In Alaska, around 90,249 Original Medicare beneficiaries enroll in Parts A and B. In addition, beneficiaries can take advantage of extended coverage under these plans, which reduces overall healthcare costs.

Read the following sections to learn more about Alaska Medicare Advantage plans in 2024.

How Medicare Advantage plans work in Alaska

Despite Medicare’s valuable benefits, there are many coverage gaps. You might find Medicare Advantage plans to be an excellent option if you fear that healthcare costs will continue to rise in the years to come.

Private insurance companies provide Medicare Advantage plans and offer different benefits depending on your chosen plan.

Medicare Advantage plans offers in Alaska

Alaska Medicare Advantage plans are exempt from government standards that govern Original Medicare and Medigap coverage nationwide. This exemption may result in differences in benefits among programs. In addition, your results may vary depending on your ZIP code in Alaska since plan benefits and availability vary with each location.

By enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan, you choose to receive your Medicare Part A and B benefits from a private insurance company rather than the federal government. In addition to this coverage, Medicare Advantage plans can provide additional benefits such as a Part B premium reimbursement, low deductibles, and low monthly premiums.


One of the many benefits of Medicare Advantage plans is that they usually provide dental and vision coverage. Medigap and Original Medicare do not cover these aspects of care, but they are essential elements of medical care for many beneficiaries.

This benefit of Medicare Advantage plans makes them a popular choice for beneficiaries as supplemental Medicare insurance.

Alaska Cities with Medicare Supplement Coverage’s Estimated Premiums

When purchasing supplemental Medicare, you don’t want to go into the process unaware of potential costs. So here are charts for the following cities that include estimated costs for the various Medigap plans:


Is Medicare Advantage available in Alaska?

In Alaska there are currently no Medicare Advantage plans in Alaska. Although the options for Medicare Advantage plans are unavailiable in Alaska, beneficiaries can also access a range of Medigap plans. These plans offer extended coverage and can help beneficiaries design the ideal coverage plan for their needs.

Does Medicare Advantage pay 80% in Alaska?

Medicare Advantage plans offer varying levels of coverage depending on the program’s specifics. While 80% coinsurance is standard in Original Medicare, this portion differs among Medicare Advantage plans.

Research the program you are considering to determine what percentage your plan will cover.

What is not covered by Medicare Advantage plans in Alaska?

Medicare Advantage plans extend Medicare coverage to protect beneficiaries from costs that Original Medicare does not cover. However, Medicare Advantage plans do not cover everything.

For example, these plans generally do not cover elective care and holistic medicine, although some exceptions may apply.

Does Medicare Advantage pay 100% in Alaska?

In most cases, Medicare Advantage plans do not pay 100% of medical costs. Instead, beneficiaries pay for medical expenses through premiums and deductibles, with most plans setting a monthly spending limit for enrolled beneficiaries.

Checking this limit, or MOOP, is a great way to compare the coverage of different Medicare Advantage plans.

Why do some Medicare Advantage plans have no premium in Alaska?

Although many Medicare Advantage plans may be free, this isn’t wholly true. While some programs offer beneficiaries the advantage of a zero-dollar premium, they generally balance this with a higher deductible.

This difference presents an issue for beneficiaries, as choosing the plan with the lowest premium can lead to significant bills if medical problems arise. Deciding whether to minimize monthly costs or maximize protection against lump sum bills is challenging in building a coverage plan.

How to get help enrolling in an Alaska Medicare Advantage plan

Creating the ideal coverage plan as a Medicare beneficiary in Alaska can be challenging. The system is complex and intricate, and determining which coverage elements to focus on can frustrate some beneficiaries.

Fortunately, Alaska beneficiaries can easily find the right Medicare coverage for their budget and needs by working with the experts at We provide free support services to help Medicare beneficiaries find the perfect Alaska Medicare Advantage plans.

If you’re ready to find an Alaska Medicare Advantage plan today, fill out our online rate form or give us a call to get the best rates in your part of Alaska.

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