There are 47,558 enrollees in Part A and Part B Medicare in Sioux City, Iowa. Among those beneficiaries, 19.5% participate in a Medicare Advantage plan, one of a few options available for Sioux City residents to boost their baseline Medicare coverage.

We’ll examine Medicare Advantage and the other supplemental options available in Sioux City, Iowa.

Sioux City, Iowa Supplemental Medicare plans

There are three primary Medicare supplements Iowa residents in Sioux City can enroll in to boost their Part A and Part B Medicare: Medicare Advantage, Part D coverage, and Medigap coverage. There are additional plans for enrollees with special medical needs, but those are unavailable in some places.

We’ll examine the average cost for each of those four supplemental plans for a 65-year-old woman in the charts below.

Average Medicare Advantage plans in Sioux City, IA

There are roughly 9,281 beneficiaries in Sioux City, IA making up that 19.5% Medicare Advantage enrollment rate. And in Woodbury County, where Sioux City calls home, those over 9,000 enrollees have 21 Medicare Advantage plans in Iowa to choose between from dozens of providers.

Aetna’s Medicare Advantage plan is one of the city’s most popular. It has a $0 premium and a $4,100 maximum out-of-pocket (MOOP) pay rate. Medicare gave this Local PPO plan a 4-star rating.

Humana offers a similarly priced plan with a $0 premium and a slightly lower $3,850 MOOP rate. The primary difference is that Aetna’s plan is Local PPO, while Humana’s is HMO, one of only a few HMO plan types in Sioux City. In addition, generic medications often cost only $1 to $4 with this plan.

Medigold has another popular Local PPO option for Medicare in Sioux City, Iowa. It also has a $0 premium and a low MOOP rate of $3,900. Additionally, the Medigold option has a four-star rating, a metric that rates the effectiveness of a Medicare Advantage plan on a one-to-five-star scale.

PLAN PREMIUM MOOP Plan Type Star Rating
UnitedHealthcare $0 $6,700 LOCAL PPO 4
Medigold $0 $3,900 LOCAL PPO 4
Humana $0 $3,850 HMO 4
Wellmark $0 $3,900 LOCAL PPO N/A
Aetna $0 $4,100 LOCAL PPO 4

Affordable Medicare Supplement plans in Sioux City, IA

Medicare Supplement plans, commonly called Medigap plans, are forms of additional coverage that offer insurance benefits not included in Original Medicare in Iowa. Private insurance companies provide 12 different Medigap plans, but the federal government standardizes each so that the benefits won’t shift from state to state.

Plan F is the most popular supplemental Medicare plan nationwide and one of the most popular in Sioux City, IA. It offers more coverage than any other Medigap plan but costs the most. Depending on where you apply, you’ll pay a monthly premium for Plan F, anywhere from $106.68 to $365.50.

Plan G is another popular option with similar benefits to Plan F at a lower average rate. This plan covers everything except the Part B deductible. You’ll get nearly the same coverage but pay anywhere from $91.50 to $341.80 for it.

Plan N is also popular in Sioux City as a cost-effective insurance option. It covers less than Plan F and Plan G, but premium payments are as little as $68.28 at some providers and no higher than $257.50. This plan strikes a good balance between a reduced deductible and less excessive premiums.

PLAN A $84.31 $302.73
PLAN B $101.37 $296.50
PLAN C $116.95 $364.37
PLAN D $91.99 $210.49
PLAN F $106.68 $365.50
PLAN HDF $28.00 $108.50
PLAN G $91.50 $341.80
PLAN HDG $28.00 $75.90
PLAN K $42.07 $106.37
PLAN L $55.92 $223.75
PLAN M $83.16 $218.59
PLAN N $68.28 $257.50

Cheapest Medicare Part D prescription drug plans

Iowa Medicare Part D plans are stand-alone add-ons for Original Medicare Part A and Part B that cover prescription medications. Part D is a popular form of additional Medicare in Sioux City, IA, because most Medicare Advantage plans don’t include prescription coverage, and Medicare Part B only covers a handful of medications.

Aetna’s Part D plan has the cheapest premium at $6.80 but includes a high $480 deductible. If your income is over a certain amount, there may be extra charges. You also have to pay out-of-pocket costs.

Part D from UnitedHealthcare lowers the deductible cost to $310 but comes with a much higher $29.30 premium. It does offer $0 copays on most Tier 1 drugs. Higher tiers will only cost the beneficiary up to 45% of the total cost.

Humana has a Part D option with a $480 deductible and a $22.70 premium. Their coverage is among the most comprehensive in Sioux City, IA, with a four-star rating. . It offers access to many common pharmacies around Iowa.

Aetna $6.80 $480 3
Wellcare $10.60 $480 3
Clear Spring $16.60 $480 2
Humana $22.70 $480 4
UnitedHealthcare $29.30 $310 4

Medicare Special Needs plans

Special Needs Plans are a form of Medicare in Sioux City, Iowa, covering medical treatments for enrollees needing specialized care. Not every provider offers SNPs, which aren’t available in every area.

UnitedHealthcare has one of the most affordable SNPs in Sioux City, Iowa. It has a monthly $38.90 premium and a low $1,800 MOOP rate. Only those at a care facility are eligible for this plan.

Humana’s SNP has a higher MOOP of $3,450 but includes a $0 deductible. This plan is a Local PPO plan, and it has dual eligibility. Dual eligibility is open to anyone who qualifies for Medicare and Medicaid.

Aetna also offers an SNP with a $0 deductible. Aetna’s plan is HMO, compared to the other two, which are Local PPOs. The MOOP of this plan is much higher than Humana, at $7,550.

PLAN PREMIUM MOOP Plan Type Eligibility
Humana $0 $3,450 LOCAL PPO Dual
Amerigroup Iowa $0 $7,550 HMO Dual
Aetna $0 $7,550 HMO Dual
UnitedHealthcare $38.90 $1,800 LOCAL PPO Institutional


How old do you have to be to get Medicare in Sioux City, IA?

The standard qualifying age for Medicare in Sioux City, Iowa, is 65. However, you might be eligible earlier if you have a qualifying disability.

How do I enroll in Medicare in Sioux City, IA, for the first time?

You can apply for Medicare at any local Social Security office. However, some people are eligible for automatic enrollment; you can determine if you qualify.

What is the difference between Plan N and Plan G in Sioux City, IA?

Plan G and Plan N cover Part A and B coinsurance, hospital costs, three pints of blood transfusions, out-of-country medical travel expenses, and other medical procedures. The only significant difference is that Plan N doesn’t cover copayments or excess charges like Plan G.

Do Medigap plans cover drugs in Sioux City, IA?

Medigap plans don’t include prescription drugs. However, you can enroll in Medicare Part D to receive prescription coverage.

Is Medicare Part A and Part B free in Sioux City, IA?

Medicare Part A is free for most enrollees. However, Part B requires a monthly premium payment. These amounts can vary depending on how high your income is.

How to sign up for Supplemental Medicare plans in Sioux City

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