There are 43,920 enrollees in Part A and Part B Medicare in Waterloo, Iowa. Of them, 34.9% benefit from a Medicare Advantage plan, while the other 65% signed up with only Original Medicare.

There are several Medicare Advantage plans available in Waterloo and a few other options to add to your baseline Medicare.

Waterloo, Iowa Supplemental Medicare Plans

There are three primary forms of supplemental Medicare in Waterloo, Iowa: Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D, and Medigap plans. Each of them, as well as the less common Medicare Special Needs Plans, give enrollees unique insurance benefits they don’t receive with standard Medicare in Iowa.

We’ll examine each supplemental Medicare option in closer detail below while comparing average prices for the average 70-year-old male in Waterloo.

Affordable Medicare Advantage Plans in Waterloo, IA

There are roughly 15,300 Medicare Advantage enrollees in Waterloo, IA. Those 15,000+ beneficiaries have a few options to choose from, as Black Hawk County, the area Waterloo calls home, has 19 Medicare Advantage options in Iowa from several providers.

Aetna is one of Waterloo’s most well-known providers. It offers an HMOPOS Medicare Advantage package with a $0 premium and a maximum out-of-pocket (MOOP) pay rate of $6,700. Medicare gave this Local PPO plan a 4-star rating.

Health Partners’ Medicare Advantage plan is one of the highest regarded in Waterloo. It also offers a $0 premium but a much lower MOOP at $3,900 and a perfect five-star rating, a metric that grades a plan’s effectiveness on a one-to-five scale. It has no limit on covering pre-existing conditions.

Wellmark offers the most affordable Medicare Advantage plan in Waterloo. On top of a $0 premium, their MOOP rate is only $3,600. However, this HMO plan does not qualify for a star rating.

PLAN PREMIUM MOOP Plan Type Star Rating
Aetna $0 $6,700 HMOPOS 4
Wellmark $0 $3,600 HMO N/A
HealthPartners $0 $3,900 LOCAL PPO 5
UnitedHealthcare $0 $3,900 LOCAL PPO 4
Humana $0 $3,850 HMO 4

Cheapest Medicare Supplement Plans in Waterloo, IA

Medicare Supplement plans, also called Medigap plans, are additional Medicare in Waterloo, Iowa, providing unique insurance benefits. There are 12 kinds of Iowa Medigap plans, each with individual coverage perks. Since the federal government standardizes Medigap coverage, the coverage range will be the same regardless of your insurance provider.

Plan F is the most common Medigap plan in Waterloo and across the country. It offers the most coverage but also costs the most on average. Specifically, you’ll pay anywhere from $122.62 to $413.12 in premiums, depending on where you enroll.

Plan N is another popular option for its cost-effectiveness. Enrollees don’t receive as much coverage as Plan F beneficiaries, but premiums for the former cost as little as $78.52. This plan strikes a good balance between a reduced deductible and less excessive premiums.

Plan G is a middle-ground between Plans F and N. It costs less than Plan F and provides more coverage than Plan N. The average premium costs range from $103.75 to $386.35.

PLAN A $92.07 $336.24
PLAN B $113.54 $335.12
PLAN C $130.90 $411.62
PLAN D $102.84 $241.94
PLAN F $122.62 $413.12
PLAN HDF $32.00 $122.90
PLAN G $103.75 $386.35
PLAN HDG $32.00 $85.80
PLAN K $47.86 $120.62
PLAN L $64.33 $252.62
PLAN M $93.08 $242.78
PLAN N $78.52 $290.87

Average Medicare Part D in Waterloo, IA

Medicare Part D in Iowa is a unique, stand-alone option for supplemental Medicare in Waterloo, Iowa, that covers prescription medications. Many Part A and Part B enrollees sign up for Part D because most Medicare Advantage plans don’t cover prescriptions, and Part B only insures a handful.

With a $6.80 monthly premium, Aetna’s Part D plan is one of the most affordable in Waterloo. It has a three-star rating. If your income is over a certain amount, there may be extra charges.

United Health Care’s plan has a higher $29.30 premium but is one of only a few options with a deductible as low as $310. It does offer $0 copays on most Tier 1 drugs. Higher tiers will only cost the beneficiary only up to 45% of the total cost.

Humana offers Waterloo residents a plan with a $22.70 premium and a $480 deductible. It offers access to many common pharmacies around the state of Iowa. The plan has a four-star rating.

Aetna $6.80 $480 3
Wellcare $10.60 $480 3
Clear Spring $16.60 $480 2
Humana $22.70 $480 4
UnitedHealthcare $29.30 $310 4

Medicare Special Needs Plans in Waterloo, IA

For Waterloo, Iowa, Medicare Special Needs Plans (SNP) are a subset of Medicare Advantage available for enrollees with specialized medical needs. However, not all providers offer SNPs, and they aren’t available in all areas.

Humana’s SNP is the only Local PPO option with a $0 premium. It also has a comparatively low MOOP at $3,400. It has dual eligibility, which means it is open to anyone who qualifies for Medicare and Medicaid.

United Health Care has another Local PPO Special Needs Plan. Its premium is higher than Humana’s at $38.30. However, it has a budget-friendly $1,800 MOOP.

Amerigroup Iowa also has a $0 premium plan. It’s an HMO option with dual eligibility and a $7,550 MOOP rate. It offers additional benefits such as meals and free rides to care facilities.

PLAN PREMIUM MOOP Plan Type Eligibility
Humana $0 $3,450 LOCAL PPO Dual
Amerigroup Iowa $0 $7,550 HMO Dual
Aetna $0 $7,550 HMO Dual
UnitedHealthcare $38.90 $1,800 LOCAL PPO Institutional


Is Medicare Part A and Part B free in Waterloo, Iowa?

Medicare Part A is free for most enrollees in Waterloo, IA. However, Part B requires a monthly premium.

What is the least expensive Medicare supplement plan in Waterloo, Iowa?

High-deductible versions of Plan F are the cheapest options for supplemental Medicare in Waterloo, IA, with an average monthly premium of $188, including Part B charges. However, these plans require far higher deductible payments than others.

What is the best Medicare Supplement plan in Waterloo, Iowa?

Medigap Plan F offers more coverage than other supplement options. Other plans with extensive coverage include Plan G, Plan C, and Plan N.

Does Medigap cover drugs in Waterloo, Iowa?

No modern Medigap plans cover prescription drugs, and only a couple of Medicare Advantage plans offer coverage. Enrolling in a Part D plan in Waterloo, IA, is the most reliable way to receive insurance for prescription medications.

Do Medigap premiums increase with age in Waterloo, Iowa?

Though not standard, some insurance companies will increase your premiums as you get older. Premium costs typically increase due to inflation and coinsurance changes, but age rarely plays a factor.

How to Sign Up for Supplemental Medicare in Waterloo

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