According to DataUSA, 95.8% of East Providence, Rhode Island residents have health coverage. While employee plans make up most of this number, 14% of the population are Medicare beneficiaries.

This guide will explore additional Medicare options available in East Providence, RI.

East Providence, Rhode Island Supplemental Medicare Plans

Different Medicare plans offer varying benefits to qualifying beneficiaries. Medicare Part A provides inpatient hospital care, while Part B covers outpatient and preventative care. Part C refers to various Medicare Advantage Plans that offer more benefits than Original Medicare by consolidating Medicaid through a private health insurer.

The quotes we’ve used in this article are all based on a 65-year-old woman, helping you compare the plans we discuss equally.

Cheapest Medicare Advantage Plans in East Providence, Rhode Island

Rhode Island has approximately 220,000 Medicare beneficiaries, but only 81,000 use Medicare Advantage plans. East Providence residents have 14 Medicare Advantage plans, giving you plenty of options to find the right plan.

Aetna is one of the largest healthcare insurance providers in the country and offers an appealing Medicare Advantage plan for East Providence beneficiaries. This plan has a $0 premium and an annual maximum-out-of-pocket (MOOP) limit of $5,900. It also offers a $0 deductible for in-network medical care.

UnitedHealthcare is another national health insurance provider that offers Medicare Advantage plans in East Providence. The plan has a $0 premium and $5,900 annual MOOP limit. It provides coverage for vision, dental, and even some prescription drugs.

BCBS of Rhode Island offers a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan with a $0 premium and a relatively low $3,500 MOOP annual limit. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island is a local health insurance provider with a five-star CMS rating. However, this plan doesn’t cover prescriptions.

PLAN PREMIUM MOOP Plan Type Star Rating
Aetna $0 $5,900 LOCAL PPO 3
Wellcare $0 $5,500 LOCAL PPO N/A
Commonwealth $0 $4,500 LOCAL PPO N/A
BCBS of Rhode Island $0 $3,500 HMO 5
UnitedHealthcare $0 $5,900 LOCAL PPO 3

Affordable Medicare Supplement Plans in East Providence, Rhode Island

Medigap plans don’t replace your existing Medicare coverage and act as a supplement instead. Due to standardization, you’ll receive the same benefits from the plan regardless of where you live. The only thing that changes from state to state is the premium you pay.

Plan G is one of the top three Medigap plans, thanks to its comprehensive coverage. Its premiums range between $128 and $399 per month, depending on your age, health factors, and tobacco use. Since 2020, it won’t cover your Medicare Part B deductible or prescription drugs.

Plan N provides similar coverage to Plan G but at a lower monthly cost and copayments for some medical services. The monthly premium for Plan N is between $94 to $307 and covers most coinsurance costs, foreign travel emergencies, and Part A deductibles. However, Plan N doesn’t cover Part B excess charges.

While not as popular as N or G plans, Plan K covers 50% of Medicare Part A deductibles and copays. It’s a more affordable option with a $6,620 annual MOOP, making it a good plan for people with few health conditions. It doesn’t cover Part B deductible or excess charges.

PLAN A $90.72 $335.54
PLAN B $139.21 $345.25
PLAN C $167.27 $414.25
PLAN D $142.09 $235.23
PLAN F $146.76 $416.50
PLAN HDF $33.00 $78.53
PLAN G $128.43 $399.20
PLAN HDG $33.00 $51.46
PLAN K $51.07 $128.50
PLAN L $93.92 $233.87
PLAN M $128.57 $246.14
PLAN N $94.89 $307.36

Average Medicare Part D in East Providence, RI

While some Medicare Advantage plans cover medication, most don’t, and neither does Medigap. Part D plans aim to cover this gap by providing stand-alone medication coverage through private health insurers.

Aetna offers a comprehensive Part D plan that has a monthly premium of $7.40 and a deductible of $480. That deductible drops to $0 for Tier 1 drugs. Once you hit your deductible, the plan will cover subsequent prescription medication costs for the rest of the year.

UnitedHealthcare’s four-star rated Part D plan has a relatively high monthly cost of $29.30 but has a low deductible of $310. That deductible doesn’t apply to Tier 1 drugs, which have a $0 deductible. It’s a good plan for people with high annual medication costs, as you’ll hit your annual deductible quickly.

Humana also has a four-star rated plan that offers an industry-average deductible of $480 but a reasonable monthly premium of $22.70. That deductible falls to $0 for Tier 1 and 2 drugs. The plan also offers cost-sharing with certain pharmacies.

Aetna $7.40 $480 3
Wellcare $13.00 $480 3
Humana $22.70 $480 4
UnitedHealthcare $29.30 $310 4
Cigna $32.10 $480 3

Medicare Special Needs Plans in East Providence, RI

Special Needs Plans (SNPs) are a type of Medicaid Advantage plan that provides coverage for individuals with special needs. While not as readily available as traditional Medicare Advantage plans, finding SNPs in East Providence is still possible.

PLAN PREMIUM MOOP Plan Type Eligibility
UnitedHealthcare $0 $7,550 HMO Dual
Wellcare $0 $3,450 LOCAL PPO Dual
BCBS of Rhode Island $0 $3,450 HMO Dual
Commonwealth $0 $7,550 HMO Dual
UnitedHealthcare $36.30 $1,800 LOCAL PPO Institutional

UnitedHealthcare offers an HMO-based SNP with a $0 premium but a high annual MOOP of $7,550. The plan is dual-eligible, meaning it offers benefits not typically available to Medicaid or Original Medicare. One example is an allocated $3000 in coverage for dental procedures.

Similarly, BCBS of Rhode Island offers a dual-eligibility HMO plan with a $0 monthly cost and $3,500 annual MOOP. This plan offers many special needs-focused benefits, including prescription medication. It even offers coverage for a fitness program.

While Wellcare offers a local PPO-based plan with the same premium and MOOP. The plan includes coverage for care management services, routine vision, dental care, and even help to get to and from appointments. The annual medical deductible is $0.


Is Medicare Part A and B free in East Providence, RI?

Typically, Medicare Part A is free for most beneficiaries. Plan B costs between $238 and $578, but you can reduce how much you pay out-of-pocket with several strategies.

Can I switch from a Medicare Advantage to an Original Medicare plan in East Providence, RI?

It’s possible to switch to another Advantage plan or move to Original Medicare. The best way to transition to Original Medicare is to call your current provider.

What is the average cost of a Part D plan in East Providence?

Part D plans cost an average of $15 per month. Plans tend to differ based on the deductible — lower premiums translate to higher deductibles. Other factors, such as drug coverage and provider network, can also influence the monthly cost.

Is Medigap the same as Medicare Supplement in East Providence, RI?

Medicare Supplement plans are another name for Medigap insurance. Both provide gap cover to deal with costs such as copayments and deductibles.

Can I change my Medigap policy at any time in East Providence, RI?

While you can adjust your Medigap policy anytime, doing so isn’t always the best idea. Moving to a new plan may result in restrictions in the new plan that your old plan didn’t have, resulting in higher costs in the long run.

How to Sign Up for Supplemental Medicare in East Providence

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