Original Medicare Parts A and B cover essential inpatient and outpatient services for Bloomington, Minnesota residents, including hospital treatment and durable medical equipment. However, there are several basic health needs that baseline Bloomington, Minnesota Medicare cannot cover, like dentist visits, prescription medication, foreign medical travel, and chronic disability care.

Thankfully, the four primary forms of supplemental Medicare, Part D, Medicare Advantage, Medigap, and Medicare Special Needs Plans (SNP) exist to fill those gaps for Bloomington, Minnesota residents.

Bloomington Minnesota Supplemental Medicare Plans

Unlike Original Medicare Parts A and B in Minnesota, private insurance companies control supplemental Medicare plans and their prices.

Your exact rates for supplemental Medicare will depend on your provider, location, age, gender, and several other factors. We’ll examine the average costs of Bloomington, Minnesota Medicare Supplemental plans for a typical 65-year-old woman in the charts below.

Average Medicare Advantage Plans in Bloomington, MN

Hennepin County has a total of 43 available Minnesota Medicare Advantage plans. That’s one of the highest totals of Medicare Advantage plans of any Minnesota county and includes several low-cost, high-quality options.

Humana offers one of Bloomington’s most affordable Medicare Advantage plans. It has a $0 premium and a low maximum out-of-pocket cost of $4,400.

Ucare’s Bloomington, Minnesota Medicare Advantage plan is one of the city’s only HMOPOS options. It also has a $0 premium and a higher $5,800 MOOP.

HealthPartners’ Medicare Advantage plan has some of the most comprehensive coverage in Bloomington, earning a five out of five-star rating for plan effectiveness. In addition, it has no monthly premium and a $5,500 MOOP.

PLAN PREMIUM MOOP Plan Type Star Rating
Humana $0 $4,400 LOCAL PPO 4
BCBS of Minnesota $0 $4,900 LOCAL PPO 4
Ucare $0 $5,800 HMOPOS N/A
UnitedHealthcare $0 $6,700 LOCAL PPO 4
HealthPartners $0 $5,500 LOCAL PPO 5

Affordable Medicare Supplement Plans in Bloomington, MN

Minnesota Medicare Supplement plans, or Medigap plans, are optional packages that cover services not covered by Original Medicare. Though private insurance companies manage Medicare Supplement plans, the federal government standardizes them so that every policy has the same benefits regardless of provider or location.

There are 12 different Medicare Supplement plans in most of the country, each labeled with a different letter or series of letters. However, Minnesota providers have more autonomy in shaping their policies, so the most popular options don’t meet the standard definition of the Plan A through Plan N Medigap options.

Minnesota Extended is one of the most comprehensive Bloomington, Minnesota Medicare Supplement plans, but the average premium costs are higher to account for that coverage. You can expect to pay anywhere from $216.58 to $755.58 for Minnesota Extended. Minnesota XBAS has a similar coverage and price rate, with average premiums ranging from $199.67 to $549.92.

Bloomington, Minnesota Medicare enrollees who don’t need comprehensive Medigap coverage can sign up for Minnesota 50%, which has reduced benefits compared to Minnesota Basic but costs between $132.30 and $147.65 per month.

MINNESOTA 50% $132.30 $147.65
MINNESOTA 75% $188.15 $221.93
MINNESOTA 50% A $267.13 N/A
MINNESOTA BASIC $142.06 $290.24
MINNESOTA EXTENDED $216.58 $755.58
MINNESOTA HD $63.45 $175.11
MINNESOTA HD 2 $64.65 $77.72
MINNESOTA PBCO $151.72 $309.59
MINNESOTA XBAS $199.67 $549.92

Cheapest Medicare Part D in Bloomington, MN

Medicare Part D in Minnesota covers most prescription medications in Bloomington, MN. These plans are unique compared to other supplemental Medicare options since no Medigap plans and only some Medicare Advantage plans have Part D coverage.

Aetna’s Medicare Part D coverage is the cheapest in Bloomington, MN; it has a $480 deductible and a $6.80 monthly premium.

Humana’s Part D package is another popular and affordable option. It has a $480 deductible, $22.70 monthly premium, and a four-star rating.

United Health Care’s Part D plan has the most affordable annual deductible at just $310 and a $29.30 premium.

Aetna $6.80 $480 3
Wellcare $10.60 $480 3
Clear Spring Health $16.60 $480 2
Humana $22.70 $480 4
UnitedHealthcare $29.30 $310 4

Medicare Special Needs Plans

SNPs are a subset of Medicare Advantage for enrollees with chronic disabilities or special needs. Though they aren’t available everywhere, Bloomington, MN, has a wide selection of popular SNPs.

Ucare and Health Partners have the most affordable Bloomington, Minnesota Medicare Special Needs Plans. They both have $0 premiums and MOOPs for dual-eligible beneficiaries with both Medicare and Medicaid.

Medica also offers a $0 premium, dual eligibility SNP, but this one has a $7,550 MOOP.

United Health Care has one of the few Local PPO SNPs in Bloomington. It has a $36.20 premium and a low $1,800 MOOP with institutional eligibility.

PLAN PREMIUM MOOP Plan Type Eligibility
Ucare $0 $0 HMO Dual
Medica $0 $7,550 HMO Dual
Health Partners $0 $0 HMO Dual
Ucare $12.00 $5,000 HMO Institutional
UnitedHealthcare $36.20 $1,800 LOCAL PPO Institutional


How old should I be before I can apply for Medicare in Bloomington, MN?

You need to be at least 65 years old before receiving Medicare benefits in Bloomington, MN. However, you can apply three months before your 65th birthday for your coverage to begin the 1st of the month of your birthday. You also can apply for Medicare after you’ve collected SSDI for at least 24 months.

What is better: a Medigap plan or an Advantage plan?

Neither Medigap nor Medicare Advantage is objectively better. If you want your supplemental coverage to handle quality-of-life health services like vision and dental, Medicare Advantage is your best bet. However, if you need supplemental coverage for further hospital and nursing care, you’re better off with a Bloomington Medigap plan.

Can Medigap premiums be deducted from Social Security?

You cannot deduct Bloomington Medigap coverage from your Social Security checks. You can, however, use Social Security for your Medicare Part B premiums.

Do Medigap premiums increase with age in Bloomington, MN?

Some Medigap plans get more expensive as you get older. However, most Bloomington, Minnesota Medicare providers opt for “entry age-rated” plans, which means your premiums won’t fluctuate as you get older but will be higher or lower depending on the age you apply.

What is Medicare Supplement Plan G in Bloomington?

Plan G is one of the most popular Medigap plans nationwide. It covers everything that Plan F, the most enrolled in Medigap plan nationally, does, aside from the Part B deductible.

How to Sign Up for Supplemental Medicare in Bloomington

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