Anthem BCBS is a subsidiary of its parent company, Anthem, Inc. Depending on what state you live in, Anthem BCBS may go by a different name than what you see listed here. They are closely affiliated with BlueCross BlueShield, one of the largest health insurance providers in the country.

Company Highlights

  • Anthem BCBS is a subsidiary of their parent company, Anthem Inc.
  • Parent company merged with WellPoint Health Networks Inc. in 2004
  • Headquartered in Indianapolis, IN
  • 1 in 9 Americans receive medical benefits through an Anthem affiliated health plan

Anthem BCBS Medicare Plans Offered

There are many different Medicare plans available. Keep in mind that the variety of available plans in your area may either be limited, or offered by an Anthem affiliate going by a different name.

Medicare Supplement Plans YES
Medicare Advantage Plans YES
Medicare Part D Drug Plans YES

Premium Comparison

To help clients understand where Anthem BCBS stands compared to other agencies, we’ve compiled our data into the graph below. These are only national averages, so your specific rate may vary. However, they’re a large entity with a strong presence, so these averages are likely reflective of what you might expect to pay. For more details, contact your local Anthem agent.
This Table Represents National Average Costs of Medicare Supplement Plans

Plan Type Starting From Part A Deductible Part B Deductible Excess Nursing Travel
Plan C $118* $0 $0 Not Covered 100% Covered 100% Covered
Plan F $116* $0 $0 100% Covered 100% Covered 100% Covered
Plan G $105* $0 $233 100% Covered 100% Covered 100% Covered
Plan B $104* $0 $233 Not Covered Not Covered Not Covered
Plan N $70* $0 $233 Not Covered 100% Covered 100% Covered
Plan D $97* $0 $233 Not Covered 100% Covered 100% Covered
Plan A $69* $1,556 $233 Not Covered Not Covered Not Covered
Plan L $76* $389 $233 Not Covered 75% Covered Not Covered
Plan K $45* $778 $233 Not Covered 50% Covered Not Covered
Plan M $97* $778 $233 Not Covered 100% Covered 100% Covered

Financial Strength Ratings

A.M. Best, Standard & Poor’s, and Moody’s are the three major financial rating institutions which judge the financial strength of major corporations in the US. These ratings, while not completely indicative of a business’s overall financial strength, is a strong indicator of how stable a company like Anthem BCBS will perform – and whether or not they can pay out on your medical claims.

A.M. Best Rating A
Standard & Poor’s Rating A+
Moody’s Rating A2

Anthem BCBS Review

Anthem BCBS is a subsidiary of its larger parent company, Anthem Inc. The BCBS subsidiary itself is made of several different subsidiaries, whose official corporate names and available services vary by location. Because of the size and scope of the company, approximately one out of every nine Americans is currently receiving some form of medical benefits through Anthem.

How to Compare Anthem BCBS Medicare Plans

Customers looking to get a rate quote, or learn more about plans have 2 options:

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