Duluth, Minnesota, has 80,602 Original Medicare Part A and Part B enrollees. Among them, 43,815 also have a Medicare Advantage plan, one of the most popular forms of supplemental Medicare nationwide. That gives Duluth a 54.4% Medicare Advantage participation rate, far above the 42.1% national average.

Duluth Minnesota Supplemental Medicare plans

There are four primary types of Duluth, Minnesota, Medicare supplements: Medigap, Part D, Special Needs Plans, and Medicare Advantage.

Each plan gives Minnesota Original Medicare enrollees additional coverage to fill the healthcare gaps that Parts A and B missed. Since private insurance companies control supplemental plans, their prices vary with provider, location, age, gender, and other factors.

In the charts below, we’ll look at the typical quotes for each plan type for a 65-year-old Duluth, Minnesota, male enrollee to give you an estimate for your new supplemental coverage.

Cheapest Medicare Advantage plans in Duluth, MN

There are 43 Minnesota Medicare Advantage plans in St. Louis County, where Duluth resides. There are few counties in the state with as many Medicare Advantage options, so in Duluth, Minnesota, Medicare enrollees have several low-cost, highly-rated plans at their fingertips.

Humana offers the most affordable Duluth, Minnesota, Medicare Advantage plan. It has a $0 premium and a $4,400 maximum out-of-pocket (MOOP) rate.

Medica has a similarly priced Medicare Advantage plan to Humana’s with a $0 premium and $4,500 MOOP, but Medica’s is an 1876 Cost plan instead of a Local PPO.

BCBS has another popular 1876 Cost Medicare Advantage option with a $25 monthly premium and $6,000 MOOP. Every plan listed above has a four out of five-star rating that measures the plan’s overall effectiveness.

PLAN PREMIUM MOOP Plan Type Star Rating
Medica $0 $4,500 1876 COST 4
Humana $0 $4,400 LOCAL PPO 4
Ucare $0 $6,500 LOCAL PPO 4
UnitedHealthcare $0 $6,700 LOCAL PPO 4
BCBS of Minnesota $25.00 $6,000 1876 COST 4

Average Medicare Supplement plans in Duluth, MN

Medicare Supplement plans, commonly called Medigap plans, give Original Medicare users more coverage for inpatient and outpatient services like skilled nursing care and durable medical equipment. The federal government standardizes all Medicare Supplement plans, so each policy’s benefits are constant across all Duluth providers, with the only difference being the premium prices.

Duluth, Minnesota, Medicare Supplement plans work differently than the rest of the country. Most states can only offer 12 plans lettered A through N, but Minnesota insurance providers have more control over their Medigap options, and their most enrolled-in plans fall outside that standard.

Minnesota Extended is one of Duluth’s most comprehensive Medigap options, but it’s also the most expensive on average, with premiums ranging from $213.27 to $755.58 per month.

Minnesota Basic is Minnesota’s baseline Medigap coverage. It has all the essential Medigap benefits, with standard premiums ranging from $139.73 to $274.21.

Duluth, Minnesota, Medicare beneficiaries can also opt for Minnesota 50%, which waters down the benefits from Minnesota Basic with more affordable average premiums between $132.30 and $139.16 per month.

MINNESOTA 50% $132.30 $139.16
MINNESOTA 75% $188.15 $209.16
MINNESOTA 50% A $267.73 N/A
MINNESOTA BASIC $139.73 $274.21
MINNESOTA EXTENDED $213.27 $755.58
MINNESOTA HD $57.99 $175.11
MINNESOTA HD 2 $64.65 $77.72
MINNESOTA PBCO $137.27 $309.59
MINNESOTA XBAS $196.73 $528.67

Affordable Medicare Part D prescription drug plan

Duluth, Minnesota, Medicare Part D covers prescription medications. Part D plans are popular nationwide since Medigap policies don’t include prescription drug coverage, and only specific Medicare Advantage plans do.

Aetna’s Part D plan has the most affordable premium at $6.80 per month and a $480 deductible.

UnitedHealthcare’s Part D package offers the lowest deductible at $310 but a slightly higher $29.30 premium payment.

Humana’s Part D plan is one of Duluth’s highest-rated, regardless of price. It has a four-star rating, a $22.70 premium, and a $480 deductible.

Aetna $6.80 $480 3
Wellcare $10.60 $480 3
Clear Spring Health $16.60 $480 2
Humana $22.70 $480 4
UnitedHealthcare $29.30 $310 4

Medicare Special Needs plans

SNPs are a subset of Medicare Advantage with additional coverage for Duluth, Minnesota, Medicare enrollees with chronic disabilities or specialized medical needs. Despite not every provider or location having Special Needs Plans, Duluth has a wide selection of popular options.

Ucare and Blue Plus offer SNPs with $0 premiums and $0 MOOPs.

Medica’s Special Needs Plan also has a $0 premium with a higher $7,550 MOOP.

UnitedHealthcare’s SNP has a $36.20 premium and a low $1,800 MOOP but stands out for being one of the only Local PPO plans with institutional eligibility.

PLAN PREMIUM MOOP Plan Type Eligibility
Ucare $0 $0 HMO Dual
Medica $0 $7,550 HMO Dual
Ucare $0 $0 HMO Dual
Blue Plus $0 $0 HMO Dual
UnitedHealthcare $36.20 $1,800 LOCAL PPO Institutional


Is Medicare Part A and B Free in Duluth, Minnesota?

Medicare Part A has free premiums for anyone over 65 receiving Social Security or Railroad Retirement Board benefits. However, you’ll still have to pay the deductible, and Part B has a deductible and monthly premium.

Who Is Eligible for Medicare in Duluth, Minnesota?

Any Duluth resident over 65 with a history of paying Medicare taxes for at least ten years is eligible for Original Medicare. You might also qualify before those requirements if you have a disability, End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), or Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS).

Does Medicare Part D Cover Drugs in Duluth, Minnesota?

Medicare Part D does cover prescription drug costs in Duluth. You should sign up for Part D if you have prescriptions since Medicare Supplement plans help with prescription medications.

Who Qualifies for Medigap Insurance in Duluth, MN?

Anyone with Medicare Parts A and B is eligible for Medigap in Duluth. However, you’ll have to sign up during your six-month Open Enrollment Period, which typically begins as soon as you enroll in Part B.

Can I Switch from Original Medicare to Medicare Advantage Anytime in Duluth, MN?

You’ll need to wait until either Duluth’s Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment or Annual Enrollment Period begin. Open Enrollment goes from January 1 to March 31, while Annual Enrollment runs from October 15 to December 7 every year.

How to sign up for Supplemental Medicare plans in Duluth

Our team compares rates from every Duluth, Minnesota, Medicare provider for free so that you can find the coverage you need without spending weeks researching the dozens of providers and policies across the city.

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