Currently, the state has 490,513 residents with Minnesota Medicare Advantage plans. The Duluth area has the highest concentration of participants, with a Medicare Advantage participation rate of 54.36%.

Medicare Advantage plans in Minnesota

Private insurance providers offer Medicare Advantage plans in Minnesota to cover Part A and Part B expenses and provide additional benefits. These plans vary among carriers, and they may include prescription drug coverage. What you pay depends on your location and the plan you choose.

Most Minnesota counties have between 23 and 40 Medicare Advantage plans available. Several counties have 11 to 25 programs.

Minnesota Medicare Advantage plans aren’t the same across the country. The benefits you receive depend on the carrier and your location. Benefits will change slightly among zip codes.

With so many plans available, it can be challenging to narrow down your options. Below, we list Medicare Advantage plans with zero-dollar premiums, zero-dollar drug deductibles, five-star ratings, and Part B reductions.

Medicare Advantage plans with a zero-dollar premium in Minnesota

A zero-dollar premium makes it easy to get coverage for frequent medical needs. However, you’ll typically pay a higher deductible with such plans.

Humana (Local PPO) is an excellent option with a four-star rating, indicating the plan’s overall effectiveness. Patients may pay up to $4,400 maximum out-of-pocket (MOOP).

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota (Local PPO) is another worthwhile option offering a zero-dollar monthly premium. You’ll pay up to $4,900 MOOP. This plan also has favorable four-star ratings.

HealthPartners (Local PPO) offers the best performance with a five-star rating. It features affordable co-pays and discounts for making healthy choices. The plan also has a $5,500 maximum out-of-pocket.

Humana $0 $4,400 LOCAL PPO 4
BCBS of Minnesota $0 $4,900 LOCAL PPO 4
UCare $0 $5,800 HMO-POS N/A
United Healthcare $0 $6,700 LOCAL PPO 4
HealthPartners $0 $5,500 LOCAL PPO 5

Medicare Advantage plans with a zero-dollar drug deductible

A zero-dollar drug deductible plan typically means patients pay higher premiums but have a shorter waiting period before coverage kicks in. United Healthcare (Local PPO) features a $49 monthly premium with a $4,000 MOOP. It boasts a four-star rating.

Allina’s (Local PPO) plan also features a four-star for performance. Patients pay $96 monthly and have a low $3,100 MOOP.

BCBS of Minnesota (Local PPO) has a $161.90 monthly premium and a $2,900 out-of-pocket cost. Its four-star rating means patients with this plan will get excellent benefits for what they pay.

United Healthcare $49.00 $4,000 LOCAL PPO 4
Allina $96.00 $3,100 LOCAL PPO 4
United Healthcare $99.00 $3,000 LOCAL PPO 4
Allina $152.00 $2,800 LOCAL PPO 4
BCBS of Minnesota $161.90 $2,900 LOCAL PPO 4

Medicare Advantage plans with a 5-star rating

You could be eligible for a Special Enrollment Period if a Medicare Advantage plan carrier near you has a five-star plan. You can switch to a better plan during these windows without penalty.

Available plans include HealthPartners (Local PPO). It features a zero-dollar monthly premium and a $5,500 maximum out-of-pocket.

UCare (HMO-POS) also boasts no monthly premium. Maximum out-of-pocket costs are $6,000. Additionally, patients receive extra benefits such as dental coverage and travel assistance.

Humana (HMO-POS) has no premium and a MOOP amount of $7,550. This popular five-star plan features drug coverage.

HealthPartners $0 $5,500 LOCAL PPO 5
UCare $0 $6,000 HMO-POS 5
Humana $0 $7,550 HMO-POS 5

Medicare Advantage plans with a Part B reduction

Not all Minnesota Medicare Advantage plans have a Part B reduction. Since they vary with location, your ZIP code’s plans may not include these benefits.

UCare offers a Part B reduction of $17. However, the plan has no star rating or monthly premium, and the MOOP is $5,800.

Humana offers a $55 giveback. Its four-star rating indicates good performance.

A plan from Allina features no premium and $5,900 max out-of-pocket. Patients also choose it for its $20 Part B reduction and four-star performance.

BCBS of Minnesota $0 $4,900 $30.00 4
UCare $0 $5,800 $17.00 N/A
United Healthcare $0 $6,700 $30.00 4
Humana $0 $4,900 $55.00 4
Allina $0 $5,900 $20.00 4


Medicare Advantage plans cover Part A and Part B expenses, but unlike Medigap plans, they also offer additional benefits such as dental, vision, and hearing coverage. You may also get prescription medication coverage with a Medicare Advantage with a Prescription Drug coverage plan (MAPD).

Minnesota cities with estimated premiums for Medicare Supplement plans

You might wonder about the cost of all this discussion of Supplemental Medicare in Minnesota. We’ve built charts of the estimated premiums for the following cities:


What are the four types of Medicare Advantage plans in Minnesota?

The four types of Medicare Advantage plans available to Minnesotans are:

These plan types have different requirements and limitations on which medical service providers you can see and may require approval for specific treatments before getting coverage. Other less common types include HMO-POS plans and Medicare Advantage MSA plans.

What is the maximum out-of-pocket for Medicare Advantage plans in Minnesota?

The maximum out-of-pocket for Minnesota Medicare Advantage plans is the highest amount of money patients will pay for healthcare each year. Until you reach this number, your carrier will only cover a percentage of your expenses. After reaching the MOOP amount, your Medicare Advantage plan covers 100% of the costs.

Can I switch Medicare Advantage plans mid-year in Minnesota?

You must wait until a dedicated enrollment window to switch Medicare Advantage plans. You can change plans during the Initial Enrollment when you turn 65 or during an annual Open Enrollment Period. Minnesota’s Open and Annual Enrollment windows are from January 1 to March 31 and October 15 to December 7.

When can I enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan in Minnesota?

Residents can enroll in Minnesota Medicare Advantage plans when they first become eligible at age 65 or during the various enrollment periods. You may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period in certain situations.

Do Medicare Advantage plans automatically renew every year in Minnesota?

Medicare Advantage does typically renew yearly. Your provider will notify you if you lose coverage. If you lose your plan, you must wait until the specific enrollment periods to apply unless you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period.

How to get help enrolling in a Minnesota Medicare Advantage plan

Determining which Minnesota Medicare Advantage plans are right for you can be overwhelming. At, we help Minnesota patients find the perfect plan quickly and easily.

We work with all carriers to compare their plans and benefits and assist you during enrollment. Provide us with your plan requirements, and we’ll find something that matches your highest priorities. You’ll pay no extra fees for this service.

Whether you need extensive supplemental coverage with additional Part D benefits or something else, our Medigap and Medicare Advantage experts are available. Please fill out our online rate form, or call us to get quotes now!

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