There are hundreds of thousands of seniors in Alabama who are supplementing their Medicare benefits with a Medigap plan right now. The most favored plans are Plan G & Plan N.

Medigap Plan Enrollment in Alabama

Plan Type A B C D E F G H I J K L M N
Enrollment 888 119,818 7,655 873 378 36,376 3,901 82 247 1,546 335 545 3 3,715

How Much Do Medicare Supplement Plans Cost in Alabama

There are many different factors that will determine exactly what you pay for your Medigap policy. Your health as a whole will likely be the biggest factor. Unhealthy habits – like smoking – will also change your rate. Finally, your age and gender can also substantially alter your premium.

Your exact location will also play a big part, even down to your specific county and zip code. The best way to make sure you get the best price despite all of these factors is to shop around and compare companies against one another.

Most Popular Medicare Supplement Plans in Alabama

Alabama seniors are marching to the beat of their own drum when it comes to Medigap insurance. Most plans cover many of the gaps inherent in Part A & Part B. The most preferred letter plan in Alabama is Plan G. In recent years, Plan F was the most popular plan. However, this plan is no longer available to new Medicare beneficiaries.

Medigap Has Zero Restrictions with Provider Networks

Medicare Supplement plans are not restricted to a specific provider network, unlike some other types of insurance. As long as your chosen doctor, hospital, or outpatient facility accept Medicare assignment, and they will accept your Medigap insurance.

Accepting assignment is what happens when your doctor agrees to be paid the Medicare-approved amount of your Medicare-covered services. This acceptance also allows him or her to file medical claims on your behalf. Your doctor cannot legally bill you any more than your established cost share for services rendered (cost-share meaning your coinsurance or co-payments, along with any applicable deductibles).

What Medigap Plan in Alabama is Best for Me

It can be hard to determine exactly which Medigap plan is best for any one individual. All of the plans may be standardized, but not all Medigap insurance providers are created equal. The search for the provider that’s best for you can be very difficult. Thankfully, is an excellent resource for finding one. We have the most comprehensive list of Medicare supplement insurance companies for you to choose from – which should make the process much easier.

But you should sit down and think about what your future health care needs will be. The more accurate of a prediction you can make, the easier it will be to find the best plan and the best provider to meet those needs. Remember, it’s not just about the price. You’re going to need a financially stable, well-respected Medigap insurance company that will provide you with affordable coverage as well as good customer service.

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