There are 749,470 total beneficiaries with Oklahoma Medicare plans in the state. The majority of these enrollees receive Original Medicare. This article will detail all the essential information regarding Original Medicare in Oklahoma and describe various supplemental options.

Oklahoma Medicare Facts & Figures

  • There are 576,742 enrollees with Medicare Part A in Oklahoma, while 511,411 beneficiaries have Part B coverage.
  • Of Oklahomans with both parts of Original Medicare, 82,321 are disabled. Just over 425,000 beneficiaries aged into their plan.
  • Over 181,000 people have a Medicare Advantage plan in Oklahoma.
  • Medicare Part D enrollees make up 493,962 of the total participants.

Medicare Costs in Oklahoma for 2024

Part A of Medicare covers inpatient costs for hospital stays, hospice, home health care, and nursing facilities and often has no monthly premium if you worked for ten years or longer.

Part B covers outpatient expenses and does require a monthly premium. Coverage for Part B in Oklahoma includes doctor’s appointments, some therapies, durable medical equipment, and diagnostic testing.

Medicare Part A Costs in 2023 Medicare Part B Costs in 2023
  • Part A is premium-free for most
  • Part A deductible is $1,600 per benefit period
  • Inpatient hospital stay days 61-90 is $400
  • The standard Part B premium is $164.90
  • The annual deductible for Part B is $226
  • Medicare pays 80%, you pay 20% out-of-pocket

Original Medicare Coverage

577,110 total beneficiaries enrolled in Part A and/or Part B Medicare. Of these Oklahomans, 482,668 aged in and over 94,000 became eligible after becoming disabled.

Medicare Part A (Hospital Coverage)

  • Inpatient care in hospitals
  • Skilled nursing facility care
  • Hospice care
  • Home health care
Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance)

  • Services from doctors and health providers
  • Outpatient care
  • Home health care
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Some preventive services

Supplemental Medicare Plans in Oklahoma

Supplemental Oklahoma Medicare plans include Medigap, Medicare Part C, and Medicare Part D. How much you pay depends on your state and plan location. In addition, you may pay higher premiums for plans with lower deductibles.

A Medicare Supplement or Medigap plan covers most expenses that Original Medicare does not cover. Medigap premiums are affordable for many budgets and have standardized benefits that remain the same no matter where you live or what carrier you choose. You could save significantly on out-of-pocket costs with Medigap plans.

Alternatively, Part C (Medicare Advantage) plans cover expenses related to Medicare Part A. Some include prescription drug coverage. You may find a Part C plan more suitable if you have a limited budget.

Part D coverage handles outpatient prescription medication expenses. You can purchase a standalone plan or get coverage through a Medicare Advantage plan.

Oklahoma Medicare Resources

Oklahomans have a few Medicare resources if they need assistance enrolling or want to learn more about plan inclusions. The local Senior Health Insurance Counseling Program (SHIP) is a reliable resource. The Oklahoma State Insurance Department also has accurate information.

Contact the Oklahoma Health Care Authority or the Oklahoma Department of Human Services to answer your questions. If you’re looking to enroll in supplemental Medicare, the team can assist you. We stay updated on all Medigap and supplemental Medicare policies and work with all carriers in Oklahoma.

Cities in Oklahoma with Medigap Coverage’s Estimated Premiums

Oklahoma residents considering Medicare Supplement plans can access the following charts in the below cities:


What does it mean to have Original Medicare in Oklahoma?

If you have Original Medicare in Oklahoma, you have nearly full coverage for inpatient hospital stays, outpatient treatment, and services. Original Oklahoma Medicare plans cover Part A and Part B expenses.

You’ll still pay for prescription medications and expenses Medicare doesn’t cover, but you can offset these costs by enrolling in a supplemental Medicare Advantage or Medigap plan. When you turn 65, you have a limited period to switch from Original Medicare to another policy.

Who is eligible for Original Medicare in Oklahoma?

Anyone age 65 and older are eligible for Original Medicare in Oklahoma. Some conditions may make you eligible before reaching age 65. If you have a chronic disability such as End-Stage Renal Disease or kidney failure and are younger than 65, you may be eligible for coverage.

Are you automatically enrolled in Medicare if you are on Social Security in Oklahoma?

If you already collect Social Security benefits, the Social Security Administration signs you up for both parts of Medicare once you turn 65. You can opt-out of Part B benefits or change plans during the Open Enrollment Period.

You won’t pay a premium for Part A if you’re eligible through Social Security. Still, Part B does require a monthly premium based on your income, age, location, and several other factors. You’ll need to sign up for Medicare Part C and Part D three months before or after turning 65.

Can I get Medicare Part B for free in Oklahoma?

While you can’t get Medicare Part B for free in Oklahoma, there are many ways to save and get lower monthly premiums. You can use your Social Security benefits to pay Part B premiums or consider a Medicare Savings Program (MSP), such as the Low-Income Subsidy program.

Your monthly income cannot surpass a specific number depending on your location and current assets to qualify for a Medicare Savings Program. You can get a lower premium for Part B coverage if eligible.

What income is necessary to determine Medicare premiums in Oklahoma?

Although Medicaid requires your income details, Medicare does not. Medicare uses your past income taxes to determine your monthly premium.

Medicare recipients’ income may incur a higher premium charge in some cases. If you make more than $91,000 yearly, you may have a surcharge due to the Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount.

How to Sign Up for Supplemental Medicare in Oklahoma

Oklahoma seniors have a lot of options when it comes to Medicare supplemental plans. We can help you compare all the best plans in the state to find the one that’s right for your needs and budget.

Let our licensed insurance agents help you choose the plan that gives you the coverage you need at a price you can afford. Call us today or fill out our simple online rate form to get the best rates in your area.

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