies like Cigna and Humana provide Vermont Medicare Supplement or Medigap letter plans.

If you enroll in Medigap, you must pay your insurance company and the monthly premium rate for Medicare Part B.

When can I apply for Medigap in Vermont?

The best time to apply for a Medigap policy is during the Open Enrollment Period (OEP), a six-month time slot available one month after enrolling in Medicare Part B and turning 65.

Even if you have poor health or pre-existing medical conditions, insurance companies can’t change your rates or deny you certain benefits.

Do Medigap plans have maximum out-of-pocket expenses in Vermont?

With Original Medicare, you will likely have to pay some medical bills alone because it has no cap on maximum out-of-pocket (MOOP) expenses.

You’re responsible for coinsurance and deductibles. However, Medigap plans will cover most, if not all, out-of-pocket costs depending on the insurance company.

What is the least expensive Medicare Supplement plan in Vermont?

If you live in Vermont and want the cheapest Medicare Supplement plan, choose Plan K. Medigap Plan K has the lowest premium rates and still offers excellent coverage to supplement Original Medicare.

With only a $77 monthly premium, Plan K is the best option for seniors who want to save money.

How to sign up for a Medicare Supplement plan in Vermont

Are you ready to search for a Medicare Supplement plan in Vermont? You’ll find in-depth information, helpful resources, Medigap policy descriptions, and more at Medigap.com.

Furthermore, our licensed insurance agents can give you real-life advice to help you secure the plan that best fits your individual needs.

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